Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Buehler's

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This trip was most enjoyable; I got two of my favorite cashiers at Walgreens and CVS. I also only did one transaction at each store keeping it simple and it was worth it. Without further ado:


Total Value $58.49(before clearance prices, sale prices and coupons)
Ttl OOP $9.81 (including tax) 83% Savings

2 Robitussin $4 each
3 Dimetapp $4 each
3 Garnier Fructis $2.19 Each
2 Vive $2.59 each
1 Infusium $3.59
Subtotal $35.34
-$10 (5x$2mq)
-$6 (3x$2 IVC)
-$3 (3x$1mq)
-$4 (1x $4/2 IVC)
-$2 (2x$1mq)
-$3 mq
Coupon Savings $28.00

Received 3 Wyeth RRs $10+$5+$5


Total Value $57.67
Total OOP $ 0
(originally $.33 but had a return due to ECB not printing yet and they did cash back)

2 South Beach Cereal Bars $2.50 each
2 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes $1.39 each
2 Pantene 2in1 $2 each
1 Pantene Treatment $1.37
1 L'Oreal Age Perfect $19.99
1 First Aid Kit $.99
1 J&J Buddies $1.19

Subtotal $35.32

-$5 (2x$2IP; $1 CVS)
-$2.78 Beauty Book Q
-$3/2 MQ
-$1 MQ
-$19.99 Raincheck
-$1 CVS
-$1 IP
-$1.55 ECBs
Coupon Savings $35.32

Earned $0 ECBs
but if I buy one more pantene will earn $2. Forgot to check receipt before leaving town and the clearance product was applied towards earnings. Would be great to find another product for $1.37!


Total Value $28.71
Total OOP $10.06
(including $.90 tax) 65% savings

1 Arnold Bread $1.88
1 Schwebel's Buns 12ct $2.09 (yes, I'm a bun snob)
1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing $2.88
4 Candy Necklace Braclets sets $.50 each
3 J&J Soap Buddies $.97 each
5 Personal Items $1 each
1 Gillette Gift Set $5
Total $21.71

-$.55 Arnold's
-$3 J&J(3x$1IP)
-$5 PI (5x$1mq)
-$4 GGS mq
Total Coupon Savings $12.55


Didn't take pictures since the same as last time which consisted of 1 milk and 1.5# grapes. Returned 4 bottles for $6 using that and $2.19 oop for total of $8.19.

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Giant Eagle/Wal-Mart/Sugarvalley Meats & CVS

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I left the receipt with my coupon notebook in the van which isn't here now, so no details except a I saved around 55% and my final total was around $40.

Wal-Mart we won't even talk about; no cherry picking there or coupons used. (!) Also went out to Sugarcreek for meat and also spent about $40 there for 10lbs of ground chuck @$2.79/lb and a 2.5lb@ roast $3.79/lb.

Quick run into CVS to scan my card and then get my free Myoplex Bar; coupon arrived today. I also picked up a couple of Crests using $3.99ECBs, (2) $1 MQs and $.12 OOP getting back $4 ECBs. I thought I would get back two for the Myoplex, but I misunderstood the deal and need three more which I won't bother doing; one free is great.

The experience was not good again to say the least. They are just sooooooo unpleasant and even condescending in that store. Last night I went for my SIL and yikes! Part of me is very disgusted with the customer service and the other part of me feels sorry for those souls that must be so miserable. I'm am thankful Dover store is not my only option or I honestly might not CVS.
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CVS Two Day Sale~Five Transactions

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This is what I got from the two day sale with the exception of Promax being part of the monthly sale, Skittles, 4pks missing, were fillers and the four Snowmen ornaments were extras for the kids. I may add more details later, but for now I can say I started the day with $25.59 ECB I spent $.45 OOP for $158.50 Total Value and left the store with $25.13 ECB in my pocket and Saved 99.4%. I also have rainchecks for four more Rightguards, three Thermacare and four more Sleepinal. A couple of items I decided to skip and one I forgot to check on.

I was just reminded that there is a rebate for the Zantac $3.99 since I had a $1 mq and Excedrin$3.99 so I will be getting money back from those making a profit today. (!)
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Glad Coupon Removed and Other Coupon Thoughts

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I removed the link to the Glad coupon. I just found out that it may not be legitimate or only intended for those that are signed up with those stores listed on the homepage and made available through their email. I apologize for this as I really thought this one was legitimate.

It's so easy to get caught up in the game and rationalizing certain coupons, but I need to remember God will bless my honesty much more than I ever could save with a few questionable coupons.

$1.50 Aetna Colgate Coupon ~ not a member and did not receive the email link to the pdf directly

$/$$ from CVS~they may be legitimate and not card specific, but if not sent to me than questionable unless I can find the link from their main website.

So if my gut a.k.a. Holy Spirit is feeling uneasy about using a certain coupon then I plan on passing.

May God bless your endeavors as you spend and save wisely in all He has allowed you
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iHerb HEB636

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Before getting into the drugstore with coupons kick, I did some shopping with iHerb. iHerb is a great place for natural products from food to health and beauty products. I've ordered twice and have been very happy both times. In fact, I am soon to place another order for a few things that I won't find more cost effective at a brick and mortar store or even online.

Plus right now they are offering an additional 10% off on all your purchases. The other special is 50% off shipping for orders $40 or more and with an order of $60 or more standard shipping is always free. The offer is good through December 31st.

Also you can save an additional $5 if you use my code HEB636. When you place your first order you in turn will receive your very own code to share with others which earns you money. It's like a pyramid without the scheme. ;) More information can be found on their website, but here is just a few words:

  • No start up fees—the program costs you nothing
  • No meetings to attend—just spread the word and pass along your code
  • No buying requirements. You never have to buy products from us and resell them
  • Over 200 brand name products found at major health food stores and other online stores. No fly-by-night, “not-available-in-stores” types of products.
  • Your privacy is assured—no one will call you
This has been true for me and I have never been contacted by iHerb except with promotions through my email address or the free code cards to give to others that arrived with my purchase.

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Five Stops 12.16.08

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Tonight went fairly well and was enjoyable. I promised to take my younger son shopping since he needed to pick up a few things for a gift he is making his older sister; he was a great help and it refreshed my spirit. We made five stops:Rite-Aid, CVS, JoAnn Fabrics, Giant Eagle and Buehler's.
The young man bagging our groceries at GE complimented on Carson's quietness and not jumping up and down and touching things. :D

First Stop: Rite Aid nothing too exciting just the FAR movie for $3.99. They happened to have an oldie and we love oldies in our house. Some of the other choices were just eeek!

Second Stop: CVS
3 Soft n Dri $9.97
-$1.65had peelies!
2 Colgate $5.98
-3.00 mqs
Schick Disposable (Filler) $.99
-.99 mq adjusted
-$5.00/$15 CRT
Subtotal $.30
Tax $.39
OOP $.69
Saved $21.34 (96%)
Earned $4 ECB and $6
increasing my ECBs by $5 thank you CRT!

Third stop: Giant Eagle
I hardly ever shopped GE because it seem the prices were high even with coupons, but thanks to Hot Coupon World I'm finding a few good bargains. There are a few things I normally wouldn't buy, but for .05 or free I'm all for that. I splurge on the eggnog, my sweet little boy asked and for good measure threw in his dad's weakness for eggnog too. Normally, my children aren't allowed to ask for things unless it is fruit or maybe yogurt, but every once in awhile something really strikes their fancy and I'll agree to it.

I have to thank those that mentioned discounted milk! I tried the advice tonight and it worked, I was so excited. We usually don't buy this kind as I buy the closest I can get to raw, but since it is still organic I thought why not if I get it for around $2 and sure enough that was the price they sold it to me. I don't know if that's as great as others, but for my first try I'm satisfied. I'm also very thankful because Buehler's only had one whole milk left tonight so this worked out perfect.

The short breakdown is I spent $16.28 OOP and saved $43.59 I also have a raincheck for the Progresso their shelves were really bare.

Last stop was Buehler's, a local grocer. This is where a lot of the money goes because of the milk, but then again we no longer drink 4-6 gallons a week, but 1 and sometimes 2 as a treat. I switch us over to non-homogenized and just pasteurized instead of ultra-pasteurized. This isn't certified organic, but it is hormone free and grass fed cows. It's the closest I can get to raw in Ohio. Grrrr So while we wash down our sugar laden snacks with fresh wholesome milk. ;0 We do throw a few fruits in too for good measure.

Milk not including the deposit is $3.99 half gallon
Grapes were $.99/lb with advantage card @ 2.15lb
Total $7.62 I actually paid with the money I received from returning some bottles so now OOP.

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Walgreens 12.13.08

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Tonight I wanted to use up my RRs and earn just one more $5/$25 so I could take a little break from Walgreens and concentrate on CVS upcoming ECBpalooza. I'm so happy that Walgreens sets their sales after 7pm on Saturday for the next week which is the other reason I went out tonight.

Transaction 1

4 Glad $5.99
-$4 mq
6 Turtles $5.94
-$6 mq (I used 4 $1.50 and the 4th had to be pushed through)
1 Christmas Gel Pen $.69
-$.44 in ad q
-$15 RR (from Robitussin)
- $5 RR (from $5/$25)
Subtotal $.15
Tax $.1.34
OOP $1.49 Total Value: $45.95 Total Saved: $44.44(97%)
Earned $5 Christmas Reward
(a.k.a. Holiday Reward)

Transaction 2

1 Glad $5.99
-$1 mq
2 Turtles $1.98
2 Gel Pens $1
-$.50 in ad q
-$5.00 RR
Subtotal $.97
Tax $.10
OOP $1.07
Total Saved: $8.50 (89%)
Total Value: $9.57

Transaction 3

1 Glad $5.99
2 Turtles $1.98
2 Gel Pens $1
-$.50 in ad q
-$5.00 RR
Subtotal $.97
Tax $.10
OOP $1.07
Total Saved: $8.50 (89%)
Total Value: $9.57

All 3 Transactions Combined

Total Value: $65.09
Total OOP: $3.63
Total Saved: $61.44 (94%)
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CVS 12.13.2008 Transactions 1 & 2

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Transaction 1

Well, I caved in to the Hershey deal eventhough I didn't get that coveted 3/15 or 5/15 when I scanned my card. I figured $3 for 7 bags of chocolate was a good enough bargain. LOL The Mint Blisses to my chagrin broke open when I picked the first bag up and the next and last two were split as well. So I got 6 Dark Chocolate Blisses and 1 Peppermint Kisses. I also got the Powerade and oh a Buckeye, more chocolate ;) as a filler.

6 Bliss $18
1 Kisses $2
*Deal spend $20 on select Hershey's and get $10 ECBs
Powerade $1.59 Get $1.59ECBs
Buckeye $.50
Subtotal $22.59
(6) $1 Bliss
(1) $1 Kisses
(1) $15 ECB
Total OOP .09
Total ECBs Earned $11.59
Total Value: $33.92
Total Saved: $33.83(99.7%)
I totally forgot I also got a 5/15 expires in three days. This is great and will push me to get my CVSing done by Monday and get the house ready to decorate for Christmas.

Transaction 2

Two went through smoothly. WooHoo! My husband wanted some flavoring; I'm thinking he wants hardtack. :) I added 3 Powerbars since I still had two deals left and then I could use my $10 ECB so I wasn't paying $5.25 OOP for the flavoring.

5 Flavor Oils $5.25
3 Powerbars $5.00

Subtotal $10.25 ECB $10.00 OOP .25
Total Value:$10.22
Total Saved:$10.97 (93%)

Earned $5 ECBs on the Powerbars

So altogether tonight I spent $.34 OOP and $25 ECBs Earned $16.59 ECBs
Total Value: $45.14
Total Saved: $44.80(99%)
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Walgreens 12/12 Run

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Well I see once again aligning all the numbers was just a waste of time as it reformatted my post. I apologize for this, but don't have a clue how to fix it.

Short Version:

Total OOP $ 11.08
Total Savings 132.34
Total Value 143.42

Available RRs 25.00
ESR 4.00 +10% $4.40

Long Version:

Transaction #1

Reynolds Foil 1.59
- in ad q .60
- mq 1.00

3 Robintussin 3.99
-mq(3) 9.00
2 Arm &Ham 6.99
-in ad 10.00
-mq 1.00 actually now that I look at the receipt she didn't scan this off, but has q :(
2.98 so 3.98

-RR 5.00

Subtotal 1.94
Tax .84

Total OOP $2.78

Earned $5 HD RR and $5 Wyeth RR

Transaction #2

Reynolds Foil 1.59
- in ad q .60
- mq 1.00


3 Robintussin 3.99
-mq(3) 9.00
2 Arm &Ham 6.99
-in ad 10.00
-mq .50

-RR 5.00

Subtotal .94
Tax .84

Total OOP $1.78

Earned $5 HD RR and $5 Wyeth RR

Transaction # 3

Arm&Ham 6.99
-in ad q 5.00

Reynolds Foil 1.59
- in ad q .60
- mq 1.00

Maybelline 8.49
- B1G1F 8.49
- mq 4.00
- mq 4.00

Campbells Soup 1.39
- in ad q 3.39
- mq .25

Glade Wisp 3.99
-mq 3.00
-esr 2.00 makes a $1.21 profit

-RR 5.00

Subtotal .21
Tax .73

Total OOP .94

Earned $5 HD RR

Transaction #4

2 Arm &Ham 6.99
-in ad 10.00
Reynolds Foil 1.59
- in ad q .60
- mq 1.00

3 Robintussin 3.99
-mq(3) 9.00

4 Scotch 3pk 1.00
-mq 1.00
-mq 1.00
esr 2.00 profit .20
3 Broth .39
-RR 6.00

This is where I fell short by .89 to use my other $5 RR GAH!

Subtotal 4.11
Tax 1 .47

Total OOP 5.58

Earned $5 HD RR and $5 Wyeth RR
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Physicians Formula Rebates

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Brow- Tweez 3 in 1


CoverToxTen™ Wrinkle Therapy Foundation

Offer Expires December 31st
Postmarked by January 31st
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CVS 12/05/08

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I ended up spending a little under $7 OOP because I messed up my figuring and couldn't use my larger ECB without losing a couple Bucks and the Shift Supervisor was already giving me disgusted looks so I didn't want to do any more fillers this trip.

OOP $6.56
I used $55.95 ECBs
Earned 36.99ECB
Total Value: $125.28

No profit obviously. My goal was to use up some Bucks so I wouldn't get stuck into buying things overpriced or not wanted. I succeeded with the paper since it was on sale for $2.99 and Wal-Mart upped their price so this was cheaper. The Dawn was on sale too, 2/$1.49 but phooey I forgot to give them my coupons. lol Well I'm lol now. The only other thing that didn't earn Bucks was the conditioner and it was 75% off and I just happened to have a CVS coupon for $2 off so it was free.

8 Paper $23.92
6 Dawn $4.47
1 Conditioner $2.00-$2MQ
1 Cracker (filler)$.40

The rest of the story:

9 Promax $15 Earned $15 ECBs
5 BodiHeat $19.95 -5$1 Peelies and Earned $15 ECBs
1 Energy Shot $4.99 Earned $4.99 ECBs
2 Doves $3.98-$1/2 Earned $2 ECBs
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I am Exhausted and yes with a capital "E"!

I hear so many others that are invigorated by shopping the sales and using coupons to get fabulous deals, but this just isn't me. Am I the only one? I mean after I sit back and rest a few days I am happy about what I am able to acheive and thankful that God has blessed with the knowledge and surrounded me with others on the internet that are awesome shoppers, but I get anxious and actually feel my temperature rise when I'm checking out and the deal, no matter how much I've prepared is not matching up with what I've figured out. More often than not though, the merchandise is gone and so that throws my scenarios into a tailspin and I feel like a huge zit on a nose while I stand aside in an aisle trying to crunch my numbers. Then I think I have it all figured out, but noooooooo something is always off. I think calculus was easier.

What spurred all this tonight? The obvious I went shopping. I started out at Walgreens and I know I left with a lot merchandise for a very reasonable price, but my OOP was more than I wanted it to be and my outcome not a good as others I read about. I blame OOS for the most part, but I also end up waiting to the end of the week which I'm sure doesn't help. I've got rebates to submit so I'm probably better off than I think. We shall find out when I take pictures and blog.

Okay so next stop was Rite-Aid which actually is the easiest since it is OOP and then submit rebate. It's a nice break inbetween WAGS and CVS even though the deals aren't as shocking.

Last stop, CVS which is another place I start to sweat bullets; I mean glisten. The cashier was super friendly the whole time even though I confused her a couple times and needed to go grab a filler or add another ECB but overall first transaction not so bad.

Next I had myself confused and too many Power Bars and a long line suddenly formed. I stepped aside so everyone else could be helped and that gave me time to figure. Next transaction so very easy Power Bars $15 handed over $15 Bucks got $15 Bucks.

Last transaction, I was doing more figuring because I receive a $5/$15 that had to be used in three days so I just used it tonight since I live 20-30 minutes from CVS. I decided to do the Copy Paper that was on sale for $2.99 plus it helped use up some of my Bucks I was concerned about not being able to roll in the next few weeks and end up "wasting" those on over-priced merchandise so this was a great way to use those and we needed paper.
Long story short got to the end of transaction cost $13.85 handed over a $14.00 ECB duh I forgot part of that was tax so I handed over the only two smaller ones I had and ended up spending $6.37 OOP. :( The "manager" finished up that transaction and with a look of disgust I might add.

To top it all off on my way home I realized I forgot to give the cashier my 6 Dawn coupons.

The evening ended on a nice note as I thanked my daughter for watching the other three with the headband set and brushes I got from WAGS and she loves both. She did ask if I was going to "borrow" the headband and scarves from her and I said I might. ;)
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My Deals A Couple Days Before Black Friday

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3 Complete $8.99 each (2)$1MQ Earned ECB $26.97
2 Right Guard $7.99 ( 2)$.50 MQ Earned ECB $14.00
2 8pk Vivas $7.49 forgot MQs :( Earned ECB $ 4.00
1 Maybelline $.8.99 Earned ECB $ 8.99

Total Value: $71.93 Before Sale Prices, Coupons and ECBs
Sale Price: 57.93 Before Coupons and ECBs
MQs: $5.00
OOP: $3.33
Earned ECBs: $44.97

Then Roll $8.99 ECBs to another Complete and Earned $8.99 ECBs

Total for the Day:
Value: $81.92 Total OOP $3.33 Total ECBs Used $49.99 Total ECBs Earned $53.96 Profit $.64

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CVS Black Friday Deals

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Wanted to simplify this post, plus the spreadsheet would not copy and paste correctly so here is the CVS Deals I did on Friday:

I started with $18.00 ECBs; spent $.50 OOP and earned $27.00 ECBs =Profit $8.50 + a few RCs

Total Value before sale price, coupons and ECBs : $109.84

Then on Sunday took one of my SILs CVSing and I picked up one more item to reach my limit on it and a few rainchecks. I put the monthly toothpaste deal back because the cashier was greatly lacking in customer service skills and I have rainchecks for it. I'd rather wait and use those at the friendly CVS.

So here's the bottom line:I lost a few cents profit because I just paid cash and therefore taxed. $3.99-$1MQ=$2.99+.28=$3.27 Earning $3.00 ECBs.

The plan for my SIL to spend only $5 OOP starting with only a few coupons and no ECBs didn't come to reality because they were out of the Bics which were the biggest element in the plan to increase ECBs while decreasing the Total. :( I think we still did well, but had a few extra transactions which just made our cashier bubble over with joy. LOL

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Rightguard $.50 Printable Coupon

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Enter RIGHTGUARD into the Sweepstakes Box and you will receive an email with a link to the coupon. You can print off two.

CVS is having a sale this week: Buy Rightguard Professional $7.99 earn $7 ECBs
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CVS 11/16-11/22

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Mine is not as impressive as others, but my goal was to get as close to free as I could with the Duracell batteries just one time. I knew I could get close with my .75MQ, but not free. Well, I went in scanned my card and got a 10/50 Q! I had other items on my list that would earn ECB and a couple of rainchecks and other MQs to use so things were looking up. I did ask about the 5/2 Qs but they were gone even behind the register. That's okay, I'm getting free batteries and not one set but two I said to myself. The second transaction did cost me a little but so worth it in the end to me to get four more packs for the OOP cost.

Then I discovered the photo batteries and a couple packs had a $1 off, but the cashier wasn't sure they worked towards the ECB so I did my $50 transaction, went to the van did some figuring, went back in, told him my plan and they worked! DumbBunny me forgot to use my smaller ECBs on that transaction so I have a lot to use within a month; I hope I can find enough other ECBs to keep those rolling.

Okay, so here's my two transactions:

First Transaction:

Atkins Bar 1.00
Dry Idea 2.25
6AA8pk 35.94
1C4pk 5.99
Zantrex3 4.99
Cool Blue 1.98

SubTotal 52.89
CVS 10/50 -10.00
MQs - 8.98
ECB - 1.00
GC - 3.29
OOP Total 33.24 including tax

ECB Earned 36.99

Second Transaction:

3 PWRPX 4PK 17.97
1 AAA 4PK 2.99
Subtotal 20.96
MQs -2.75
OOP 19.96 incl tax

ECB Earned 15.00

Total Spent: 56.95
Total ECB : 51.99

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I discovered this on Money Saving Mom blog and wanted to share it with you. You earn points every time you use this search engine and then those points turn into gift cards. You earn points for referrals as well. :)

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Saturday's Scare

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I went shopping today with my 14yo and 5yo girls. We went to Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Buehler's and Wal-Mart respectively for some wonderful savings I hope to blog about soon. My older daughter is such a wonderful help, but tonight when we arrived home I was none too please to find out my coupon box was MIA. (!) It was partly my fault for wanting the purchases a certain way in the van, but I placed the blame on her too since she pushed the cart back to the cart rack.

I walked in the door practically shouting to use my husband's cellphone, since it is long distance to call Wal-Mart from our home. You'd thought I lost a child. I told told customer service what happened and they said they would send someone outside to check and call me back when they found it. I searched the van a few more times just for good measure too. I don't think they realized the importance of my little black coupon box. To me it is equal to what a little black book is to a single guy.

Twenty minutes after I called Wal-Mart still no call; I was getting very antsy because I remembered not only all my hard work and time and coupons, but I had my receipts needed for my WGs and Rite Aid rebates in there plus $5 CVS EBs. Actually, I was on the verge of tears.

Well, my wonderful husband offered to go to Wal-Mart to check things out for himself since still no call after 30 minutes. I felt badly since it is 14 miles away, but you know how much labor and love goes into our coupon clipping and there were some great coupons in there begging to be used.

The outcome is wonderful. He found it right where I left it. He's my knight in shining armor for sure!
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