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I am Exhausted and yes with a capital "E"!

I hear so many others that are invigorated by shopping the sales and using coupons to get fabulous deals, but this just isn't me. Am I the only one? I mean after I sit back and rest a few days I am happy about what I am able to acheive and thankful that God has blessed with the knowledge and surrounded me with others on the internet that are awesome shoppers, but I get anxious and actually feel my temperature rise when I'm checking out and the deal, no matter how much I've prepared is not matching up with what I've figured out. More often than not though, the merchandise is gone and so that throws my scenarios into a tailspin and I feel like a huge zit on a nose while I stand aside in an aisle trying to crunch my numbers. Then I think I have it all figured out, but noooooooo something is always off. I think calculus was easier.

What spurred all this tonight? The obvious I went shopping. I started out at Walgreens and I know I left with a lot merchandise for a very reasonable price, but my OOP was more than I wanted it to be and my outcome not a good as others I read about. I blame OOS for the most part, but I also end up waiting to the end of the week which I'm sure doesn't help. I've got rebates to submit so I'm probably better off than I think. We shall find out when I take pictures and blog.

Okay so next stop was Rite-Aid which actually is the easiest since it is OOP and then submit rebate. It's a nice break inbetween WAGS and CVS even though the deals aren't as shocking.

Last stop, CVS which is another place I start to sweat bullets; I mean glisten. The cashier was super friendly the whole time even though I confused her a couple times and needed to go grab a filler or add another ECB but overall first transaction not so bad.

Next I had myself confused and too many Power Bars and a long line suddenly formed. I stepped aside so everyone else could be helped and that gave me time to figure. Next transaction so very easy Power Bars $15 handed over $15 Bucks got $15 Bucks.

Last transaction, I was doing more figuring because I receive a $5/$15 that had to be used in three days so I just used it tonight since I live 20-30 minutes from CVS. I decided to do the Copy Paper that was on sale for $2.99 plus it helped use up some of my Bucks I was concerned about not being able to roll in the next few weeks and end up "wasting" those on over-priced merchandise so this was a great way to use those and we needed paper.
Long story short got to the end of transaction cost $13.85 handed over a $14.00 ECB duh I forgot part of that was tax so I handed over the only two smaller ones I had and ended up spending $6.37 OOP. :( The "manager" finished up that transaction and with a look of disgust I might add.

To top it all off on my way home I realized I forgot to give the cashier my 6 Dawn coupons.

The evening ended on a nice note as I thanked my daughter for watching the other three with the headband set and brushes I got from WAGS and she loves both. She did ask if I was going to "borrow" the headband and scarves from her and I said I might. ;)
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