Rite Aid ~Prevacid MM~Dead Deal

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~Newspaper Rebate Expired 3/13/31~
Update! VV is actually a Mq this time and can't be combined with the Mq! ACK! So I will have to update the math soon. So Sorry!
Money Saving Mom shared a deal for this, but didn't factor in that both a Manufacturer Coupon and Value Video Coupon with the $5/$20 TC (Total Purchase Coupon) or the Rite Aid Rewards Card.

Prevacid 42 ct   $8.39
plus $2 SCR &$25.99 Rebate=$19.16 MM
Shelf: $29.99
Sale: $25.99
Rewards Card: $2.60  10% off Tues with Rewards Card(20% 1st Tues each month)
Mq: $10 IP or
VV: $10
SCR:  $2
TQ: $5/$20 or $5/$25
Math: $25.99-$17.60 = -$8.39 Oop-$2 SCR =$6.39 and Submit for $25.99 rebate (from Sunday’s paper)

Also there are coupons for the 14ct and 28ct which might be a good deal if this is something you use often.

2 14ct Prevacid $5.18-$12.99 Rebate $7+ MM

Sale: $11.59
Mq: $5 *2 or
VV: $6 *2
TQ: $5/$20
Math: $23.18-$17 = $5.18 - $12.99 rebate(?)

28ct  Prevacid $13.79/1 w/Rebate $8.20 MM
Shelf:$ 21.99
Sale: $19.79
Mq: $5 IP or
TQ: $5/$20
Math: $13.79 oop receive $21.99 rebate(?)

My rebate was different, I think for half the cost so make sure to read the small print on yours.

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Rite Aid Coupon Policy Clarified

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There was quite a discussion about this at Hot Coupon World. After one of the owners got involved and asked her super moderators their interpretation it had to be escalated directly to Rite Aid.

Rite Aid allows two coupons on BOGOF if it does not produce overage. Therefore one can not combined a BOGOF coupon with a cents off coupon because that causes overage.

If you have other items to absorb that overage is irrelevant as it is against their policy as well. It's not about getting cash back at the end of the transaction; it is about "no overage" regardless.

The same applies to using two coupons on a BOGOF if causes "overage".

Shampoo $2
Shampoo $0
Coupon $1
Coupon $1
Total $0

Shampoo $2

Shampoo $0
Nail Polish $2
Coupon $2
Coupon $2
Total -$0

This is rather a disappointment for me, but the up side is you can still get both products free and it doesn't affect the $/$$ transaction coupon.

The total coupon policy can be found here.
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Free Batteries

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Rayovak $1/1 Any!  I've seen those in the $1 spot at Target and your Walmart may carry the small packs for $1 too.
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The Misconceptions of Buy One Get One Deals and Using Two Coupons

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I thought I would just talk about the misconceptions of using two coupons on BOGOF items.  Actually there are different outcomes depending on the coupons and the store.

Let's start with the BOGOF coupons combined with a BOGOF sale.

First, yes there are stores that allow a BOGOF coupon combines with BOGOF store sale; Rite Aid and CVS has this in their policy. Walgreens it sadly depends on the manager so Your Mileage May Vary.

Second, Walgreens allow you to use another coupon against the product that rings up $0.00.  This is totally legit and I take advantage of it.  CVS and Rite Aid does not allow overage so you will only use the BOGOF coupon with the BOGOF sale.

Misconception: The store always benefits from the coupon being used on the $0.00 item.

Truth: I benefit from the coupon being used on the $0.00. e.g. $3/1

Why: I benefit because the coupon is overage that applies to another product which means less out of pocket for me,  $3 in this example.  Woohoo got to love that!

The store is not gaining additional monies because I used that $3/1 coupon. Instead  the store is receiving the $3 from the manufacturer instead of receiving the cash it would originally from me had I not used that $3q on the $0.00. The stores do not take the $3/1 coupon, then say your total is negative $3; "Your change is $0.00; "Have a nice day!" and turn the coupon into the clearinghouse. If so, then yes the store would benefit for that $3/1.

The other scenario is using two coupons with a BOGOF sale, neither one nor the other being a BOGOF coupon.

This still benefits you even at CVS and Rite Aid, not the store as long as there is no overage. If there is overage at  Walgreens it is the same as above.
Shampoo $5.00
Shampoo $0.00
Coupon $3.00 applied to the $5
Coupon $2.00 applied to the $0
Cost for you $0
Store Receives $5 worth of coupons=$5 Receive Total

e.g. If store didn't accept two coupons on BOGOF deals:
Shampoo $5.00
Shampoo $0.00
Coupon $3.00 applied to the $5 

Cost for you $2
Store Receives $3 worth of coupons and $2 worth of cash
Still $5 Received Total

I know some of you will say they also receive  the extra $.08 handling fee. That is a whole other debate that I'm inclined to think is still not a money maker for them because they have to wait for their money instead of investing it.  The cost for them to send it in, I read, is $.04 so that leaves $.04 or basically 4% interest. IMO, it's more of an incentive to lure customers into the store, purchase the merchandise and be repeat customers which is where the store benefits most.

So, yes allowing usuage of a coupon on the $0.00 item is to their benefit, but not in the way we often argue our point.

Now stores that will only allow you to redeem the lesser purchase price amount, yet themselves redeem the full face value at a clearinghouse is another can of worms.
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$25 Rite Aid Gift Card ~ Prescription Coupon

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When you transfer a prescription you receive a $25 Gift Card!

No zip code needed
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Drugstore Digest 3/07-3/13

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Coupon Lady Online
Deal Seeking Mom

Southern Savers
A Thrifty Mom

Rite Aid
Deal Seeking Mom
A Thrifty Mom
Southern Savers

Coupon Lady Online
Deal Seeking Mom
A Thrifty Mom
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Kmart Doubles!

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According to Cherry Picker, Kmart is bringing back the doubles next month, April. I don't have the exact dates yet, but will let you know. Also in the past Kmart has double coupons up to and including $2, but has added limits along the way; I do not know what those are at this time around either.  My experience is if you live close then take advantage of this event; if you live a good drive away, get there on the first day or two or you may be disappointed at the lack of stock.

Here is the list of cities participating.

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Giant Eagle Scenarios 3/11-3/17

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Updated 3/11:   Eight O'Clock Coffee, Jimmy Dean and Hot Pockets

Money Makers:

10 Sobe  $2 MM
Shelf: $1.25 (Ignore Going by Sale price)
Mq: $.50/1 Hangtag
Cat:$2 wyb $10
Math: $8-$8=Free Receive $2 oyno

10 Gatorade G2 (not sure if included yet) $2 MM
Shelf: $1.25 (no longer applicable)
Mq: $.50/1 G2 01-03-10 RP ; 01-10-10 RP
Cat:$2 wyb $10
Math: $8-$8=Free Receive $2 oyno


2 Right Guard Deodorant Free
Sale: $1
Mq: $2/2 IP
Cat: N/A
Math: $2-$2=FREE

Betty Crocker Frosting FREE
Shelf: N/A
Sale: $1
Mq:$0.50/1 2/7/10 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $1-$1=FREE

Fabulous Deals:

4 Post Cereal $.42/1
Shelf: N/A
Sale: $1.67
Mq:$1/2 coupons 2/28 SS
Cat:  3 oyno wyb 4 or $4 oyno wyb 5+
Math: $6.68-2=$4.68 receive $3 oyno=$1.68/4
Math:8.35 - $2=$6.35 oop receive $4 cat = $2.35/5

12 Hot Pockets $.17/1 (CherryPicker)
Shelf: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1 1/3 RP
Cat: $4 oyno wyb $30; $2 oyno wyb $20; $1 oyno wyb $15
Math: $24-$18mq=$6/12 oop Receive $4 oyno=$2/12 

Good Deal Alerts:

9 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls $.86/1
Sale: $2.75
Mq: $.75/1
Cat: $4 oyno wyb $30 (should go by shelf)
Math:$24.75 ($33.21shelf)-$13.50mq=$11.25 oop Receive $4 oyno=$7.75/9
Best Value: Buy 25 = $.77/1  (You will reach $90 shelf receiving 3 $4 oyno)
If by Sale Math: Buy 11 for $13.75 -$4 oyno=$.89/1

2 Eight O'clock Coffee 36 oz Bag $5.50/1Shelf: $13 (Estimate due to different store pricing)
Sale: $6.50
Mq: $2/2 IP or $2/2 Cat prints SCO
Cat: N/A
Math:$13-$2=$11/2  (72 oz or 4.5lbs) $2.44/lb

Fiber Plus Bars $.50
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1 01-31-10 RP
Cat: $2 instantly off wyb 4
Math: $10-$2-$6=$2/4

4 Special K Bars $1/1
Shelf: N/A
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $1/1 GE Cat Coupon
Cat: $2 off instantly wyb 4

Kelloggs Fruit Shapes $.50
Shelf: N/A
Sale: $2
Mq:$1.50/1 Vocal Point Homemailer
Cat: N/A

Tetley Tea $1.50/1
Shelf: N/A
Mq: $.50 IP or $.60/1 Feb All You
Cat: N/A
Math: $2.50-$1=$1.50

Betty Crocker Cake Mix & Frosting  $1
Shelf: N/A
Sale: $1 and $1
Mq:$.50 wyb both Cake and Frosting IP
Cat: N/A
Math: $2-$1=$1

7 Rold Gold Pretzels $.83/1  Shelf:$2.99 (?)
Sale: $2.50
Mq:$.55/1 02-28-10 SS
Cat:$2 oyno wyb $10
Math: $17.50 ($20.93 shelf)-$7.70=$9.80/7 Receive 2 $2 oyno=$5.80/7

Olivio Spreadable Butter Tub $.40/1Shelf:N/A
Mq: $.55/1 DND 5 01-03-10 SS

6 Tombstone $1.83/1 (No Double Dip Cats)Shelf: $5.50
Cat: $4 oyno wyb $30
Math:$15.00($33.00 shelf) Receive $4.00 cat =$11.00/6 or $1.83

3 Trop50 $1.33/1(mamalovesdeals)
Shelf: $3.49
Sale: $3
Mq: $1/1 3/14 RP
Cat: $2 oyno wyb $10
Math: $9-3=$6 Receive $2 oyno $4/3

Ban Solid Deodorant $.49
Sale: $1.99
Mq:$0.75/1 3/07 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $1.99-$1.50=$.49/1
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Rite Aid Deal 3/14-3/20

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I'm having server problems yet again this afternoon while trying to post this on Hot Coupon World so I thought I'd post this here since Google always seems to connect. 

Below are two deals one for the sale week listed in the title and the other for a non-sale week:

The coupon doesn't state: Buy One Get One Free of Equal or Lesser Value, therefore you can buy the 50% off Stayfree and get the $6.99 Stayfree, free.
4 Stayfree Free
Sale: BOGO50% $6.99 +$3.50
Use: 2 BOGOF 1/3 RP(up to $ 7.50);
Use: 4 $1 VV coupon (YMMV);
Use: $5/$20
SCR: #24 J&J $25 wyb $50
SCR Limit: 1
Total/Math: $20.98-$22.98=$2 Overage or just use 2 $1 VV $20.98 towards Rebate
HCW name: FunnyFace

It's true on a non sale week you would get more towards the #24 rebate, but you will also be paying more oop in the end.  My scenario will allow you to do three transactions to reach the $50 mark spending only tax oop. 

Then again I'm sure there is a scenario where you could mix and match and still end up with low oop if you have coupons to make your other items free to reach the $20 mark for the $5/$20 coupon.

Off the top of my head one could do this if he has the monitor coupons on the off sale week:

2 Stayfree and Bayer Meter
Shelf: $6.99+$6.99+$19.99
Sale: n/a
Use: 1 BOGOF 1/3 RP(up to $ 7.50);
Use:2 $1 VV coupon (YMMV);
Use:1 Bayer Monitor $19.99
Use:$5/$20 or $5/$25
SCR: #24 J&J $25 wyb $50
SCR Limit: 1
Total/Math: $33.97-$33.98 = tax oop
$13.98 towards Rebate * 4 Transactions=$50+ for $25 Rebate
HCW name: FunnyFace

More Fabulous Finds at HCW!
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