$1 Off Starbucks Frappuccino

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photo credit:starbucks.com

Get a $1 coupon for Starbucks Frappuccino 9.5oz or 12.7oz bottle (IE) or (FF )

Moms Need to Know said these go on sale often at Walgreens. I'm not too familiar with the regular or sale price at other stores since I'm not huge on coffee.

The expiration date is rather long, 12/31/09, so plenty of time to find on sale.

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Win a $5 CVS Gift Card

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Go to Frugal Living and Having Fun for a chance at one of two $5 CVS cards. While you're there check out her other giveaway too!
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Free Marzetti Caramel Dip!

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I just took this survey thanks to It's Hip 2 Save and will receive a free container of Marzetti Caramel Dip! Love it! You can see if you qualify by following the link I provided below. The survey takes about 10 minutes. Hope you can snag some also!

Marzetti Survey

photo credit:Marzetti.com
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Excellence in Blogcasting Award !

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Imagine my shock when Shawna from Coupon Lady Online gave me this award! I had no idea she read my blog even though I enjoy hers. Now imagine her shock when it took me 6 months to post this. I'm striving not to let that happen again.

Okay so now it's my turn to give this award and how it works:

Excellence in Blogcasting Award:

The rules with this award are to do the following:

1) Post the award on my blog
2) Pass it on to some friends, up to 15
3) I have to let them know they've received the award.

Becky at Nickles n Dimes (in the beginning of my adventure her blog theme caught my eye)

Tara at Deal Seeking Mom (got me hooked on Old Navy Weekly)

Megan at Daily Essentials and Deals (I love her godly openness)

Brooke at Mom of Three Little Princesses (Just because)

Cherry Picker (A fellow Buckeye)

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Free 28 day Trial of Olay Pro X

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I highly recommend joining VocalPoint. I have received free samples and high value and "free" coupons on quite a regular basis. I and my family totally got turned onto Kashi Soft-Baked cereal bars because of this. Those aren't something I would normally buy because they go so fast around here and are rather pricey, but teamed up with a sale and a great coupon I can do.

The current free item is Olay Pro X and a 28 day supply not some little one use can't tell if you like it or not sample. ;) I'm sure it will have some nice coupons too.
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Update on Wal-Mart Coupon Policy

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Update: Last week I tried to use a $4/20 CVS coupon and it was a no go after a long discussion. I made a call to customer service and she was to direct the information to the right person. Today, I talked to the "right person" who at the end of the call said I obviously knew more about coupons than she did and she would look for more clarification.

I asked for something in writing that explained the policy and she said they are only given what is posted online. No written explanation of the term "store coupon". So as of now, I've had both local store and customer service tell me that they only except "store coupons" for a specific item that is reimbursed by the manufacturer. You and I both know there is a difference and how the process works for the most part and I find this is where the frustration is. If they only accept manufacturer then that is fine, but please don't list those separately as store coupons and get everyone on the same page because email customer service is saying something different.

If you have been able to use the Rite-Aid, CVS, Kohl's or Walgreens coupons at Wal-Mart will you please let me know so I have that information for my next conversation with Wal-Mart?
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$250 Giveaway at CouponMom

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It's a new week and a new winner! If you haven't won in the past give it another try. CouponMom only asks for your First Name, Last Name and Email. Email will not be shared. Follow this LINK.

Congratulations to Grace Cruz, last week's winner!
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Giant Eagle $8.07 OOP

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Sadly,GE, still had Reynolds in stock so I couldn't get a raincheck which I need because I didn't order my coupons in time. Ugh! I did pick up a few items though and once again photo credits will go to the manufacturers' websites.




5 Cascade $3.79 each-5 Coupons for Free
4 Pillsbury RTB Cookies $2.50 each -4 Coupons $.55/1 and Instant $2 WYB
2 Starkist Tuna Salad $1.50 each - 2 Coupons $.75/1
2 Organic Valley Milk $3.50 each- 1 Coupon $2/2
1 Swiss Tea $2 -1 Coupon $.75/1
1 Giant Eagle King White Bread-$.69
1 Idahoan Potato Pouch $1.09-1 Catalina for Free
1 $3.00 Catalina

84% Savings (includes store sales)
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CVS `$.05 OOP

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http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/images/fs/small/5042808860.jpghttp://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/images/fs/small/5042808860.jpg http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/images/fs/small/5042820655.jpghttp://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/images/fs/small/5042820655.jpg http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/images/fs/small/5042865721.jpg

Photo Credits:CVS&Amazon

My computer has not been uploading pictures correctly, but since I love pictures with posts this is the next best thing, I think. LOL

3 Dry Idea $2.29 each Get $1 ECB Limit 3
1 Vanilla $2.79
2 CVS Pens $.99 each Get $1 ECB Limit 2 Raincheck
2 CVS Rulers $.99 each Get $1 ECB Limit 2 Raincheck
2 20 Big Roll Charmin $7.99 each

Coupons Used
3 * $2 Dry Idea
2*$1 Charmin
$5/$25 CVS from Flu Quiz

ECBs Used

Subtotal:$29.60 + $1.92 Tax(before ECBs)=$31.52
-$10 Qs-$17 ECBs-$1.47 Tax Reduction=$.05 OOP
Earned $7 ECBs

So Technically this transaction cost me $10.05 since I spent $10 ECBs. The great thing though is I can once again make that amount up on other deals so sometimes it is totally worth spending the bucks down especially for certain items.

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Starkist Tuna Great Coupon

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I'm quite sure this coupon would make the pouch free at Giant Eagle or other grocer's that double.If no doubles it is still a nice discount if you like this tuna; I do! I just realized the $.75/1 if for the Sandwich Ready so I hope the price is comparable to the regular. I will check tonight and update.

Use Zip 47140

photo credit: Starkist.com
Special Thanks to Hip 2 Save!

Update: Giant Eagle had these on sale for $1.50 so FREE Tuna Salad!
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Taste of Home Free Digital

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25 issues of Taste of Home you can download for free! Thanks MoneySavingMom, It's Hip to Save and Moms Need to Know.

http://www.tasteofhomedigital.com/tasteofhome/20090405/cover.gif http://www.tasteofhomedigital.com/tasteofhome/200901/cover.gif http://www.tasteofhomedigital.com/tasteofhome/20080405/cover.gif
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Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Giveaway!

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Check out Sage and Savvy to enter her giveaway of Eauraganic shampoo and conditioner. Hurry last day to enter is September 22nd.

Photo Credit::http://www.avicenna.ca/OrganicNewProducts.html

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