Rite Aid Shopping Notes

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Just thought I'd share what my shopping notes look like for this week. Usually I condense it down to one page, but I didn't this time. If I did I would choose to take out the information about P&G promotion and my ending tally of cost, scr, mir and profit.  So I'm going to post my second page first and then my first page.  I like to put little extras in case a scenario doesn't work out due to lack of stock.

Rite Aid

Trans 1:
olay quench lotion: 9.99
Contour $14.99
=$4 oop  Get $10 MIR  $10 toward P&G

Trans 2:
olay regenerist : 7.99
olay regenerist cleanser: 3.99 (BOGO50% sale)
4 Bayer $8
-$6 q
-$8 VV
=$1 oop Get $15 MIR $12 towards P&G

Trans 3:
tampax pearl: 6.99
tampax pearl (small pack): 5.29
4 Bayer $8
subtotal:  $20
- $2 Tampax
-5.29 free small tampax WYB large pack
-$8 VV
Get back $2 tampax SCR plus   $12 toward P&G

Trans 4,5,6
Contour $15
Tide $6 or Charmin
=$1 oop  $18 towards P&G $18

 Total OOP $8
 $25 MIR $2 SCR and
 $52 will qualify for the $15 PG giftcard. I figure I'll wait until next month to see if I want to do another $50.
 Profit: $34!
Rite Aid

# Bayer Aspirin 24-36ct $1.99
-$2 Bayer Aspirin, any printable (store coupon)
-$1 off Bayer Aspirin RP 10/25, SS 1/03

Bayer Breeze 2 Meters $14.99
-$30 off Breeze 2 or Contour Meter RP 10/25

BeneVia is still BOGOF $3-5 MM

# Purchase products between 1/17-2/13  SCR #551
Buy $25, Get $5 Visa Reward Card & US Olympic Team Pin
Buy $50, Get $15 Visa Reward Card & US Olympic Team Pin
Buy $100, Get $35 Visa Reward Card & US Olympic Team Pin
# Always Clean 34-38 ct, Infinity 28-32ct, Tampax Pearl 36-40ct $6.99 **
-$2 SCR #2 (limit 1)
Free Always Pad 12-22ct. wyb any 24-54ct. PG 12/27
Free Always Liners 34-60ct wyb any 68-120ct PG 12/27
Free Always Infinity 14-18ct wyb Infinity 28-36ct PG 12/27
Free Tampax 18-20ct. wyb any 36-60ct. PG 12/27
Total= $4.99, $10.98 counts towards rebate
All Participating Products
Always, Aussie, Bounce, Bounty, Braun, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Clairol, Clear Blue, Cover Girl, Daily Definitions, Daisy Razors, Dawn, Downy, Dreft, Duracell, Era, Fibersure, Fixodent, Gain, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Infusium, Ivory, Joy, Luvs, Max Factor, Metamucil, Mr Clean, Oil of Olay, Olay, Old Spice, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene, Pepto Bismol, Prilosec OTC, Pringles, Puffs, Safeguard, Scope, Secret, Swiffer, Tag, Tampax, Tide, Vapo Steam, Vaporub, Venus, Vicks (excludes Vicks Vaporizer), Vitality, Wetjet Cleaner, Zest, Zooth.

Puffs raincheck and q =$1

Charmain rc and q $6.49 =$19.47 goes towards 2 weekly rebates (?)

Tide Laundry Detergent 48-50 oz. $5.99
-$1 off Tide PG 12/27

Tums .99 ea - $1/1 Ip = .01 overage 

Get trashbags somewhere in here.

Lance Sandwich Crackers, GDA, $.50/1
Sale: 2/$3.00 or $1.50 each
Use: $1.00/1 IP smartsource.com
SCR: n/a
SCR limit: n/a
Total/Math: $1.50 - $1.00 = $.50
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CVS 1/17

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CVS just has not been very exciting for me lately. This past week I was able to get my 6 boxes of SoyJoys  $6 get $6 ECBs, but that is it. I plan to get some more Cottonelle or Charmin and probably use my Thermacare raincheck since my coupons expire the 31st. My ECBs expire the 25th and 30th so I would like to roll those or use those up. My store does allow expire ECBs, but I hate to make a habit and I fear one day I'll walk in and be told, "Sorry Charlie!" 

Oh the Oust may be interest to someone. I'm not a big fan of sprays so I often forget even if it is a money maker.  8-O It is part of the 6 week Bonus deals.

Oust Air Sanitizer pack $3.99 (limit 3 deals)

-$3 ECB
-B1G1 free from 1/3 SS or $2/2 printable HERE
Final Price: from $2.01 overage on two!
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Tombstone Rebate

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Tombstone will help pay your utility bill. You must get the UPCs in the mail by tomorrow the 15th!  I just found the information on HCW and thought some would like to pair this up with Giant Eagle sale.

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Giant Eagle's Meat Promo

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Cherry Picker list the coupon match-ups for the qualifying products.
photo credit:GE
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Giant Eagle Facebook $25 Gift Card

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Earlier today a HCW member mentioned Facebook and GE meat deal. I forgot about it until tonight when Cherry Picker blogged about it.  So I thought I'll just go ahead and sign up with GE on FB.  What I discovered was a chance to win a $25 GiftCard.  They will pick 20 random fans!

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Rite Aid 1/17-1/23

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I have been so absorbed with the chatter and deals of Giant Eagle that I've ignored Rite Aid. I had planned on typing up my scenarios for both stores today, but got neither done.  I may work on that now or in the morning, but wanted to provide you with the link to ad for it.

Also the ad is posted for the following week which is great and lets me know to sit tight and wait for that Maybelline deal at 40% off instead of BOGO50%.  All that moneymaking Almay mascara I purchased at Walgreens last month has been irritating my eyes. Isn't that wonderful? lol  A  girl can't be without mascara and that free sample of L'Oreal isn't going to last for long. Colossal here I come!

What I remember off the top of my head is the Contour Monitor is $14.99 so paired with the Monitor coupon and $5/$20 VV one can get $5 of free merchandise! 
Also Bayer aspirin is $1.99 and pair it with $2 VV and it's free. Use it to reach the $20 mark for you $5/$20 VV coupon!
Tide is $5.99 would be free with $1q if you use pair that up with the Bayer or Contour
I also see more Pantene in my one sil's near future.
SCRs are quite blah this week.

Starts February SCRs
Obviously for me the Maybelline 40% made a large impact.
Ester - C OVERAGE, -3.01 (YMMV depending on if you can use multiple VV coupons in single transaction)
Sale: Ester C $8.99 BOGO (so two bottles for $8.99 These are the smallest 60 count bottles)
Use: two $5/1 MQ RP 1/3/10
Use two $1/1 VV Ester- C RA coupons
Total Math: $8.99-5-5-1-1= -$3.01
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CLEAN Fragrance ~Free Sample

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Thanks to Crystal for finding this free from Free Snatcher.

Become CLEAN's facebook fan then sign up for a free sample.
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Meijer 1/10-1/16

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Nickels-n-Dimes is now publishing scenarios for Meijer! Becky's blog has always been one of my favorites so as long as she does Meijer I will link you to her's.  Several Frees this week!

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Free Sample Hand Sanitizer

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Giant Eagle Tomato Sauce Deal

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Thanks to Sarah from HCW!  This deal is with normal everyday price of Contadina Tomato Sauce. She advised to watch the double so it doubles all the way to $1.50 not $1. Look in the lower left hand corner for coupon link.

Contadina Tomato Sauce $.48*3+$1.44-$.75/3 IP dbl=Free!

The coupon is good for any product 15oz or smaller just in case you don't want sauce. I think I will check out the paste. Oh and Sarah mention Pizza Sauce was $1 so that would be $3-$1.50=$1.50/3
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Mineral Mania Monday!

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This is a sale from Aubrey Nicole. I have never used this line, but I trust this small company enough to say give it a try at 40% off EVERYTHING. The discount comes off automatically which I love. I may have to treat myself and give Aubrey Nicole a try. 

Here is the email I received:
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Kmart ~$.50 Cereal 1/10

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There is buzz all around blog world about the General Mills deal at Kmart. I live too far to do this deal, but I probably would if I could. I've slack off from cold cereal buying because the cost of organic milk makes cheap cereal for breakfast not so cheap. The nice thing about Cheerios though is I could do treats like Rice Krispies.

Mindi Cherry at Moms Need to Know has a nice post with all the links to the IPs.
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Staples FARewards

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Check out the post at A Thrifty Mom!  Remember that Staples Rewards are different from Staples Rebates. The Rewards are only good on future purchases at Staples. The Rewards can be used towards items that receive Staples Rebates so if you're patient you will receive your money back.
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Samples and Coupons

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Thought I'd just share all the different coupons and sample offers in one post. Thanks goes to Collin at It's Hip2Save, Becky at Nickels-n-Dimes, and Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

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Office Max Perks/Free After Perks 1/10

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Office Max is offering three items FAP this week.

Ascend 30% Recycled Business Peel-to-Seal Envelopes 50 count Limit3


Don't forget to use your Teacher Rewards number if you homeschool. You will earn $10 for every $75 you spend even if it is FAP. The downside is you have to wait until the quarter is up to receive even the weekly perks. I'm still waiting on mine from the end of October. Grrr If you pay with perks that purchase does not count towards the $75/$10.  

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