CVS 11/22

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The only free after ECB at CVS this coming week is Complete Contact Solution. You can turn this into a money maker by printing 2 $1.00/1 coupons.

Complete Solution $8.99
ECBs Earned $8.99

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100 Custom Photo Cards Free!

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You'll need to place two separate orders of 50. Here's how:

Choose 4x8 Vertical or Horizontal
Pick a Design and Add Personal Pictures and Words by removing their text
Order 50
Promocode newbaby
Checkout $0.00

Second Order use promocode

I have not done this myself as I'm rather unorganized in the picture department, but I know Money Saving Mom, Freebies 4 Moms and Nickels n Dimes have. A Special Thank you to Becky(N&D) since her entry caught my eye.

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Hot Coupon World Sweeps!

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Can you believe it? Not only another chance to win $50 Amazon Gift Card, but to enter HCW Sweeps!

The Sweepstakes is sponsored by and its total worth is over $1700! 15 members will win by posting
HERE. For the $50 AGC there are four chances to win/blogger.
  • 11/22
  • 11/29
  • 12/6
  • 12/10

Sweeps winners are going to be announced on 12/11
Last chance to enter your wish 12/10

You must be a member to enter and if you're not currently a member, don't wait any longer. Start HERE to sign up! I will reminding everyone each week. Best wishes to all who enter!
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Help Hot Coupon World Help You and Me

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Would you please help Hot Coupon World and me by taking a survey on Black Friday Consumer Shopping Habits ? They are trying to receive 2000 responses with the next six days. What will happen to your information? HCW hopes to use the information to inform retailers what makes us want to shop their stores on Black Friday.

This posts helps me by entering my name into the contest for $50 Amazon Gift Code when I take the second survey after Black Friday. You can enter too by being a member and doing the same! AND that is not all! If you or I are chosen to participate in a phone interview there is $100 Amazon Gift Card compensation!

Blog contest, posted here, ends Saturday 5pm, I'm guessing EST, on Thanksgiving day.
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Great New Coupons

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Thanks goes once again to the blogger community and HCW.

$1/1 Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong coupon

$1.50/1 Wet Ones coupon(can backspace to get two)

Free Organic Steaz Ice Tea (Target)

$3/3 Hains Pure Foods (backspace for two) I will be using mine for sea salt

$.75/1 Nature's Pride (zip 92111) Doubles for you? Free Bread at GE!
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Catalinas at Giant Eagle

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There is always talk about catalinas vs transactions on HCW so I thought I'd post a guideline from past experience. Some company promotions will produce multiple cats in one transaction and other companies you must do multiple transactions if you want the right amount back. I am also providing links to the company so you know what brands they carry.

Multiple Deals in One Transaction Companies
*Update P&G has been producing Multiples instead of Singles since about April 2010. I would still recommend doing only a couple on your first transaction to make sure.

It also seems that Unilever (Ragu,Wishbone, Hellmann's...) decided to produce only one cat per transaction in the month of June so again use caution until you or someone confirms or denies during a new sale.

Single Deals in Multiple Transactions Companies

One major company that I'm uncertain about since I don't normally purchase during the catalina promotions is Kimberly Clark. So if you know of that one or others I've forgotten please let me know and I'll update.

*Update 6/23 I believe Kimberly Clark also produced multiples.
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Your Friend shops easy and thinks you should too!

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"Click the link and receive $15 credit code plus free shipping on specific items! "
CSN Stores offers the largest selection of items for your home and office, at the lowest prices! As a rewards member you get $15 toward your first order and 3% back on every purchase. Plus, earn $15 for every friend you refer who makes a purchase!
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Giant Eagle ` Gearing Up for 11.7/11.23

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I don't know if any local family view my blog or not, but I thought I'd share my plans and coupon purchases for this week's ad. I'm quite excited about the Good Deals and Frees. The last month has been fabulous for free vegetables, but since I don't have a freezer I can't take advantage of those deals as far as stockpiling goes. I am going to buy a few boxes this week because I really enjoy those and they are just the right size for a meal. I'm sharing a few scenarios since I don't yet know if the sale is going by shelf and just what our shelf price is or if it is going by sale.

First the purchased Coupons for this ad:

30 Swiss Miss $.50/2
8 Dawn Renewel $.50/1
10 Hefty Plates $.75/1
20 Orville Popcorn $.40/1
20 Energizer $1/1

Coupons already received for free:

4 Mr. Clean $.75/1 (HMSB)

Total cost shipping included: Give or Take $7
Estimated Cost to do the deals below: $2 or $8
Total Spent Altogether:$9 or $15+ tax
Total Sale Value: $117
Total Savings: 90%

If goes by shelf @ $1.69 (Need 6 for $10.14)
Swiss Miss Free(FunnyFace)
SALE: $1.00
MQ: $.50/2 11.15.09 SS
CAT:$2 WYB $10
MATH: $6-$3=$3-$3 OYNO WYB $10=$0/6

Not Shelf:
Swiss Miss GDA
(GracieCappello )
TOTAL: $.20
SALE: $1.00
MQ: $.50/2 11.15.09 SS
CAT:$3WYB $10
MATH: $10-$5=$5-$3OYNO=$2/10=$.20

Orville Popcorn GDA
TOTAL: $.16/4 or $.04 each
SHELF: $3.18
SALE: $1.59(BOGO)
MQ: $.40/1
CAT:$3 WYB $10
MATH: $6.36-$3.20=$3.16-$3OYNO=$.16/4 or $.04each

Dawn Renewel GDA (GracieCappello )
TOTAL: $1/4
SALE: $2.50
MQ: $.50/1
CAT:$5 WYB 4
MATH: $10-$4=$6 -$5 OYNO=$1/4

Mr Clean Overage
TOTAL: - $1
SALE: $2.50
MQ: $.75/1 (Home Made Simple Booklet)
CAT:$5 WYB 4
MATH: $10-$6=$4-$5OYNO=-$1

Birds Eye Bagged or Boxed veggies FREE ( GracieCappello )
SALE: $1
MQ: 0.50/1 11-15 SS
Math: $1-$1=$0

Energizer Battery 2pk AA Free (jacalhoun)(Not Available at all stores)
SALE: $1.00
MQ: $1.00 off one
CAT: none
MATH: $1.00 - $1.00 = 0.00

Hefty Foam Trays, Plates, Bowls, or Cups 16-80 ct Free (Jokesbyjen)
SALE: $1.50
MQ: $.75/1
CAT: none
MATH: $1.50-$1.50

There are some other great deals too, Libby's canned vegetables, other P&G products, and more.

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Mineral Monday~Joppa Minerals

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Why Joppa is first on the list: SALE!

Save 25% on a purchase of $10 or more. Use code "shopearly"
Their regular prices are a great value so this sale is a bonus.

They also have wonderfully priced samplers:

3 Piece Mini
6 Piece This is my favorite and sometimes it goes on sale for $.01 +s&h

I encourage you to really take the time and browse all the products and options. Also don't hesitate to email questions to these wonderful Christian ladies.

My favorite foundation from Joppa is Simple Radiance. I like fuller coverage without it being flat like some mattes are. This foundation also works great with the wet application method.

If you like a lighter coverage check out the Soft Coverage ,if you like Matte Full Coverage, if you love glow and shimmer, Morning Dew is right for you.
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Mineral Monday

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Since Giveawayaday sponsored Southern Magnolia Minerals, I thought I would do Mineral Mondays. I love mineral makeup and have tried over 20 companies and at least twice as many foundation formulas so I thought I would share some of my favorite companies.

What is my criteria?

Classy! The company has to promote a classy website.

Value! Like anything a combination of price, amount needed, finished look and staying power.

Customer Service! Most smaller companies have a plethora of this.

No Donations to causes I don't support: Environmentalism (Carbon Credits), PETA, Amnesty or organizations I feel hurt Our Sovereignty or relationship with God.

I'm going to form a new post for today's, albeit late today, first Mineral Company.
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