Rite Aid 12/19

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This past week, maybe it was Monday I received a call from a Rite-Aid manager telling me the sugar in stock. My brain started working overtime trying to figure out what to say throughout the brief conversation.  I did not order sugar and I no longer needed the sugar even though I still had a raincheck tucked neatly away in my binder.  What to say what to do.  

I politely asked if he special ordered those because the cashier informed me he would not when she requested my name and number.  He said, no he didn't, but saw I wanted to ten and wanted to let me know those were now available if I wanted them.  Part of me breathed a sigh of relief and the other part thought I should just go ahead and buy those since he made a special effort to call me, long distance at that. It might help build a nice relationship at that Rite-Aid since I was already not in good graces with one of the shift managers. Can you imagine? lol  So I started hunting down Domino coupons online and offline with a fury.  I found enough for 8; it would have to do.  

Tonight was that night I decided to purchase it along with a few SCR items and use my $5/$20 so it wouldn't cost much oop.  My plan didn't go so well   I even asked twice for help and can't believe she didn't volunteer a third time to help because one would have thought I was casing the joint the way I kept backtracking and exploring all the aisles.  

Mission one find the sugar.  On the way I found the flip remote, last option.  Okay. Next ended up in the shampoo aisle couldn't find the Prell.  Found my pastor from 25yrs ago, but not the Prell.  Had a nice short reunion with her then went back to looking for the Prell.  Asked about the Prell.  Shift Manager shows me the Pert then the empty space for the Prell. sigh  Mental note get raincheck.  

Okay onto the sugar, found the sugar, only 9 boxes, no problem I really didn't want 10 so I took 8. Woohoo matches with my 8 coupons.  

Look for pop up tape to use last week's raincheck.  Out of stock at this store too. BooHoo, but all is not lost.

BeneVia will replace the Prell and tape no problem and give me overage to boot.  Ugh! Can't find it, every supplement, drink, powder, injection you name it, but no BeneVia.  Find Shift Manager and she has no idea what it is; she doesn't find it either.  

Okay now I come to terms with buying the flip remote as the filler that I do not "need", but free after SCR. I try to console myself that it originally cost $23 even though no one in their right mind would buy it at $23.  

Now I just need the Chapstick to reach the $20 mark. Such an easy task; W-R-O-N-G!
The correct Chapstick was no where on the lipcare display. Everything but it was there. Another treasure hunt, yipee.  I, with eyes that express loss and exasperation passed the the Shift Manager that had already helped me twice yet she decided to ignore me. Why is it when you want help no help wants you and when you don't you're followed around being watched?  Finally find it with the cough drops!  I guess that makes sense; coughing, must have chapped lips too. They should have put tissues in that aisle as well if you ask me.

Check out without a hitch. Still need a raincheck, but look over my shoulder and decide to put my purchases in the vehicle first since a few people were behind me.  I do so only to come back in to find the same three customers still waiting on line with no cashier at the counter.  So I decide to "shop" for clearance, passed the same SM as before with no acknowledgement of my presence from her. lol  

I go back up and wait for my turn, find two more customers behind me with one purchase each so I let them go ahead, then my turn and the cashier goes to the shelf for number to fulfill my raincheck, there is yet another person behind me with one item. I decide to it's my turn. LOL  I've never seen this store so busy. I guess I know now not to shop there on a Saturday evening.

Here is what I purchased and spent:
8 Domino 2lb Sugars $7.92 ($2.10q)
1 Flip Remote $9.99
1 Fresh Effects Chapstick $2.99
Total: $22
- $ 5/20
OOP $15 (!)
SCRs $10+$3 Cost $2

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Christmas at Drugstore.com

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Who would have thought to find a toy for Christmas at drugstore.com and at a great deal at that. Not me! That's just what happened though and I'm so excited to share! LOL  

I was slightly stressed about on what should I spend another $10  to get the free shipping. If I just purchased the Marshmallow Shooter I'd have to spend another $5-$6 on shipping.  I don't think so, but what oh what to buy, that was the big question.   

Also looming was getting it ordered tonight and at a decent hour. My husband requested I do so even though I had 2 days left according to their shipping calendar.  Due to being a world renowned procrastinator heaped with a side of indecisiveness, my old self would have waited and would not have been submissive to his wish. Gasp! 20 yrs later and I think I'm getting the hang of it even if it seems like a small step. lol  

Enough with our relationship and my attempt to heed that Biblical principle, onto the deal! Which, by the way, I like to think God rewarded me rather quickly with this idea for the "filler" and my order was placed by 9pm. 

Marshmallow Shooter   $14.99= One very happy daughter
Olay Quench 20oz        $11.99
Shipping                       FREE
Total                          $26.98 OOP
Olay Rebate              - $11.99
ShopAtHome 8%        -$ 2.16
Drugstore $               -$ 1.35
New Total                   $11.48 ! = One Very Happy Me 

photo credit: drugstore.com

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Saphoros Mineral Makeup/Natural Skincare

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I almost hate to post this because more than likely 10 people have already responded, but just in case I will since this deal is so very awesome!    

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A Neat Gift Idea!

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Hip2Save is where I first saw this mentioned and I had to pass it along too! I think this is just a great thrifty gift for those you know enjoy pop or soda or "coke" for my southern friends. ;)  I know it would be a hit with my extended family.  

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Giant Eagle 12/17-12/23

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Compliments of Stacy from HCW! 

Some things that pop out immediately to me:

Looks like more Free BE Vegetables!
Daisy Sour Cream $.50 after coupon
Progresso $.50 after coupon
Kraft Singles $1 after coupon
Dannon asst.  $1 after coupon
Swiss Miss $.50 after coupon (not as good as before, but still a good price)

Cooked cocktail shrimp 41-50 shrimp/lb $6/lb
GE Turkey breast $4.99/lb
Lay's Chips BOGO
GE pasta or noodles or GE tomatoes 10 for $10
Simply orange, apple, grapefruit or minute maid juice 3 for $9
LOL butter quarters 2 for $5
Holiday milk choc. kisses, jingles, or M&M's $1.99
Progresso classis soup 18-19 oz10 for $10

$2 off instantly Maxwell House 31.5-34.5 oz or Seattle's Best

12 pk $5.88 Pepsi or Mt. Dew 24 packs 2 for $10
Bird's eye bagged or boxed veggies 10 for $10
Reddi-whip topping or Swiss Miss pudding 6 packs 2 for $4
Daisy sour cream 2 for $3
GE pie crust 2 for $5
Kraft singles 4 for $10
Dean milk chigs 10 for $10
Aunt Jemima Waffles BOGO
Stouffer's entrees 8.37-20 oz 5 for $10
Bertolli meals $6.99
New York garlic toast or breadsticks 2 for $5
Stouffer's party size entrees $9.99
Sargento shredded chees 2 for $4
Pillsbury crescent or sweet rolls 3 for $5
Pillsbury ready to bake cookies 4 for $10
Coffe-Mate creamer 32 oz 2 for $6
Fleichmann's quarters 4 for $7
Simply lemonade, limeade, or Minute Maid pomegranate, stawberry kiwi $2 for $4
Olivio 2 for $4
Dannon Activia, danactive, crush cups, or danimals 3 for $6
Dole 100% juice 2 for $5
Minute Maide OJ 2 for $4
Sara Lee fruit pies BOGO
GE creamery classics or Klondike bars 3 for $10
Cool Whip 10 for $10
Pillsbury pet ritz frozen pie crusts 2 for $5
Freschetta Pizza $5.99
Tombstone pizza 4 for $10
Green Giant bagged veggies or Pillsbury biscuits 3 for $9
Rhodes dinner or cinnamon rolls 2 for $8
Seapack shrimp or Farm Rich appetizers $5.99
Ben & Jerry's 3 for $10
Libby's canned veggies 20 for $10
Black pearl olives 2 for $4
Heinz jar gravy 2 for $3
GE brown & serve rolls 2 for $3
Idahoan mashed potatoes 10 for $10
Stove top stuffing mix 5-6 oz 4 for $5
Swanson stock 26 oz 2 for $5
Progresso chicken broth 32 oz or bread crumbs 8-15 oz 2 for $4
Campbell's cream of mushroom or cream of chicken 10.75 oz 5 for $4
Vlassic pickles 4 for $10
Nestle morsels 10 or 12 oz 2 for $4
BC cake mixes $0.89
Dole canned pineapple 20 oz 10 for $10
Jell-o pudding 3-3.9 oz 15 for $10
GE marshmallows 10 for $10
Bruce yams 40 oz 2 for $5
Gold Medal flour $1.99
Carnation evap. milk 10 for $10
GE flaked cocnut 10 for $10
Valu-time shortening 48 oz $3.59
7Up, A&W, Sunkist 5 for $5
Welch's sparkling grape juice 2 for $5
GE club soda or tonic 1 liter $0.89
GE seltzer 5 for $3
Puffs tissues 132 or 216 ct, Bounty napkins 100 ct, or Charmin freshmate refill 40 ct 2 for $3
Hefty foam plates 2 for $3
GE plastic wrap 2 for $3
Frito Lay tostitos or doritos 2 for $6
Nabisco triscuits or wheat thins 2 for $4
Emerald almonds or cashews, Popsecret popcorn BOGO
Chex Mix or Bugles 2 for $6
Planters peanuts or mixed nuts 2 for $5
Dare crackers BOGO
Hero preserves BOGO
Near East rice or couscous 2 for $4
Keebler club or graham crackers or Sunshine cheez-its 2 for $4
Coke or Sprite 2 liters 4 for $5
Pepsi or Aquafina 6 packs 24 oz 3 for $11
GE fruition 1 liter 5 for $3
Swiss Miss cocoa 10 for $10
Wonder whole grain or Home Pride bread or Hostess donuts or dunkies 2 for $4
Hershey's pieces stand-up pouch 2 for $5.50
Aquarius spring natural spring water $3.99 .5 liter 24 pack
Valu-time honey grahams $1.29
Fiber One bars or Nature Vallye nut clusters 4 for $10
$2 off instantly Kellogg's Rice Krispies or Frosted Mini Wheats = $4 for $8
$1 off instantly Thomas Bagels or mini bagels = 2 for $5
Post honey bunches of oats or Fruity pebbles 5 for $10

GE milano italian bread or 6 pk English muffins 2 for $3
Coffee-mate non-dairy creamer 15 oz 2 for $7
Ocean spray cranberry juice 64 oz 4 for $10
Valu-time honey $5.49
Valu-time golden molasses $3.99
Valu-time syrup $1.59
Valu-time buttermilk pancake mix $1.59
Chicken of the Sea solid white tuna or skinless boneless pink salmon 10 for $10
Prego pasta sauce 3 for $6
Heinz ketchup 40 oz or jack Daniels BBQ sauce 2 for $4
Bear creek dry soup mix 2 for $6
Swanson broth 5 for $3
Nissin top ramen 6 packs, chow mein, or bowls 10 for $10
GE hot dog or hamburger buns $0.99
Valu-time cooking spray $2.29
Valu-time vinegar $3.29
Valu-time white bread $0.69
GE tortilla chips or salsa 2 for $5
GE kettle cooked chips 2 for $5
GE brick cream cheese 5 for $5
GE spanish olives or cocktail or chili sauce 4 for $5
GE appetizers 3 for $7.98
GE plastic plates or bowls 15-24 ct 2 for $4
GE 9-16 oz plastic cups 2 for $6
GE aluminum foil 50-75 ft 2 for $6
Nature's basket milk $5.49
Nature's basket soy milk 2 for $5
Kashi cereal 2 for $6
Kashi pizza 2 for $11
Kashi entrees 3 for $9
Grande tortilla chips or salsa 2 for $5
Blue Diamond nut thins 2 for $4
Fuze 18.5 oz 10 for $10
Green & Black's organix choc. bar $2.99

Hillshire farms cocktails 2 for $7
Hillshire farms 3 lb polk kielbasa pk $6.99
John Morrell lunch meat 2 for $6
Claussen pickles 2 for $7
Oscar Mayer shaved lunch meat 2 for $6
Sugardale bacon 2 for $6
Bob evans sausage rolls, links, or patties 12-16 oz 2 for $6
Bob evans mashed potatoes or mac & cheese 2 for $6
Brawny paper towels 8 giant rolls, Quilted Northern 18 double rolls bath tissue, or Dixie ultra strong 10" bulk pack plates 100 ct $8.99
Dixie or Vanity Fair plates, bowls, or cups 14 to 200 ct 2 for $4
Vanity Fair napkins 40-100 ct or Dixie napkins 200 ct 2 for $4
Ajax dish soap 10 for $10
Glad storage or freezer bags 30-50 ct, sandwich bags 100 ct, press-n-seal 75 ft, or Cling wrap 200 ft 2 for $5
GE laundry soap 26-32 loads, fabric softener sheets 60 ct, or liquid fabric siftener 34 oz 2 for $5
GE storage or freezer bags 15-25 ct 2 for $3
Purina dog chow 17.6-20 lb $9.99
Beggin' strips 25 oz, Milk bones biscuits 10 lb, Waggin' train chicken treats 16 oz or Dingo bones 21 ct $9.99
GE cat litter 14 lb 2 for $9
TRESemme hair care 3 for $10
Dove 6 bar or Body wash 2 for $10
Dial 8 bar, 32-40 oz refill, or Body wash or Tone body wash 2 for $6
L'Oreal kids 2 for $4
St. Ives 18 oz lotion, body wash, or facial scrubs 2 for $6
Garnier nutritioniste skin care $2.00 off
Kotex 14-24 ct pads, 33-64 ct liners, or 18 ct tampons 2 for $5
Crest premium toothpaste or Oral-B advantage artica toothbrushes 2 for $5
Crest toothpaste or Oral-B advatage toothbrushes 2 for $4
Colgate premium toothpaste 2 for $5
Dove ultimate clear or Degree deodorant 2 for $7

WHEW! That should about do it except I didn't write up the different meats on sale from the butcher shop.

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Another $100 GiftCard Giveaway!

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This time ShopAtHome has teamed up with Money Saving Mom! There will be not 1 but 5 winners!  For more details and to enter this giveaway visit Crystal's blog.

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God is Love

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I feel so compelled to share this thread from Hot Coupon World.  It started out as "A Magical $20 Bill" and then evolved into so many stories of God's provisions.  It, He, has just blessed me beyond measure through this and I know it will bless you too.  So while this post is not about saving money it is about saving, the most important kind of saving.  God's Saving Grace.  May you too experience His Love not only during Christmas, but throughout the year. 
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