Quick Trip to CVS

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This was meant to be a quick trip, but it took about an hour. I guess that is still quick for me. Had to do some rethinking as usual since they didn't have enough Throat Coolers for my original plan.
Oh and tonight I got an employee that knows what customer service is all about. Stephanie was a breath of fresh air at the Dover store.

CVS Cottonswabs 1.99
CVS Papertowels 1.89
-$.90 BOGOH
-$3 CVS Product Q
2 Throat Coolers @$4.99 each Earned $4.99 ECBs on each
-$4.99 BOGOF MQ
2 Colgate Advanced Tootpaste @$2.99 each Earned $2 ECBs on each
-$2 MQs (2*$1)
Pantene $2.50 on clearance Earned $2 ECBs (already had one towards deal)
Garnier Wipes $5.99 Raincheck from Black Friday Earned $6 ECBs
-$1 MQ
-$5/$25 Email CVS Q
-$7.49 ECBs
-$4.00 ECBs
Total OOP $.52
Total Value $32.72
Spent ECBs $11.49
Earned ECBs $22.00
Profit $9.99
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Important Information on Glucerna Coupon

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CVS is having a promotion on Abbott products; Buy $20 get $5 ECBs. I have read a blog and some forums about this being a MM by using two Glucerna IPs. There is a slight problem with this, I'm sorry to report.

The Glucerna coupon is limited one per household even though it prints twice. I emailed Abbott and asked about the printing limit and wording on the coupon and they confirmed it is only meant to be one coupon per household. I really wanted permission to use both, but it is a no go.

On a positive note the Ensure website will let you print $3 and $1.85 coupons twice. It won't be a MM, but if you use those products it would be a very good deal. If you have any $/$$ even better.
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Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Buehler's

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This trip was most enjoyable; I got two of my favorite cashiers at Walgreens and CVS. I also only did one transaction at each store keeping it simple and it was worth it. Without further ado:


Total Value $58.49(before clearance prices, sale prices and coupons)
Ttl OOP $9.81 (including tax) 83% Savings

2 Robitussin $4 each
3 Dimetapp $4 each
3 Garnier Fructis $2.19 Each
2 Vive $2.59 each
1 Infusium $3.59
Subtotal $35.34
-$10 (5x$2mq)
-$6 (3x$2 IVC)
-$3 (3x$1mq)
-$4 (1x $4/2 IVC)
-$2 (2x$1mq)
-$3 mq
Coupon Savings $28.00

Received 3 Wyeth RRs $10+$5+$5


Total Value $57.67
Total OOP $ 0
(originally $.33 but had a return due to ECB not printing yet and they did cash back)

2 South Beach Cereal Bars $2.50 each
2 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes $1.39 each
2 Pantene 2in1 $2 each
1 Pantene Treatment $1.37
1 L'Oreal Age Perfect $19.99
1 First Aid Kit $.99
1 J&J Buddies $1.19

Subtotal $35.32

-$5 (2x$2IP; $1 CVS)
-$2.78 Beauty Book Q
-$3/2 MQ
-$1 MQ
-$19.99 Raincheck
-$1 CVS
-$1 IP
-$1.55 ECBs
Coupon Savings $35.32

Earned $0 ECBs
but if I buy one more pantene will earn $2. Forgot to check receipt before leaving town and the clearance product was applied towards earnings. Would be great to find another product for $1.37!


Total Value $28.71
Total OOP $10.06
(including $.90 tax) 65% savings

1 Arnold Bread $1.88
1 Schwebel's Buns 12ct $2.09 (yes, I'm a bun snob)
1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing $2.88
4 Candy Necklace Braclets sets $.50 each
3 J&J Soap Buddies $.97 each
5 Personal Items $1 each
1 Gillette Gift Set $5
Total $21.71

-$.55 Arnold's
-$3 J&J(3x$1IP)
-$5 PI (5x$1mq)
-$4 GGS mq
Total Coupon Savings $12.55


Didn't take pictures since the same as last time which consisted of 1 milk and 1.5# grapes. Returned 4 bottles for $6 using that and $2.19 oop for total of $8.19.

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