CVS Black Friday Deals

Friday, November 28, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

Wanted to simplify this post, plus the spreadsheet would not copy and paste correctly so here is the CVS Deals I did on Friday:

I started with $18.00 ECBs; spent $.50 OOP and earned $27.00 ECBs =Profit $8.50 + a few RCs

Total Value before sale price, coupons and ECBs : $109.84

Then on Sunday took one of my SILs CVSing and I picked up one more item to reach my limit on it and a few rainchecks. I put the monthly toothpaste deal back because the cashier was greatly lacking in customer service skills and I have rainchecks for it. I'd rather wait and use those at the friendly CVS.

So here's the bottom line:I lost a few cents profit because I just paid cash and therefore taxed. $3.99-$1MQ=$2.99+.28=$3.27 Earning $3.00 ECBs.

The plan for my SIL to spend only $5 OOP starting with only a few coupons and no ECBs didn't come to reality because they were out of the Bics which were the biggest element in the plan to increase ECBs while decreasing the Total. :( I think we still did well, but had a few extra transactions which just made our cashier bubble over with joy. LOL

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