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Get 25 FREE 4 X 6 prints from our Online Photo Center. Enter code FREE25FB at online checkout. (Valid Thru 1/31)
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Meijer 1 Day Sale

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This is Saturday 23rd!   Nickels-n-Dimes has the details.
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75% Off Lord & Taylor

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Lord & Taylor is having a sale online and in store. I saw some very cute strappy highheels marked down to $25, men's chino shorts were around $13,  a few other nice kids' deals, plus the baby department, 2pc baby boys for only $7.49 and then the lowest price item I found was a cute little three piece baby girl outfit for $5.96 that would make great gifts.

Those are the prices before the additional 20% off.  The Promo Code is Take2 and shipping is free for orders $99 or more otherwise it starts at $5.95.

The best news, I think,  is you can print out the coupon and use it in the store so no shipping and handling if you just want a few lower priced items. I've never personally bought anything from L&T, but I imagine they're similar to other stores where I often find more bargains and selection in the store than online.
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Monave 50% Off~1Day!

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January 25,2008
Eyes: Mink(3/4lid,crease, outer)Mirage(whole lid and lining)Sand Beige(highlight)
Brows: Mink.

This is more like once in a lifetime. lol  I have never seen a sale like this at Monave.  This foundation is excellent, eye shadows are beautiful and rich. I really liked the blush I tried too. 

This is some of the info I found by "Evita" on Mad about Minerals forum:

"The sale runs from Friday Jan 22nd at 12:01 am to Friday Jan 22nd at 12pm midnight,...  To receive your discount, please use this code MONAVE50 in the promo code box when you place your order!  There are no rain checks or use with other sale..."
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Rebates~Last Call

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I wanted to share the rebates that need to be mailed in very soon all in one post.  A couple of the Olay need to be purchased by Sunday.  Here are the ones I've been busy filling out:

Nabisco Keep the Jingle in Your Holiday $10 wyb 10

I spent out of pocket:

$12.50 Olay Quench ($11.99 +$.49 RA)
 $.05 Olay Regenerist ($tax Manu and Store Coupons)
-$5.50 Glade Candles ($1.75 tax oop-$7.25)
 $16 Planters/NabiscoKraft ($30-5q-$25cats receive $16 catalinas)
-$59.48 MIR
=$36.43 Profit and $100+ in Merchandise

How I calculate my profits I take the actual amount I spent out of pocket+ (catalinas spent-catalinas earned) could be ECBs or RRs in other instances then substract my Rebate or Cash going back into my pocket.  To get accurate figures one must count the rewards spent too because usually at one time or another real cash was spent. I hope that made sense. It's easier to show with ECBs or RRs.
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"Money 911" Book Giveaway

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CouponMom is having a giveaway, Money 911 by Jean Chatzky .  She will pick three winners next week.  You can find out more about the book at Amazon.,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA115_.jpg 
photo credit: Amazon

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Lumiere Mineral Sale

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*Update! Kim sent an email saying  "in my giddiness I never put an expiration date on the "Spring" sale..." LOL She's excited as her customers about the brush prebuy which btw ends today.  The Spring Sale is good through the 24th.  Remember prebuys must be ordered separately.  Happy Mineral Shopping!

Another Sale from Lumiere!  Directly from my email:
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Giant Eagle Hidden Deal MM

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This is still working and now has been confirmed you only need to buy 2 instead of 3!

Of course the thanks goes to Cherry Picker and her followers that find these hidden deals. I don't know how they do it, but they do. 

Ecotrin Money Making Deal

Ecotrin Profit $2.93 $3.52

Total:$3.52 Profit

Sale: $2.69 (regular price)

Mq: $2 1/10 SS or IP

Cat: $5 OYNO WYB 2

Math:$2.69*2=$5.48-$4mqs=$1.48 oop -$5OYNO=$3.52 Profit

She has also posted a deal for Mighty Dog:
"Mighty Dog .60¢
Use BOGO from current RP
= .30¢ a can"
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Hot Coupon`Sunbelt

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This is from Facebook so it is legit. I wasn't so sure at first! Thanks MoJo Savings for sharing this information.

Sunbelt is offering a BOGOF coupon for their Granala, Fruit and Grain Bars!  This is the brand I used to always buy before going coupon crazy. The regular price was hard to beat and everyone enjoyed the granola bars.
I can't believe Sunbelt is offering this fabulous coupon, but they are and if memory serves me correct you should be able to score two boxes for about $1.29 or $1.59.

I just study the coupon and this is for the Family Packs priced between $2.19 and $2.59 so about $1.10 -$1.30 each.  My search online found only found one size and it contains 8 bars so now I'm not too thrilled about this deal. It would be okay if we were in a pinch and needed some travel food, but when I've bought Kellogg's Bars for as little $.17 for a box of 6 it's hard to stay excited about this.  I know every area and family is different so I hope this is a great deal for someone.

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Lumiere Brush Regrets

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I know I don't have a lot of followers and the ones I do I'm not even sure if they are that interested in mineral makeup and brushes, but just incase someone is I wanted to share this:

I now regret not buying the Travel Kabuki! What was I thinking? I've been wanting a soft travel kabuki for a long time now.  I was thinking I'm already spending money on brushes that I don't need, could really use though and to feed my want of every brush to match. The fact that the kabuki is not my favorite for applying foundation, but a flat top or buffer brush is and a kabuki is slightly dense for my liking of powder application and slightly large for blush.  Also I don't travel much.  Hello Maria!  When I do travel with makeup this travel kabuki would be perfect.
 photo credit:

This is why if you order you should get a travel kabuki:
  • Self Contained~Clean
  • Half Way Out of Tube~ Heavier Foundation Application (like a buffer)
  • Three-Quaters Out~Blush Application
  • All the Way Out~Powder Application
  • Takes Up Less Space~Great for Purse
In between each product one can wipe excess product on a tissue or baby/facial wipe.  In a pinch one could even use it to wash on some eye shadow.  I know I've used my Kabuki as a shadow blender in the past.
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Meijer 1/17-1/23

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Here is again at Nickels-n-Dimes. Thank You Becky!
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Soy Milk Coupons

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The first one was posted by: Saving for My Family 

Organic Valley $1.00 (My favorite regular organic homogenized milk)

Silk $.75 (Tried this and this sure didn't turn me onto soy milk, lol)

Silk , any half gallon - 01-17-10 SS

Don't forget to check ebay for multiple coupons or coupon clippers.

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Lumiere Pre-Buy Brushes!

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Only a couple of days left to order!

My sil and I are going in together so I can save on shipping and insurance. I was too money conscience to spend $8 on it, but $4 is okay. lol  I haven't totally decided what I'm getting, but I know I'm getting the small buffer brush, duo fiber brush $7 ,comparable to MAC 187 that commands $42!, duo fiber blush brush, two pencil eye shadow brushes and maybe another brush or two.

The prices are fabulous and the quality is excellent too. I have a Long Handled Kabuki from last year's pre-buy and it is still super soft. All Taklon even the duo fiber which is ofter a mix of synthetic and pony. The only real complaint I have is my shadow brushes from the travel kit poke my eyelid. Those are a little too stiff and dense for my liking.

This time around the brushes are going to be hot pink and black so totally cute and fun if you have a young lady that loves pink. 

The pictures on the site are just samples not the final color. I will take pictures and share my thoughts when I receive those. I'm getting excited now! 
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Giant Eagle 1/21-1/27 and Scenarios

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Last night I saw a scan of the ad and personally I didn't see too much worth mentioning. The ad was slightly small for my old blurry monitor so maybe I missed something.  I will post if I or anyone else finds a buried treasure this week.  Just know I'm 99% sure you won't be rushing to order coupons or multiple papers. 

Okay after someone with better eyes and monitor than me saw the ad here are a few scenarios: 

P&G  Buy 4 get $5 OYNO
Dawn $2.50
Febreze $2.50
Mr Clean Spray $2.50
Mr Clean Pourable $2.50
Cascade $4
Swiffer Refills $4

The coupons I mention will come from the Home Made Simply Booklets.

Dawn Hand Renewel GDA $1/4
Total: $1
Shelf: n/a
Mq: $.50/1 HMSB
Cat: $5 wyb 4
Math: $10-$4mq=$6-$5cat=$1/4

Frebreze Aerosol  GDA $1/4 (Jenna26)
Total: $1
Shelf: n/a
Mq: $.50/1 HMSB
Cat: $5 wyb 4
Math: $10-$4mq=$6-$5cat=$1/4

Mr Clean Spray/Pourables $1 Profit
Total: $1 Profit
Shelf: n/a
Mq: $.75/1 HMSB
Cat: $5 wyb 4
Math: $10-$6mq=$4-$5cat= Profit $1/4

Cascade GDA $1.75
Total: $7/4
Shelf: n/a
Mq: $1 or $.50 HMSB;
12-27-09 PG
Cat: $5 wyb 4
Math: $16-$4mq=$12-$5cat=$7/4

Swiffer Refills $2.75

Sale: $4
Shelf: n/a
Cat: $5 wyb 4
Math: $16-$5cat=$11/4

* Remember with P&G and Pillsbury do only one deal/transaction. Those two companies do not produce multiple catalinas. Also P&G says not to use on P&G. :( 

Pillsbury Grands/Cinnamon Rolls Profit $1.30 or $.40
Total:Profit $1.30 or $.40
Mq: $.55/2 Grands 11-15-09 GM,12-06-09 SS,11-22-09 SS,11-15-09 GM or $.40/2 Sweet Rolls 01-03-10 GM,12-13-09 SS,11-08-09 SS
Cat:$4 oyno wyb 6
Math: $6-$3.3=$2.70-$4cat=$1.30
Math $6-$2.40=$3.60-$4 cat=$.40
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Mineral Make Up Sales

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Joppa 1 Day Only Sale (Offer expires tomorrow 1/19/2010 at midnight) Save 15% off your order of $10 or more... Use discount code "MLK" during checkout.

Ocean Mist Cosmetics 25% Everything this Month Promo Code 2010.

This was my second or third mineral company I tried. The formula has changed slightly which I haven't tried.  What I did try was nice light to medium coverage. The Vanilla shade was perfect.  My mom enjoyed OM's eye shadow as it didn't irritate her eyes like Everyday Minerals did. Overall Ocean Mist is a nice company with a nice line.
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Giant Eagle Scenarios 1/14-1/20

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Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming ad and scenarios. Thanks goes to Pam from HCW for posting the ad. As the week goes on and more deals are found I will put the new deals at the top and every so often change the date of the whole post so it is on the home page. If it isn't on the home page just look to your left at the categories and choose Giant Eagle Scenarios.

More updates thanks to HCW and Cherry Picker.  It appears that most items are going by shelf and the kraft cheese is a double dip. Buy 6 get 3 $4 OYNO and $5 OYNO  Make sure your cheese shelf is $5.19 first. I'll do the scenario below. 

You can also mix and match the other items to reach the $10, but you must buy 5 cheese to get the $5 cat. Remember though that you will only get one kraft cat per transaction even though you get multiple cats for the $10~$4 OYNO deal. Put no more than 5 cheese in a transaction.

Frees and Overage in Orange.

Breeze Almond Milk GDA .99/$1.24 ea.
Price: $3.49
MQ: .75/1, $2/1 CAT Q's
CAT: $1.50 wyb 2
Math: 2 * $3.49 = $6.98 - $2/1 Cat Q = $4.98 - $1.50 (.75/1 Cat Q) = $3.48 - $1.50 CAT = $1.98/2 or .99 ea.

Or 2 * $3.49 = $6.98 - $3 (2 * .75/1 Cat Q's) = $3.98 - $1.50 Cat = $2.48/2 or $1.24 ea. 

$4 OYNO WYB $10 Deals

Kraft Cheese GDA $4/6
Sale: $3.50
Shelf: $5.19
Mq: There was a $1/2 IP for 2% but not adding this to the math.
Cat: $4 OYNO WYB $10 and Kraft $5 OYNO WYB 5
Math: 6*$3.50=($31.14shelf) $21-$12-$5= $4/6 or $.67/1 (lrg bag)

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs Meat and Turkey $2.74/6 or $.46/1
Total: $2.74/6 or $.46/1
Sale: BOGO
Shelf: $3.58
Mq: N/A
Cat: $4 wyb $10 (shelf)
Math: 6 at ($21.48 shelf) $10.74-$8 OYNO=$2.74/6 or $.46/1

Tombstone Pizza Going by Sale Price (foods4less) $2 
Total:$ $6.00/3
Sale: $3/$10
Shelf:  n/a
Mq: n/a
Cat: $4 oyno wyb $10 sale
Math: $10.00-$4oyno=$6.02/3 =$2/1

GDA Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding 6 Packs $.30 (colder2)
Mq: Jell-O Refrigerated Mousse, Gelatin Or Pudding Snacks, Any - 01-10-10 SS $0.60/1
Cat: $4.00 OYNO when you purchase $10.00
Math: 4*$2.50=$10-4*$.60 q doubled-$4 cat=$.30 (by sale)

Planters Cashew Halves or Mixed Nuts $1/2 or $6/4(jen276here)
Total:$1/2  Or $6/4
Sale: $3
Shelf:$4.29 reported in NEO
Mq:$1/2  12-13-09 SS or Tearpad/Booklet
Cat:$4 OYNO wyb $10
Math:($12.87 shelf) $9-$2=$7-$4=$3/3 this is the smallest amount to get 1 cat
Math: $21-$3=$18-$12Cats=$6/7=$.86/1 (CherryPicker)
If you double this you will reach $60 shelf $42 sale use 7q=$35oop get $24 cats=$11/14 or $.78/1


Progresso  Light GDA $1/4 
Total: $.25
Sale: $1.25
Shelf: $2.59
Mq: $.50/2
Cat: $2 oyno  wyb $10 shelf
Math: 4 cans ($10.36 ) $5-$2mq=$3-$2=$1/5

Progresso  Traditional $.45
Total: $.45
Sale: $1.25
Shelf: $2.39
Mq: $.50/2
Cat: $2 oyno  wyb $10 shelf
Math: 5 cans ($11.95 ) $6.25-$2mq=$4.25-$2=$2.25/5

Old El Paso Heat N Serve GDA .20 (quietq'er) (majestynoel)
Total: $.25
Sale: $1.25
Shelf: ?
Mq:$.50/1 IP  or 1-3-10 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $1.25-$1.00=$.25

Musselman Applesauce - 10/$10.00 (melbratch1)
Sale: 10/$10
MQ: $0.40/1 IP
Cat: none
Math: $1.00 - $0.40/1 doubled = $0.20 each

Farmland Diced or Cubed Ham (AmyRD)
Total: $.50
Sale: 2/$5.00
Shelf: $?
Mq: $ 1.00/1 1-3-10 SS plus giant eagle e-coupon $1.00
Cat: N/A
Math: $2.50-1.00mq-1.00 giant eagle e-coupon= 50 cents.
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta Free (Pittsburgh24)
Total: $0
Shelf: $1.67
Mq: $.75/1 12/6/09 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $1.50-$1.50=$0

Arnold Soft Bread GDA $.39
Total: $.39
Sale: $1.49
Shelf: $1.99
Mq:$.55/1 11-08-09 SS or (DND 5) - 11-01-09 SS (void in MD)
Cat: N/A
Math: $1.49-$1.10=$.39

Smart One Meals $1.25 (Pittsburgh24)
Total:$10/8 =$1.25/1
Sale:6/$10.00 (buy 5 get one free instantly)
Mq: (2) Free Flatbread wyb 3 meals (Up to $3.89) 1/10/10 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: 8/$10.00 or $1.25 each

Starkist Tuna Pouches Free (AmyRD)
Total: free
Sale: 8/$10-$2 instantly wyb 8=$8/8
Shelf: $?
Mq:$1.00 new IE  FF(need access to 4 computers to get 8)
Math: $10-$2instant=$8-$8mq  = FREE

Finish Powderball or Gelpac $1.19 (ladyspl)
Total: $1.19
Sale: $3.69
Shelf: ?
MQ: $2.50/1 1-3 SS2
Cat: n/a
Math: $3.69-$2.50=$1.19

Lysol Wipes GDA $1.00 (majestynoel)
Total: $1.00
Sale: $2.00
Shelf: ?
Mq:1.00/1 1-3-10 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $2.00-$1.00=$1.00

Lysol Pourables or Trigger GDA $.50 (majestynoel)
Total: $.50
Sale: $2.00
Shelf: $?
Mq:$.75/1 1-10-10 SS
Cat: N/A
Math: $2.00-$1.50 (.75/1 doubled)=$.50

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers (garden cheddar) GDA$.50(delligrils3)
Total: .50c
Sale: $2
MQ: .75 IP (DND 5)  Link from a month ago no longer available
Cat: None
Math: $2.00 -.75c mq doubled = .50 

Swiss Miss GDA $0.50 each (marrelam)
Sale: 10/$10
MQ: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, Any 8-10 Ct. - 01-10-10 SS $0.50/2 2/21/2010
Cat: none
Math: $2/2 - $0.50/2 doubled = $0.50 each

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables $.50 or $.60 (marrelam)
Total:  $.50 or $.60
Sale 10/$10
MQ:   any variety - 01-03-10 SS $0.60/3 or IP $.50/2
Cat: none
Math: $3 - $0.60/3 doubled =$1.80/3

General Mills Cereal 12.25 oz Honey Nut Cheerios or 12.8 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (jen276here)
Total:$3.60/4 or $.90 each
Mq:$.55/1 IPs
Cat:$2.00 OYNO When you purchase $10.00
Math: $3.60/4

Betty Crocker Potato Pouches Overage $1 or $2
TOTAL: -$2 or -$1
SALE: $.80*10
SHELF: Doesn't Matter $2 off instantly wyb 10 items
MQ: $.40/1 IP and $.35/1 12/13 SS
MATH: $8-$8q=$0-$2 instantly or $8-$7=$1-$2 instantly

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups or Gushers $.90
Mq: $.50/2 IP or $1/2 1/3 SS
Cat: $3.50 WYB 5
Math:5*$2=$10-$2 =$8-$3.50=$4.50/5 =$.90 (I also did the math for 6 since the coupons are off 2, but it comes out to $.91/box)

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Rite Aid Shopping Trip 1/17

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Also being published later tonight.  I a delightful experience trying to exchange wrong size Bayer since I used two coupons. Ugh!
Trans 1
1 Bayer Breeze $14.99 ($14.99q)
1 Tampax 40ct $6.99 ($2q)
1 Tampax 18ct $5.29 ($5.29q)
=$.46 oop
Get back $2 SCR + $12.29 towards P&G

Trans 2
Olay Mousse Cleanser $4.99 ($3)
Olay Mousse Cleanser $4.99 ($3)
2 Bayer Aspirin  $3.98 ($4)
2 Bayer Aspirin $10.98 ($4q)[accidentally got 50ct/didn't catch until outside]
Auto Escape Keychain  $.59
= $25.53 +$1.33 tax
=$7.86 oop Get $15 MIR + $9.98 towards P&G

Went to different store to exchange since original store was giving me a hard time. At one point she said forget with the register and said here even exchange. Excuse me how is $10.98 the same as $3.98 even if the store insists on keeping the coupons and subtracting those from the total? It would still be $10.98 vs $7.98.

Exchange $7.45 back so Trans #2 cost $.41 oop

Trans 3

1 Bayer Breeze $14.99 ($14.99q)
1 Tide $5.99($1q)
=$20.98+$.06 tax
=$.05 oop $5.99 towards P&G

Trans 4
1 Charmin $6.49 RC ($1q)
1 Bayer Breeze $14.99 ($14.99)
=$.59 oop  $6.49 towards one or both P&G not sure how that will work

 1 Olay Quench $7.49 ($2q)
1 Bayer Breeze $14.99 ($14.99q)
=$22.48 =$.16tax
=$.65 oop $7.49 MIR plus $7.49 toward P&G

Total Oop: $2.16
SCR: $2
MIR: $22.49
Profit $22.33 -$.88 stamps
P&G Promo: $42.24 or $35.75 so $5 rebate ($8 from $15 rebate)
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Giant Eagle Shopping Trip 1/17

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Coming Soon at a blog near you!  Yes, I'm a dork. I'm a tired dork spending 8 hrs shopping and traveling.

Okay, here it is:

Oop: $54.49
Savings: 80%  (does not include MIR or Leftover Cats)
MIRs: $10-$20 (Planters)
Cats: $22 (Left)
Cats:$14 (Started)
Giant Eagle 1/17/10 by you.
Sorry the hotdogs are hidden. Working with half the table due to a couple of puzzles.
28 Planters ($14 q)
12 Jello Pudding ($14.40q)
9 Ecotrin ($18q)
8 Oscar Mayer
6 Kraft Shreds 
3 Arnold Bread ($3.30q)
2 Gal Organic Milk
2 Applesauce ($1.60q)
2 Ronzoni Angel Hair ($3q)
2 Old El Paso Chilies ($2.20q) (Did not count towards cat)
2 Refried Rice ($2q)
1 Seasoning ($.89q)
1 Tortilla (Did not count towards cat ?)
1 Pork Roast
1 3# Organic Apples

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