CVS 12/05/08

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I ended up spending a little under $7 OOP because I messed up my figuring and couldn't use my larger ECB without losing a couple Bucks and the Shift Supervisor was already giving me disgusted looks so I didn't want to do any more fillers this trip.

OOP $6.56
I used $55.95 ECBs
Earned 36.99ECB
Total Value: $125.28

No profit obviously. My goal was to use up some Bucks so I wouldn't get stuck into buying things overpriced or not wanted. I succeeded with the paper since it was on sale for $2.99 and Wal-Mart upped their price so this was cheaper. The Dawn was on sale too, 2/$1.49 but phooey I forgot to give them my coupons. lol Well I'm lol now. The only other thing that didn't earn Bucks was the conditioner and it was 75% off and I just happened to have a CVS coupon for $2 off so it was free.

8 Paper $23.92
6 Dawn $4.47
1 Conditioner $2.00-$2MQ
1 Cracker (filler)$.40

The rest of the story:

9 Promax $15 Earned $15 ECBs
5 BodiHeat $19.95 -5$1 Peelies and Earned $15 ECBs
1 Energy Shot $4.99 Earned $4.99 ECBs
2 Doves $3.98-$1/2 Earned $2 ECBs
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