Glad Coupon Removed and Other Coupon Thoughts

Sunday, December 21, 2008 Edit This 0 Comments »
I removed the link to the Glad coupon. I just found out that it may not be legitimate or only intended for those that are signed up with those stores listed on the homepage and made available through their email. I apologize for this as I really thought this one was legitimate.

It's so easy to get caught up in the game and rationalizing certain coupons, but I need to remember God will bless my honesty much more than I ever could save with a few questionable coupons.

$1.50 Aetna Colgate Coupon ~ not a member and did not receive the email link to the pdf directly

$/$$ from CVS~they may be legitimate and not card specific, but if not sent to me than questionable unless I can find the link from their main website.

So if my gut a.k.a. Holy Spirit is feeling uneasy about using a certain coupon then I plan on passing.

May God bless your endeavors as you spend and save wisely in all He has allowed you
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