CVS Two Day Sale~Five Transactions

Sunday, December 21, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

This is what I got from the two day sale with the exception of Promax being part of the monthly sale, Skittles, 4pks missing, were fillers and the four Snowmen ornaments were extras for the kids. I may add more details later, but for now I can say I started the day with $25.59 ECB I spent $.45 OOP for $158.50 Total Value and left the store with $25.13 ECB in my pocket and Saved 99.4%. I also have rainchecks for four more Rightguards, three Thermacare and four more Sleepinal. A couple of items I decided to skip and one I forgot to check on.

I was just reminded that there is a rebate for the Zantac $3.99 since I had a $1 mq and Excedrin$3.99 so I will be getting money back from those making a profit today. (!)
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