Free $5 WM Gift Card and Coupons

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 Update Already! :(   I just fully read the PDF and it states from any Supercenter.  GE is not a Supercenter so essentially this rebate is for Wal~Mart hence the WM giftcard. 

If anyone hears differently please let me know.  If you're a WM shopper it still may make a great deal especially if you're do not have grocers that double coupons. 

HolidayOrderForm.pdf (application/pdf Object)

This will be great to go with our sale at Giant Eagle this week on the ConAgra deals. Thanks to Cherry Picker for sharing the link!

This works for anyone shopping anywhere too, not just the Eaglets!
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Giant Eagle ~ Non Advertised Deal

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French's Spicy Mustard. Not Free, but if this is your preferred variety than I think the price is stock worthy. I know sometimes there's a sale and cat deal, but at $.09/1 that was good enough for me.

French's Spicy Mustard $.09/1
Shelf: $1.59
Mq: $.75/1 11/7 SS x2/28/11
Math: $1.59-$1.50=$.09
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Meijer Match Ups

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Heather at Spectacular Savings as always has the best Meijer Match Ups!

Great buy on Stove Top, Seattle's Best Coffee and Heinz Gravy. Personally, I'm a gravy snob and like homemade, but if you struggle the make gravy the trick is to add a little of the real broth to the premade gravy. This tip is from my husband's mom and I can vouch that it works great.
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*HOT* Rite Aid: Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $1.32 E...

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Hot Coupon Mamas: *HOT* Rite Aid: Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $1.32 E...: "There is a SMOKIN' HOT deal on diapers at Rite Aid starting 11/14 and I'm so excited to stock up! Here's the deal plan: Huggies Jumbo Pac..."
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