CVS 11/16-11/22

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Mine is not as impressive as others, but my goal was to get as close to free as I could with the Duracell batteries just one time. I knew I could get close with my .75MQ, but not free. Well, I went in scanned my card and got a 10/50 Q! I had other items on my list that would earn ECB and a couple of rainchecks and other MQs to use so things were looking up. I did ask about the 5/2 Qs but they were gone even behind the register. That's okay, I'm getting free batteries and not one set but two I said to myself. The second transaction did cost me a little but so worth it in the end to me to get four more packs for the OOP cost.

Then I discovered the photo batteries and a couple packs had a $1 off, but the cashier wasn't sure they worked towards the ECB so I did my $50 transaction, went to the van did some figuring, went back in, told him my plan and they worked! DumbBunny me forgot to use my smaller ECBs on that transaction so I have a lot to use within a month; I hope I can find enough other ECBs to keep those rolling.

Okay, so here's my two transactions:

First Transaction:

Atkins Bar 1.00
Dry Idea 2.25
6AA8pk 35.94
1C4pk 5.99
Zantrex3 4.99
Cool Blue 1.98

SubTotal 52.89
CVS 10/50 -10.00
MQs - 8.98
ECB - 1.00
GC - 3.29
OOP Total 33.24 including tax

ECB Earned 36.99

Second Transaction:

3 PWRPX 4PK 17.97
1 AAA 4PK 2.99
Subtotal 20.96
MQs -2.75
OOP 19.96 incl tax

ECB Earned 15.00

Total Spent: 56.95
Total ECB : 51.99

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