Drugstore Digest 2/14-2/20

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It's that time again where I share links to bloggers that have taken the pain out of teaming up coupons and the sales and going a step farther by helping you create wonderful scenarios.  Since I've only mentioned this once so far, I wanted to remind you if you use the Ctrl key at the same time as clicking on the link a new page will/ window will appear and you won't have to back click as much.

For CVS this week I'm just going to list one. I've looked at a couple of others, but Southern Savers did such a fabulous job I think you'll find everything for what you're looking:

I would like to add a deal I haven't seen mentioned anywhere so far and the is Hershey BOGO $.01 along with the BOGO Coupon from 01-10-10 SS .  You will want to make sure to fill in the amount first or make sure they fill in the coupon with the regular price so you are buying the $.01 bar and the coupon is paying for the up to $.85 bar. 


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LaurEss Sale! Mineral Make Up at Its Best!

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LaurEss Cosmetics©

Blush and Shadow 50% Off full sizes!  I'm so excited and had to control myself because I love LaurEss!  I ordered Escape shadow because my husband took extra notice when I wore it the first time. I also couldn't resist a sample as I'm still trying to find that perfect highlight shadow. My eyes are brownish green hazel, so if yours are too, Escape is a must have.

LaurEss shadows just glide across the lids and have wonderful color payoff which I just love. Extra pride is taken in Lauren work and it shows all the way down to the packing and shipping. If I had an endless supply of money; I'd buy an endless supply of LaurEss.

*All thoughts are my own and I am in no way reimbursed for this review on LaurEss.
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Free Excedrin ~$5.99 Value

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Select a pain reliever you've used in the last 12 months and receive a coupon in the mail for Free Excedrin!  Be sure not to choose Excedrin or you will not receive the coupon.  I chose Bayer since I have used it within the last 12 months. I'm so glad they didn't ask what my favorite was that I used in the last 12 months because this is my favorite pain reliever for headaches.  I can't wait!
Thanks Colin!
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Giant Eagle~ A Great Deal~ No Coupon Needed

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Last night I was talking to the one of two ladies in charge of the HBA at Giant Eagle. We discussed the Crest and Scope deal that ended last night and how the snow storm affected ordering and delivery. She was super nice and informative.

During our conversation she mentioned a deal on the Arrid Anti-Perspirant that starts today. I totally missed this which often happens because I don't have concrete ad. :(  I thought this was worthy of mention if you don't already have a stock pile of free or next to free from the Palmolive-Cologate deals of yesteryear. She said they are getting a very large amount and putting it on end caps as well as the normal shelf spot.  So without coupons it's $1 that's right $1 buck for name brand anti-perspirant, no coupon needed!  Normally priced at GE for $2.49. 

Arrid Anti-Perspirant $1
photo credit: Giant Eagle
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Kuntry Klippers ~Groovy Coupon Source

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Kuntry Klippers is my favorite coupon resource and I'm not just saying it because they are offering a coupon credit for posting on a blog or forum.  I really do love ordering from them. Totally professional with fast service and will send you  emails with surprise discounts on already fabulous pricing.  Kuntry Klippers is based in SE Ohio which is another reason I personally shop there for my coupon needs. Check them out you won't regret it!


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Giant Eagle 2/11-2/17 Ad and Scenarios

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You can find the typed out version here or the flash or HTML ad here.  In humble opinion there are not a lot of exciting deals that require scenarios, but I will post a few that you still might like. 

10 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.80/1 (Housefullofhappiness)
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $2
Mq: .50/2 01-03-10 GM exp 2/27)
Cat: $7 oyno wyb 10
Math: $20-$5mq=$15 get $7 oyno=$8/10

10 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars (if included) $.70/1
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $2.40
Mq:$.50/1 Q  1-3-10 GM
Cat:  $7 oyno wyb 10
Math: $24-$10=$14 get $7 oyno $7/10
*You may mix and match the granola with the fruit snacks.

6 Mrs. T's Pierogies $1.17/1
Shelf: n/a
Sale:  5/10 + 1 free + 6/10
Mq:$1/2 01-31-10 RP
Math:$10 - $3mq = $7/6

3 Ore Ida Fries, Hash Browns or Steam 'n Mash Potatoes $1/1 (Jen)
Sale: 2 FOR $6 +1 FREE *Must buy 2
Mq:$1/1 IP Steam n Mash
Math: $6-$3=$3/3

Super Pretzel  $.75 (Jen)
Sale: $1.75
Mq:$.50/1 01-31-10 RP
Math: $1.75-$1=$.75

Morning Star  $2.00/1 (Jen)
Sale: $3.50
Mq: $.75/1 Tearpad
Math: $3.50-$1.50=$2 

Kashi  $2 /1 (Jen)
Sale: $3.50
Mq:$.75/1 Tearpad
Cat: n/a
Math: $3.50-$1.50=$2

Simply Asia soup bowls $ .50/1
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.50/1 02-07-10 SS
Math: $1.50-$1=$.50

Post Cereal Honey Bunches of Oats or Shredded Wheat  FREE!
Sale: $2
Mq:$2 IP Shredded Wheat
Math: $2-$2=Free

Olivio  $.90/1 (Jen)
Sale: $2
Mq: $.55/1 (DND5) 01-03-10 SS
Math: $2-$1.10=$.90

Nesquik  $.20/1 (Jen)
Sale: $1
Mq:$.40/1 tearpad
Math: $1-$.80=$.20

Sunny D $1/1 (Jen)
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.25 02-07-10 SS
Math: $1.50-$.50=$1

V8 Fusion $1/1
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $2.50
Mq:.75/1 1-3 SS
Cat: n/a
Math: $2.50-$1.50 =$1

Method detergent  $3.99 (foods4less)
Sale: $5.99
Mq: $2 IP
Math: $5.99-$2=$3.99
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Diapers at Rite Aid

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 Collin has shared a great scenario with her readers that I'd like to pass along to mine. Check it out at Hip 2 Save!
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Mineral Monday~Updated

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Here are the newest Mineral Make Up Sales:
Lumiere Cosmetics through 2/14



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$25 Gift Card for Testing Driving Kia Sorento

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This offer will go fast!  Thanks Hip 2 Save!

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Great Contadina Coupon

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Sarah at the Giant Eagle forum shared using this at GE will score you free sauce at the everyday price!  Thanks Sarah!  Hope you can get a great deal too! I may spend a little out of pocket and get the paste since I like to use it in my meatloaf. The coupon is good for any products 15oz or smaller.  Oh and the print limit is high; I got 10 which will equal 30 cans!  Oh Happy Day!

Contadina $.75/3

Update: A reader emailed me to let me know she could only print 2. The only thing I can come up with is there was an unique identifier connected with my email.  If you don't already receive this newsletter make sure to sign up and see if you can print a few more if needed.
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Poll: Only Three Choices This Time

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I think I am getting a better idea about my blog appearance and which place is the best or easiest. Currently though, there is not a whole lot of difference between the two because I haven't asked a designer to customize it yet. I did find another template at Wordpress that allows me to change the Header(currently flowers my husband got for me) and the sidebar color (green) and the trim (burgundy). So if you like that layout the most, but not the colors that is easily adaptable and I'll most likely make a separate poll for that in the future.

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Drugstore Digest

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I decided to link up several of my favorite bloggers' drugstore deals in one spot.  This will give you a variety of formats and some add deals others do not. If there is a store I left out that you would like to see, please just let me know.  If you press the Crtl key when you click the link it will open a new window so you don't have to keep going back.




Southern Savers
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