Seventh Generation Giveaway!

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Jessica, Mom for Him has a Review and Giveaway for you! Ends April 2oth at midnight.

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Topsy Turvy Planter ™

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Topsy Turvy Planter ™ | Country Store Catalog

One of my favorite bloggers shared this with her readers, but when I went to the sight and read the reviews I became disappointed. Then I got to looking at the product and thinking why couldn't this be made for much less. The first idea that popped into my head was a empty two liter bottle=FREE. It could be decorated nicely if you didn't want to see the dirt. A wrap around the bottle might serve as protection too from too much sun. I'm just thinking aloud here. I believe I will do some research on this and if I find anything interesting I will share.

Have any of you tried doing this yourselves or used this or other "topsy turvy" planters? I would love to here from you!

I did find substitutes and here is a list of 10 different ways.
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FREE Pair of No nonsense Socks

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I was one of the first 600! I'm pleasantly surprised especially because I love No nonsense socks. I am willing to pay extra for their cushiness and wearability. Check this link tomorrow night at 10pm EST and everynight until the 19th until you get your free pair. It automatically signs you up as a Facebook fan once you fill out the form. You must not currently be a fan so don't sign up until you've exhausted your chances of winning. Don't give up, I had to refresh a couple of times right after 10. I tried 10 seconds before, a couple after and a couple after that and ...

Thanks, Collin.
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Rite Aid Wellness +

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The Wellness+ cards are now arriving in a mailbox near you! Mine arrived today saying I was a highly regarded customer therefore I'm automatically at the 10% off everyday and everything level.  Read the fine print for your details. Some are more highly regarded than others and get to start at the full 20% off!  Don't miss out the the $5/$25 coupon either when you register your card starting the 18th of this month.
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$3 Huggies Coupon!

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I yet to figure out how to get a single image to appear, but any link I post will put that coupon on the front page to clip. This is the same one I shared in Facebook.  I have plans to create a Facebook community page just for the purpose of saving and will let you know when it's ready.
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Another Test Post

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I'm adding a scroll bar to my blog so you can print directly from my blog. It will be seen in the right hand side.
Obviously I was trying to add it to the end of each post, but I can't seem to get the right banner no matter how many times I try adding the correct code.  I apologize for the extra mail and hope to rectify it soon.

Also be on the lookout for single coupon banner that will allow you to print the exact coupon I mention without having to scroll through all the coupons at
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Excalibur Dehydrator Giveaway

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Oh, Yes...The Box Arrived Today

This is for a free Excalibur Dehydrator. If you're not a follower of Kitchen Stewardship, now is the time to start following. Current subscribers get to leave a comment and then there be future entries for new subscribers.

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship I think will appeal to many of you, especially those that buy natural and organic only. I also read something about a Nutrimill Grain Mill giveaway; I'm on the hunt for that link and will share when I find it. I think I'm going to need a bigger kitchen soon! ;)
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Pouchee Giveaway!

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You have totally got to check out this giveaway at Money Saving Mom! Also check out Pouchee at their website to see all the different options. I only switch between a couple of purses, but I would totally love this organizational tool! 

I could totally see my mom loving this, so if I don't win this may be her Mother's Day Gift; she's a purse switcher. Also one gets a discount by going through Crystal's blog!  Oh how I wish Pouchee would contact me! I think I just need a few more followers first.
photos credit:Pouchee
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FREE Faux Suede Ottoman

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One of Hip 2 Save's readers got a "purple"(my monitor makes it look magenta) suede storage ottoman for free. Here's how:

On clearance for just $4.98 and used the $5/1 Target coupon!
Hope you find one at your store!
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$1 off 7 Up!

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Just in time for Giant Eagle's Sale starting Tomorrow!

If you've already printed this it will not print again, but if you missed the first time then try again since this isn't a reset, but reloaded.

Thanks Jenny!

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$3/1 Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick!

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Sign in or Sign Up and print two coupons for Revlon's new lipstick.  Watch for a great deal at your favorite drugstore and if I find one I'll share. These would be great teamed up with a BOGOF sale! I'm a lipstick girl; I take after my mom. The tube is too fabulous too!
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Meijers, free Grands Biscuits!

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Meijers, free Grands Biscuits!
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Giant Eagle 4/15-4/21

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Updates made in blue.
You may find more information on Hot Coupon World as I'm going to share what I think may be the highlights for others. This will be an off week for me.  Direct Link to Giant Eagle Online Ad
Maybe it  wont be an off week as I just noticed a sale on frozen Boneless Chicken Breast $1.59/lb!


6 Pillsbury Free or Profit
Sale: $1
Mq: $.40/2 and $.75/2 Tearpad
Cat: $4 oyno wyb 6
Math: $6-$2.40=$3.60 Receive $4 oyno=$.40 Profit
Math:$6-4.50=$1.50 Receive $4 oyno=$2.50 Profit

5 Mighty Dog Free (evilgal2000)Sale: $.50/1
Mq: $3/5
Math: $2.50-$3=$0 (coupon policy is no overage, ymmv)

Airwick Products Vary Free (ashmo, LadyD )
Neutra Air Freshmatic Kit or Airwick Freshmatic, Compact Imotion Freshmatic, Freshmatic Imotion or Imotion Scented Oil Kits
Sale: BOGOF so Half Off at GE
Mq: Different Varieties all found in 3/7 SS xSunday4/18
Math: Sale$-Mq$=$0
*I'm not sure of the exact products at this time, but I'm assuming the $4/1 and $5/1 are the coupons you want. This isn't something I normally buy.

Ronzoni Free
Mq: $.75/1here or here
Math:$1-$1=$0 no overage possible

7Up 2L Free (PittsGirl)
Mq: $1 IP from another week
Math: $1-$1=$0


9 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups $. 22/1  (boilerchick)
Shelf: $1.50
Sale: $1
Cat: $4oyno wyb $12   
MQ: 3 B2G1 IP
Math: $9 - $3 MQ = $6 OOP - $4 OYNO cat = $2/9

Smart Balance Milk $1.49  (Uppies)
Mq:$1/1 from 3/21 RP OR $.75/1 from 4/18 RP (I got mine in the mail today)
Math: $2.99-$1.50=$1.49

20 Yoplait $.25/1
  (honeymuffin and petergabrielfan)
Sale: $10/20 plus $2 off instantly wyb 20
Mq: $.50/6 Use 3
Math: $10-$5=$5/20

McCain Fries  $1/1 ( Neekyme)
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1 2/28 SS (x4/18 Sunday!)
Math:$2.50 - $1.50 = $1.00

4 Chef Boyardee $.50/1 (Jen)
Sale: $1
Mq:  $1.50/4  3/14 SS  Also $1/5 in April All You.

Purex $1.80/1

Mq: $.35/1   4/18 RP
Math: $2.50-$.70=$1.80/1

General Mills Cereal $1.50/1 or Honey Nut $.90/1(Sarah)
Sale:$2.50 Plus $2 off instantly wyb 4
Mq:$1/3 from 3/28 SS or $1/2 from here. Also $.55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios here, here, or here
Math: $10-$4=$6/4 or $10-$6.40=$3.60/4

With Catalinas 

3 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $.75/1
Shelf: $3.59 (going by add savings)
Sale: $2.50
Mq:$.50/1 3/28 SS
Cat: $2 oyno wyb $10
Math:$7.50 (10.77 shelf)-$3=$4.50 Receive $2 oyno=$2.50/3
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New Rite Aid $5/$25 Coupon!

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Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers
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One Stop Plus: ~ $20 off $20

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Become a Facebook Fan and receive $20 off $20 or more in merchandise with code RDFAN. Shipping is extra and exclusions apply like Home and Handbags. I was all set with something from the Home Dept. before I realized it was excluded. So if there is something in your bag and the code is not working try something else, but remember once you make payment the code is no longer valid on additional orders.

Don't forget to go through ShopatHome for 7% cashback and if you don't have an account be sure to sign up through this image:ShopAtHome Banner 

ShopatHome has been great for me as I received my first check for over $24. Every order adds up.  Also you will receive $5 for signing up! Then turn around and share with your friends and everyone of them that signs up gets $5 and you get $5 for each friend.  My $24 check only included my $5 sign up so if you have a lot of friends you could potentially have a much bigger first check.

Thanks Hip2Save and Good Deal Mama
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Free Scotch-Brite!

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PDF $1/1 Any Scotch-Brite product. Crystal is saying the sponges are $.84 at Walmart and often a $1 at other stores. I'm not a sponge person so I'm going to check out the scour pads. I will post the price of those as soon as I find out. Print the coupon now even though it has a long expiration date because it may get pulled before it ends.
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Rite Aid Wellness +

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 It's finally arriving to all areas Sunday, April 18th! That is next week!  Wellness + coupons can be combined with Manufacturer coupons, you find in inserts and printable, +Value Video Coupons. The easiest way to remember what can and cannot be used together on one item is:

You cannot combined a Wellness coupon with an Rite Aid In-Ad coupon.

Here's a cheat sheet with all the Right and Wrong combination Options:

Right: Mq +VV+Wellness
Right: Mq+VV+ In Ad
Right: Mq+VV
Right:Mq+In Ad
Wrong: Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: Mq+VV+Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: VV+Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: Mq+Wellness+InAd
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Free Kraft Mac and Cheese

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Become a Facebook Fan and receive a coupon for free Mac &Cheese! Thanks Cherry Picker.
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