I'm Here

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or not so much.  I'd like to give an update or reason for my absence.  We had sewer problems over the weekend which required pulling back carpet, dimpled mat and removing plywood to reach the drain. This also required disconnecting our PCs. As are result my only access to a computer is my husband's laptop which he needs to for school, plus I'm just don't acclimate well to it. 

Things should be hooked back up by next week and with it a new Giant Eagle Ad.  Let me tell you I about went crazy when I saw some of the endcaps being prepared for tomorrow and not knowing what the deals were, especially the large Eight O'Clock Coffee since I've become a coffee drinker withing the last few months.  I do know now after getting a chance to log on it's now a BOGOF or Half Off! There are $2/2 IPs on Eight O'Clock's website which you probably already know. ;)  

I hope you have a wonderful week of shopping and a wonderful week in general.
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