Quick Trip to CVS

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This was meant to be a quick trip, but it took about an hour. I guess that is still quick for me. Had to do some rethinking as usual since they didn't have enough Throat Coolers for my original plan.
Oh and tonight I got an employee that knows what customer service is all about. Stephanie was a breath of fresh air at the Dover store.

CVS Cottonswabs 1.99
CVS Papertowels 1.89
-$.90 BOGOH
-$3 CVS Product Q
2 Throat Coolers @$4.99 each Earned $4.99 ECBs on each
-$4.99 BOGOF MQ
2 Colgate Advanced Tootpaste @$2.99 each Earned $2 ECBs on each
-$2 MQs (2*$1)
Pantene $2.50 on clearance Earned $2 ECBs (already had one towards deal)
Garnier Wipes $5.99 Raincheck from Black Friday Earned $6 ECBs
-$1 MQ
-$5/$25 Email CVS Q
-$7.49 ECBs
-$4.00 ECBs
Total OOP $.52
Total Value $32.72
Spent ECBs $11.49
Earned ECBs $22.00
Profit $9.99
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