Southern Magnolia Minerals~Fabulous Deal!

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SMM is having an outstanding deal that you will not find listed on the website. You must add a note when you order saying that you would like the
Purely Basics Kit
in Light, Medium or Dark. This kit is only $15 + FREE S&H and Full Sizes (about 8gms in 30gm jar)! It includes:

  • 1 Full Size Mineral Foundation

  • 1 Full Size Translucent Finishing Veil

  • 1 Full Size Brazilian Bronzer

  • 1 Mac Style Kabuki

  • 1 Baby Kabuki

  • 1 Zippered Makeup Organizer

  • Instruction Card with tips for easy effortless makeup application

  • There is no limit ot how many limited edition kits you want!

    PLUS there are a lot of $5 Specials that really are fabulously priced linked below:

    'Exclusively For You! $5 Specials! 

    Save 10%
    Enter code  ** RealBeauty10 ** in the coupon box in your shopping cart to save an additional 10% off your order today!  **Purely Basics Kit is NOT available for the discount** 
    SMM Cosmetics will be closed July 13 through July 27. All orders paid for before July 13 will ship before we close. Our website will be open and you can shop, but there will be no shipping or email support until July 28, 2010.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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    Neutrogena $28 Profit!

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    Check out Luv a Bargain's link for details!

    Neutrogena: $39.99 Rebate | Luv a Bargain
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    *Hot* Space Lava

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    I checked all around for better pricing and found none. This would make excellent birthday gifts or party favors. I wish I had known or thought about this for my two younger kids on their birthdays during baseball season.

    You get 12pk for $7.49, limit 3, plus free shipping!
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    FREE Purex 3-in-1 Sheet

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    Free Purex 3in1 Sheet (2pk sample) at Walgreens and Dollar General!

    Check out the details here:

    Walgreens ~ Good Deal FREE Purex 3-in-1 Sheet - Hot Coupon World
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    Giant Eagle 7/8-7/14 Scenarios

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    It will probably be tomorrow evening before I post the regular deals.

    A few to start:

    Zone Perfect Bars FREE
    Mq: $1/1 5/16 SS  (only 1/transaction)

    5 Michelinas Budget Gourmet Entrees  $.47/1 (MoGo)
    Sale: $.67
    Mq: $1/5 5/9 SS
    Math: $3.35 - $1=$2.35/5

    Michelina's Breakfast Snackers  FREE (MoGo)
    Sale: $1
    Mq:  $.50/1 5/9 SS

    Minute Maid $1 (Jen276)
    Sale: $2.50 
    Mq: $.75/1  6/27 RP

    Dan-O-nino Yogurt FREE (busymomof5)
    Sale: $1.50
    Mq: $1.50 
    *My kids think these are bland/gross. Supersmall too, but might be nice for a toddler.

    3 Smuckers Jam/Jelly/Preserves/Spread $2.17/1(Uppies)
    Sale: $2.50
    Mq: $1/3  5/23 RP or $.35/1 Booklet
    Math:$7.50 - $1 =$6.50/3
    Math: $2.50-$.70=$1.80/1 

    Bic Soliel $.99/1 (
    Sale: $3.99
    Mq: $3/1  7/11 SS

    Roman Meal Bread $.50/1(CherryPicker)
    Sale: $1.50
    Mq: $1/1 IP

    Newman's Own Salsa $1.50 (CherryPicker)
    Sale: $3
    Mq: $.75/1 IP (06070zip)
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    Giant Eagle 7/8-7/14 Organic/Natural Deals

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    Honest Tea FREE

    Sale: $1
    Mq: $.50/1 IP

    Kashi Cereal $2/1
    Sale: $3
    Mq: $1/1 Booklet found with Kashi

    Kashi TLC Bars $2/1
    Sale: $3
    Mq:$1/1 Booklet found with Kashi

    Lightlife Entrees $2/1
    Sale: $3
    Mq: $1/1 IP

    Newman's Own Salsa $1.50 (CherryPicker)
    Sale: $3
    Mq: $.75/1 IP (06070zip)

    PJ's Organic Burritos $1/1
    Sale: $2
    Mq:$1/1 Mambo Sprout Booklet(?)

    Purely Decadent Made With Coconut Milk $2.99/1
    (Dairy Free Soy Free "Ice Cream")
    Sale: $3.99
    Mq: $1/1 Sign Up

    Van's Waffles or Pancakes (Gluten Free) $3/1
    Sale: $3
    Mq: You may try requesting coupons HERE

    Broccoli $1.50
    Blueberries BOGOF (50% Off)
    Celery $1.50
    California Strawberries BOGOF (50% Off)
    Nectarines $1.19lb
    California Yellow Flesh Peaches $1.19lb (past week's sale $1.59lb)
    Cantaloupes $2
    Dole Golden Pineapples $3.99
    Farmers Market Cut Fresh Fruit $3.99
    Farmers Market Mushrooms $1.50
    Farmers Market or Fresh Express Baby Spinach, Hearts of Romaine or Fresh Express Sweet Butter $3
    Farmers Market or Fresh Express Italian, American or Leafy Romaine $2.50
    Nature's Basket Basil $2.99
    Northwest Rainier Cherries $3.99lb
    Red Ripe Raspberries BOGOF
    Stem Tomatoes $1.89lb
    Sweet Ripe Blackberries BOGOF
    KidO Fruit Drink 20ct $3.50 (Couldn't find info on this)

    *I just saw a fruit parfait recipe in Family Circle that would be great with all the berries on sale this week. When I find it I'll have to post it looked delicious.

    No Organic or Natural On Sale

    I saw nothing on sale, but I'm not sure if GE carries any sulfate free shampoos or bodywashes.
    I will check to see what they carry along these lines for future reference.  I do know they carry Organyc Feminine products.

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    Win-It Wednesday

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    I almost forgot it's Win It Wednesday at Deal Seeking Mom! The first two giveaways are published:

    Plan to Eat 1yr Membership

    Seattle's Best Coffee Toddy (3 winners) and  $10 Gift Card (10 winners!)

    BusyBodyBook Organizer  (6 winners)

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    Gas-X® Prevention Free Sample

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    Gas-X® Prevention Sample | Gas-X®
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    Free Chick-fil-A on July 9

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    Free Chick-fil-A on July 9

    You just need to dress like a cow. Chick-fil-A even provides a link to a quick costume.
    Have I ever mentioned how much I love Chick-fil-A? Not only the "fast"food is great, but they are a wonderful company. The service is always good and one time it wasn't so hot, the order taker upgraded my lemonade to a large for the wait without me even saying a word. In Pittsburgh, Robinson, I never saw so many employees having "pleasure" in serving my husband and I.
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    Giant Eagle Clearance

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    Jen276 found some great clearance at her GE around Pittsburgh! Totally would love the 2pk flipflops for $1. That's better than ON, but then again I don't know the quality.

    Giant Eagle Clearance Finds - Hot Coupon World
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    Let's Talk About Gas~Guest Post

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    I'm so excited to share my first Guest Post! Cherry Picker has graced me with this honor.  This saving bonus is something I've contemplated doing myself, but never have. Dolt!  I love how she shares her experience with different gas cans too and finding them at a bargain. Be sure to stop by her blog, Cherry Picker,  and subscribe, especially if you're a NEOhioan.    

    Without further ado here is her post:

    Let's talk about gas

    20¢ - 30¢ a gallon fuel perks with just a few purchases in the Giant Eagle ad ?

    It has caused me to mentioned this

    Purchase a few of these - Make the investment.  I did  and have yet to regret it.

    If you have a vehicle that has a 30 gallon gas can move along.... nothing here you will find interesting in this post.

    We drive small fuel efficient cars now that no one ever travels together.  Our gas tanks only hold 12 - 15 gallon when they scream empty.  If I get a 30¢ fuel perk on an empty tank -  if I used one car  - I would save $3.60 with that Fuelperk.  Several years ago I purchased two 5 gallon gas cans.  I have since upgraded to a five gallon can and 4 two and a half gallon cans.  I now go to the gas station and purchase 30 gallons of gas for a savings each time of $9.00, on every 30¢ Fuelperks. 

    Giant Eagle allows you to pump up to 30 gallons at one time using one vehicle at the discounted price.

    What I do is:
    • Save up my fuelperks to a respectable amount - to an amount enough that I can talk the others in my house into saving through transferring.
    • Take a poll on the level of the fuel tanks of those who could be home.  I don't store gas. 
    • Then take my cans to my Get-Go on a day when the prices are on the low side.  Have you had one of those days recently where the price changed by 20¢ on a given day?  Yeah me too.
    •  Get your 30 gallons.  I am religious about not getting a drop over thirty.  I pump the cans first then my car.  This is so I can watch how much is in the can on the pump and can shut off at the correct amount and not try to eyeball the can.
    • The trick of transporting gas is a truck with an open bed.  It was easier when we had one but, we recently detrucked ourselves - now it's all in respecting the gas.  One slosh will cause the most devoted car owner into wanting an upgrade immediately. No matter how careful you are, place a tarp or a trash bag under your cans.
    • We transport the gas the minute we get home.  Everyone helps to make it a 5 minute event at the far far end of the drive.  Frankly, I get out of that part and generally take the opportunity to reclaim laundry from the backseats of the cars I never get into.
    Still doesn't sound worth the effort?  I will admit that it's an easier job the more fuelperks you have.  Save till you get $1.00 a gallon. An $18.00 savings is more convincing. Even to yourself.   I can't talk anyone into it throughout  December - February weather.  That first fuelperk of the year is always a goodie.  Now that it's lawn mowing season - one does not need to include the kids in the fun and savings.  Two cars and a lawnmower is 30 gallons.

    Before you run out to buy cans I want to caution you - Buy one first.  I wish I would have initially purchased all 2 and 1/2 size gallon cans.  That 5 gallon can is heavy and isn't made for putting gas into a sedan. The foreign car designs especially dislike them. I have been able to upgrade my cans by shopping at tag and yard sales.
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    $500,000 for Your School

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    Kohl's Cares on Facebook

    Kohl's and donating a total of $10 million to 20 schools or $500,000 each. Voting takes place on Facebook at the link above which also has more information. This is only open to public schools and non profit private school, but I'm sure you can vote for any school you like even if you're a homeschooler, charter schooler or private for profit schooler. You also suggest what your school will spend the money towards.
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    Pettiskirt Style Giveaway

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    Do you have a little girl in your life that you love to dress up or she loves to dress up? Then this is a giveaway for you!

    Too Too Cute!{Pettiskirt Style Giveaway} « Real Moms Real Views
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    CVS: $4.50/1 Pampers Big Box Coupon Printing?! – Hip2Save - Not Your Grandma's Coupon Site

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    Hip 2 Save Reader shared with Collin that CVS's Coupon Dispenser/Scanner is printing a $4.50/1 Pampers Big Box coupon. You can pair this up with a manufacturer coupon you might have for a great deal on diapers! Plus this size is giving $3 ECB too!

    CVS: $4.50/1 Pampers Big Box Coupon Printing 
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    Bear Naked BOGOFree Coupon!

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    This will make an even better deal at Giant Eagle this week!

    2 Bear Naked Granola $1.50/1-$2/1
    Sale: $4
    Mq: BOGOF IP and $1/1 Tearpad or Peel
    Math: $8-$4-$1=$3/2

    Or According to Rose Knows Coupons at Wal Mart:
    2 Bear Naked Granola $1.50/1
    Shelf: $3
    Mq: BOGOF IP
    Math: $6-$3=$3
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    Old Navy Flip-Flops $.68!

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    Consumer Queen has shared she was able to get the discontinued colors for $.68! Those were marked $.97, but rang up less. This was in addition to the $1 sale on Saturday! found these online and a couple of other green shades for $.97.
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    Giant Eagle~ *Hot* Coupons

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    Actually, I don't believe there are any *Hot* Coupons needed for this week.  After glancing at the ad and listening to the chat there isn't a whole lot of Must Have Deals.  I didn't want to leave anyone wondering until I get the scenarios up.

    I also checked out the Natural/Organic items, but the coupons needed for those which I believe is Kashi will be booklets found everyso often, at least at my store, right around the endcap of Kashi.
    I do know of one FREE and that is the Honest Tea. There is an IP found by cherrypicker, but it is limited to one coupon/household even though you can print two the wording says otherwise.  It's one of those lovely e-centives. Then again on the Honest Tea website it says print limit three, therefore I would have no problem using three, but I would do those in seperate transactions.

    UPDATE! I always have my printer on print preview and it's a good thing because the Honest Tea IP came up saying Print Limit Exceeded Household.  I only printed one last night, Cherry Picker printed two so please be careful and check the print preview box which is under preferences on a Canon Printer. 
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    Free Softlips Lip Gloss t

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    June 6th, Seventeen is giving away 10,000 Softlips! Use Promo Code Pure.

    Rose Knows Coupons
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    Free Presidental Timeline

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    Special Offers | C-SPAN Classroom
    For both homeschoolers and public teachers!

    Thanks This Side of Eternity!
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    $250 Free from Enfamil

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    If you're a new mom using formula or not or know of one Enfamil has some free items for you, including a one week supply of Enfamil $60 value.
    I know almost 16 yrs ago receiving a cute diaper bag filled with goodies from on the the formula makers even though I planned on nursing. That was at a hospital so this is a great offer I'm thinking for homebirthers as well.

    Enfamil Free Gift Link

    Moms by Heart
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    Justice 40% Off

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    Use Code: 786 Good through 7/12!

    Chi-Town Cheapskate
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    Gap: 30% Off ~TODAY 5th ONLY!

    Monday, July 05, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
    Gap: 30% off in stores and online TODAY ONLY | Luv a Bargain
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    Cuisinart Giveaway!

    Monday, July 05, 2010 Posted In Edit This 1 Comment »
    Just post your favorite way to add dairy to your diet at the above link to Saving Dollars and Sense.
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    Arby’s: FREE Junior Deluxe– Today ONLY!

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    Details Here! Buy a Drink Get a Jr Deluxe!

    Thanks, Collin
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    Nabisco Cookies and Milk is back!

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    Nabisco Cookies and Milk is back!
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    $125 Giveaway by Coupon Mom

    Monday, July 05, 2010 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

    Just enter your name and email; it's as simple as that!
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    LE Swimwear up to 50% off PLUS FREE Shipping!

    Monday, July 05, 2010 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
    I've already shared the fabulous quality of Land's End Swimwear so I won't write a book this time; just give you the link to the great deal!

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    The Children's Place Sale!

    Sunday, July 04, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »

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    $1 off Wendys Hamburger!

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    $1 off Wendys Hamburger!

    Let me know if this works for you. I just tried and it said I already printed when I'm sure I didn't so the limit may have been already reached. I hope not for you.
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    Free Sample of Nutrish for Pets

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    Mineral Make Up Sales!

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    Click to Shop



    We want you to celebrate the 4th of July with HUGE STOREWIDE SAVINGS! Everything is on Sale! And SAVE an additional 10% on your order this weekend, just add the code proud10 to the coupon code box at checkout to save even more!  Visit this weekend to shop and save!  Be sure to visit our Sales Category  for some great bargains too!


    Visit this July 4th weekend and save 15% off ALL orders over $20.  Use discount code "Fireworks" during checkout.

    "Hot Summer Sale" Entire month of July you can save 25% off our entire stock (including sale items). Just use the promo code sale when ordering and save 25% off everything
    Click here to visit our site
    Annual Summer Sale until July 18th!
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    Free Libby Canned Veggies!

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    (maxium value $1.49)

    Thanks Rose Knows Coupons and Chi-Town Cheapskate!
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