$5 Off Any Hallmark

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A Plethora of Giveaways!

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You'll want to check out MoneySavingMom for sure! I entered at least 5 giveaways at her blog alone, there was even more, plus she is publishing more throughout the day! There are three quick and easy ways to enter each giveaway and the winners will be chosen within 24 hours.

Also Mindi over at Moms Need to Know is having a $100 ShopAtHome Giftcard giveaway. You won't want to miss entering it!

The Happy Housewife is another one sponsoring a $100 ShopAtHome Giftcard!

All giveaways end soon you won't want to procrastinate. (note to self)
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Giant Eagle ~Shelf Price ~Sale Price

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foods4less has started this on HCW and I thought I would post it here as well. I think most of us know shelf price vs sale price when it comes to doing a deal to reach the $ amount. If it confuses you please feel free to ask more about it.

It basically means that if I have to spend $10 to get $2 back then I buy $10 worth shelf price which is the original price, but only spend the total sale price.

This is why you will see both SHELF and SALE listed in the scenarios along with the MATH at the bottom.

e.g. You only need to by 3 Domino Sugars instead of 4. Spending only $7.50 oop instead of $10 and still get the $2 OYNO.

Here is this week's confirmed SHELF prices in red:

$2.00 OYNO when youbuy $10.00:
Crisco oil 48 oz $3.00 sale ($4.79 shelf )
Domino sugar 5 lb $2.50 sale ($3.88shelf)
Nestle morsels $2.00sale ($2.99shelf)
Keebler pie or tart crusts $2.00 ($2.79 shelf)
Cake mate decorating gels or decors $1.50 ($2.09 shelf)
Hershey's XL bars $1.25 ($1.59shelf )
BC frosting $1.25 ($1.80 shelf)
Jello gelatin or pudding $1.00 ($1.59shelf )
Pillsbury cake mix $1.00 ($1.25 shelf)
BC brownie mix 1.00 ($1.69 shelf)
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Entenmann's Contest

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Receive this message in my email today:

Today's the day!

Today's your chance to win a $4 coupon to use on your favorite Entenmann's product. Visit entenmanns.com or click here to enter now. But hurry, there's less than 24 hours remaining. So those other non-yummy emails will just have to wait.

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Organic Valley Contest and More

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photo credit: Organic Valley

Out of all the ultra-pasteurized homogenized organic milk I've drunk, Organic Valley is the creamiest and best in my opinion. The only thing better is Hartzler's Non Homogenized and Pasteurized if you don't have access to raw.

Organic Valley is having a contest that if you win your food pantry will receive $2500 and you will receive a year's worth of OV products! Just for entering you receive a Root Stock magazine filled with $10 worth of Organic Valley coupons and $2 worth of Organic Prairie.

Enter Contest Here!

Don't forget to print other available coupons if you haven't already!

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40% Off Hobby Lobby

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I so wish I had a Hobby Lobby close. I just love saying the name, Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby. It makes me laugh; I'm a goofball. LOL They are a great company too! This coupon expires December 5th so only a few days left. Hope you score an awesome deal with it!

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Blue Ridge Microsuede 3 Pc Duvet

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Amazon is offering this Duvet set in three colors:Camel; Chocolate and Brick for $29.99 list price is $100-$140. All sizes Twin; Full/Queen; King available. This offer won't last long! Thanks, It's Hip 2 Save for sharing this deal.

photo credit: Amazon
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The Conservatorie 25% Off

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Whether you like premade mineral make up or are the adventurous type The Conservatorie could be for you. Right now through tomorrow evening December 1st they are running a special 25% off everything except brushes.

My favorite: Pure Silk Dust! I use it for finishing powder and you get a whole ounce or 30g for less than $6. It will last at least a year or more.

Keep in mind they do require a $15 order minimum before discount, but when it comes to make up it's not hard to do. ;)

I might be trying the Premium Foundation Base and the Warm Blend to mix into it. The nice thing about that is you can adjust the color as your skin changes with the seasons!

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Monave “Give the Gift of Healthy Beauty”

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Now I no longer order from Monave because I've found other foundations I like better, but this was my first full coverage love. I also switched because Monave is too "enviromentally conscience" for me. I did get a friend rather hooked on it and she is needing more. In case she's not up for adventure and wants to just order what she knows works I found a code for 20% savings.

It's good through January 10 2010. Code GGHB2009 You not only receive 20% off you can request a sample of anything to share with a friend or relative. These smaller companies are wonderful givers and the quality is top notch too! If you ever thought of trying Bare Minerals or another large brand mineral company give one of the smaller companies a try. Your wallet will love it as much as your face.

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Giant Eagle E-Offers!

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Pittsburgh24 discovered this tonight! Once again GE is offering coupons to load on your card. According to the FAQ you can combine the E-Offers with other coupons and Advantage savings! How great is that!

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Giant Eagle Ad 12/3-12/9

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Here's a peek and a big thanks again to jmupole1 that typed it all out for us at HCW!

Fresh Canadian Atlantic Salmon 7.99 lb.
GE reduced sodium Canadian maple or golden roasted turkey breast 5.99 lb

FREE chicken broth WYB 4 progresso products below in single transaction:
Progresso Traditional soup 18.5-19 oz or Bowls 15.25 oz 4/5

Kellogg's cereal 11.4 oz special K or 18 oz bite size frosted mini wheats 4/10
Stouffer's entrees 5/10
Dole fruit jars or Fruit or gel bowls 4 pk 5/10
Kraft shredded or chunk cheese 5/10
Whole pork shoulder blade roast or boneless bottom round roast BOGO
GE boneless chicken breasts 1.99 lb.

$1 off instantly
Pepsi or Mt. Dew 12 pk cans or 24 oz 6 pk 3/11 -$1 3/10. Must buy 3

Brawny paper towels 6 bif or 8 regular rolls or Quilted northern 9 mega or 12 double rolls 2/12
GE gallon orange juice 1.98
Tide liquid or powder 24-40 loads or stain release 26 oz powder or 18 ct gel pacs, 2/12

Pillsbury Grands biscuits 4/6

$2 off instantly
YoCrunch cups 6 oz 10/6 -$2 10/4

Tropicana premium OJ 64 oz or Trop 50 59 oz 3/9
Crystal farms all whites 32 oz 2/9
yoplait original whips or yogurt cups 4 or 6 oz 20/10
International delight coffee creamer 16 oz 2/3
Daisy cottage cheese 16 oz 2/5
Yoplait go-gurt 18 oz or Kids drinkable yogurt 4/10
Breakstones cottage doubles 10/10
Kozy shack pudding 16 or 22 oz 2/5

$1 off instantly
Pillsbury toaster strudel, toaster scrambles or pancakes 4/8 -$1 4/7

Stouffer's french bread pizza 5/10
Jimmy dean pancakes on a stick or state fair corn dogs 7.29
Mrs. T's Pierogies 5/10
On-Cor family size classics 2/6
Turkey hill ice cream 3/10
Tony's original pizza or red barron single serve pizza 4/10
the philly steak BOGO
Bird's eye Voila 22 oz BOGO
SKinny cow novelties 2/8

Coke or sprite 2 liters 4/5
Nabisco Oreos, fun stix or honey maid grahams 2/6
Campbell's family sized condensed soup 26 oz 2/3
McCormick gravy mix 10/10
Marzetti salad dressing 5/10
Hellmann's mayo 30 oz 2/6
Green giant boxed vegetables 10/10
Del monte canned fruit 4/5
Imperial quarters 5/4
Land o' lakes margarine or butter tub 8/10
Lamagna ricotta cheese 24 oz 2/7
Dean's pretzel dip 2/3
Bounty napkins 200 ct or charmin fresh mates tube 40 ct 4/10
Kleenex facial tissue 65-200 ct 4/5
ziploc containers, storage or freezer bags 2/5
Viva seasonable print 2 rolls 3.59

Gold medal flour 5 lb 1.99
macaroni grill or wanchair ferry meals 2/7
BC warm delights or bisquick 2.46-20 oz 3/5
BC fruit snacks, gushers or roll ups 3/5
pillsbury ready to bake cookies 4/10

$2 off instantly wyb 10

BC baking pouches, potatoes, pizza crust or muffins 10/8 -$2 10/6

holiday milk chocolate kisses, jingles or M&Ms 1.99

Lipton ice tea 1.5 liters 3/4, so 4/4

Frito lay doritos or ruffles 2/6
Shearer's potato or kettle cooked chips 2/4
Keelber club crackers or sandies or sunshine cheezits 2/5
Pop secret 6 ct or emerald almonds, cashews or mixed nuts BOGO
Dasani .5 liter 24 pk 2/10
Nonni's biscotti or tusconi 2/6
Tastykake donuts or cupcakes 2/5
Peet's coffee 6.99

$4 off instantly
General mills chex cereal 4/10 -$4 4/6

Thomas English muffins 2/4
Musslemans apple sauce or healthy picks apple sauce cups 2/3
Mott's apple juice 5/10
Eight o'clock coffee 3.99
Mrs. Butterworths syrup 24 oz 2/6
Minute maid 6 or 10 pk 2/6

$2 off OYNO when you purchase $10 in these baking products
Domino sugar 5 lb 4/10
Nestle morsels 2/4
Keelber pie or tart crusts 3/6
Jello gelatin or pudding 10/10
BC brownie mix 10/10
BC frosting 4/5
Cake mate decorating gels or decors 2/3
Crisco oil 48 oz 2/6
Hershey's XL bars 4/5
Pillsbury cake mix 10/10

San Giorgio pasta or dei fratelli tomatoes 10/10
Ragu 45 oz or bertolli past sauce 24 oz 4/10
Bumble bee chunk lite tuna 4/3
BC mashed potatoes 8/10
Nissin top ramen noodles 12 pk 3/9
Joan of arc kidney beans 4/3
Chi-Chi's salsa 16 oz or hormel compleats 10 oz 2/5
schwebel's country hearth bread 2/4

Oscar mayer bacon 12-16 oz BOGO excludes turkey
Hillshire farm polska kielbasa or smoked sausage BOGO
Hillshire farm cocktails 2/7
Smithfield shaved lunchmeat tubes 2/7
Bar-s Beef frankls 2/4
Bob evans links, patties or sausage 2/6
Hormel Entrees or Lloyd's BBQ tubs 2/10
Oscar Mayer fun pack lunchables 4/10

GE Cooked cocktail shrimp 41-50 shrimp sold in 4 lb bag at 24.00 each, $6 lb.
GE cooked jumbo cocktail shrimp 26-30 shrimp, sold in 4 lb. bag at 36.00 each, $9 lb.

$6 off OYNO WYB $30 in baby products below
Pampers or Huggies jumbo diapets 10-50 ct or huggies boxed wipes 320-385 ct 8.99
Luvs boxed diapers 15.99
Gerber Stage 2 baby food .99
Enfamil premium lipil, gentlease lipil, AR lipil or prosobee lipil powder 23-28.8 oz 22.99
Gerber graduates lil entrees, healthy meals, finger food puffs or wagon wheels, crackers, smart sips, granola bars or banana cookes 2/4
avent bootles 4 or 9 oz 25% off
Johnson and Johonson baby care 6.5-15 oz 2/6

Lysol all purpose pourables, lemon trigger, antibacterial kitchen trigger or bleach trigger 2/4
clorox bleach 82-96 oz 3/5
Palmolive dish liquid 2/5
Martha stewart laundry detergent, fabric softener or dish detergent 20% off
Puffs family facial tissues 396 or 648 ct or Charmin ultra bath 9 rolls 2/9
Milk bone dog biscuits or pupperion treats 4/10
Bounce dryer bar 1 ct, dryer sheets 80 ct or down liquid softener 34 oz 2/8
Kibbles n Bits dry dog food 16 0r 17.6 oz bag 9.99
Fresh step litter 6.99
Fancy feast appetizers or whisker lickens cat treats 10/10

Delgross's la famiglia pasta sauce 26 oz 4.99
Dreamfields pasta 5/10
Duracell batteries AA or AAA 2 pack 5/5

Rightguard, soft and dri or dry idea BOGO
Dial 2 bar, tone 2 bar or coast 3 bar 3/5
BIc comfort twin or twin select BOGO
Crest 6.5 oz toothpase 3/5
Aquafresh iso-active 3.49
edge or skintimate 2/4
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Giant Eagle 12/3-12/9 Scenarios

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Here's a few scenarios to get you started and I will continue to update throughout the week until probably Sunday. I'll start adding new scenarios at the top so you don't have to scroll down.

Toaster Streudels GDA (jacalhoun)
Total: 75c each
Sale: 4/$8, -$1 instant savings wyb 4 = 4/$7
MQ: $1.00/1 IP
Math: $8 - $1 instant - $1.00 IP x 4 = $3 for 4, or 75c each

Chex Cereal GDA $1/box (Jenna26)
TOTAL: $1/box
SALE: 4/$10 - $4 off instantly WYB 4
SHELF: Unknown
MQ: $1/2 11/15 GM or 11/8 SS
CAT: None
MATH: 4/$6 - $2 (use two coupons) = 4/$4

Johnson & Johnson products, GDA $12/9 (cheapchick)
Total: $12 for 9 products or $1.33 each
Sale: $3
MQ: $1
Johnson's baby product, excludes trial size 9/13/09 RP1
1 off J&J Baby Bubble Bath And Wash
$2 off Bedtime Gift Set or 2 Bedtime products
$1 off Head to Toe Wash
$1 off Baby Oil
$1 off Shampoo
$1 off Head to Toe Lotion
Coupons for Baby Products - Special Offers from JOHNSON'S®
$3 off 3 J&J products
Print Your Coupon

Cat: $6 OYNO wyb $30
Math: 9 J&J items = $27 ($33.21 shelf price) - $9 in coupons - $6 OYNO = $12 for 9 items

Breyers Ice Cream GDA $1 (Cheapskatemomx5)
TOTAL: $1.00
SALE: $2.50
MQ: $0.75/1
10-18-09 RP

MATH: $2.50 - ($.75x2) = $1.00

Skintimate Shave Gel, GDA $0.50 (marrelam)
Total: $0.50
: 2/$4
MQ: $1.50/1 magazines: Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day,Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle - all October issues
Math: $2 - $1.50q - $0.50

Nestle Morsels GDA $.50/1
TOTAL: $.50
SALE: $2
SHELF: $2.99
MQ: $0.50/1 11/1 RP EX 12/31
CAT: $2 OYNO WYB $10
MATH: 4*2=$8-$4q=$4-$2OYNO=$2/4

Dominos Sugar GDA $.50/1

TOTAL: $.50
SALE: $2.50
SHELF: $3. 88*3=$11.64
MQ: $0.50/1 11/15 RP Ex 1/31
CAT: $2 OYNO WYB $10
MATH: 3*$2.50=$7.50-$3=$4.50-$2OYNO=$2.50/3

Betty Crocker Frosting Overage (jokesbyjen)
TOTAL: - $2
SALE: $1.25
SHELF: $1.80
MQ: $0.50/1 11-15-09 GM; 10-25-09 SS; Link 1 IP; Link 2 IP; Link 3 IP
CAT: $2 OYNO WYB $10
MATH: 6*$8-$8q =$0-$2OYNO=-$2
Free Cake Pan or Cookie Sheet WYB 4 $5.49 Value So Get 2

Betty Crocker Potato Pouches Overage $2 (jokesbyjen; weinergirl)
TOTAL: -$2 or -$1
SALE: $.80*10
SHELF: Doesn't Matter $2 off instantly wyb 10 items
MQ: $.40/1 IP and $.35/1 11-22-09 SS; 11-15-09 GM;
MATH: $8-$8q=$0-$2 instantly or $8-$7=$1-$2 instantly

Oscar Mayer Bacon BOGO GDA (luvcpns) $1.50/1
TOTAL: $.50
SALE: BOGO (mine runs 5.98)
SHELF: $5.98
MQ: $0.75 /1~1-10-10
CAT: no
MATH: 5.99-2(.75) doubled= 5.99-3.00=2.99/2

Bertolli Pasta Sauce $1
TOTAL: $1.00
SALE: $2.50
MQ: $0.75/1, December All You
MATH: $2.50 - (.75x2) = $1.00

Disclaimer: While I try to be accurate about where the coupons are found sometimes they will no longer currently be available, but still not expired depending when you printed those. I may miss a few sources too. You can always double check the database at Hotcouponworld or AFullCup.
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Specials That End Today or Very Soon!

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I'm so sorry I haven't posted the great deals the last few days. I'm going to make a separate post for each and hopefully provide the link to each post below so you can go directly to the deal that interests you. If you are reading this before 1pm EST I am still working on the posts and links, but after that you should be able to click away. Until then I have linked you directly to the stores if you just can't wait. ;)

A preview of what's ahead:

Lots of Mineral Make Up Deals!
All of these have been posted and I may try to add a few more. Hope you have a great shopping day!

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Sally's Beauty Supply 20% Off +Free Shipping!

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Sally's is offering 20% off entire website plus free shipping. I may just take advantage of this sale since my hair needs another update. I may eventually reach blond again instead of strawberry blond that the OTC options give me since I can get a higher lift peroxide. If you're not a member you may want to sign up. It's $5, but you get that back in Sally's rewards plus you get discounts storewide too. You don't have to be a professional to order and Sally's carries so many other non coloring items and make up too. I bought a hair dryer last year or so and it's been great and I got a great deal on it too. Not free like Walgreens, but a very nice quality product for a conair price.

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Southern Magnolias 30% Off!

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Does the name sound familiar? I mentioned them during a giveaway. I still have not tried their products, but for some reason feel comfortable recommending them to others at least to sample. So far they seem to meet my guidelines. If you try Southern Magnolias please let me know what your experience is.

30% Off
Coupon Code Box: Cyber30

and this is only $10 while supplies last:
Cyber Monday Special at www.SMMCosmetics.com
photo credit: SM from email

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Coastal Scents~Last Day

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Coastal Scents not only creates and sells mineral make up and brushes, but they carry all the ingredients to create you own products including butters and bombs. They include some recipes on-site and have a forum of lovely ladies minus Steve, one of the owners, Kathy's the other. You will also find some traditional make up with the eye shadow palettes that others love. I have not tried any so I have no review. Again this is another Eastern Coast company so the sale ends EST Midnight Today.

25% Off the Whole Store
(no code needed)
free shipping on $75 or more

I stocked up on Citric Acid for my dishwasher.
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Joppa's CyberMonday!

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Straight from the mouths of Joppa!

Spend over $25 and receive 25% off your entire purchase plus free shipping. Use discount code "CyberMonday" during checkout.

Our limited edition eye shadow colors make a great gift!

Check out our 7pc. Eye Shadow gift set... only $30

Sale ends Monday at Midnight!
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Buff'd 20% Off Winter Sale

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Buff'd carries another one of my choices when it comes to foundation. Their blush is very nice too, but I haven't tried all their products because when I ordered from them I was on the hunt for foundation options. I like the original that gives great coverage. I chose it because I like the ingredient list. The more you sample the more you learn what is right for you. I have sensitive blemish proned skin that is no longer oily like before so you may love what I love or want something different.

This sale is 20% Off full sizes even the refill baggies which ship for free even though they are from Canada. You'll need to scroll down the "kits" page to see the refill bags; those are listed with on the regular product pages.
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Lumiere 50% Off Large Sizes

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Lumiere was one of my first mineral make ups. They have expanded quite a bit in the last few years. This is probably another company I could use its whole line not just one or two products. The only thing that disappoints me now is the theme which happened not too long ago. I don't particularly care that "alcohol" is glamorized, but I will recommend the make up from time to time because Kim seems so caring not only in her career but donating to causes I could get behind.

The Sale that got extended until the end of today, EST is 50% off large sizes! Prices are already reflected. This is Fabulous as her prices aren't over inflated only to offer 50% all the time. While Lumiere offers a nice amount of sales, you won't see a sale like this again for awhile. While you may not want to buy a large size when trying foundation for the first time you most likely won't go wrong when it comes to eye shadow, blush and finishing powders!

Also totally worthy of mention is the $.01 sample special 5 samples; your choice of foundation, blush,finishers and/or enhancers.

Then there is the brush pre-buy that ends December 15th.
If you have any questions about the brushes I'd be happy to share my experience and preference.
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Free Sharpies Instantly/Battery Rewards

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photo credit:Staples.com
Dead Deal on the Sharpies. :(
Staples was overwhelmed with response so if you try to order now it's too late. If you tried to order online before 10:30am today try to give them a call and see if there is anything else they can do. I heard one lady got $15 coupon.

Staples is offering $25 instant credit to a $25 or more order of Sharpie markers, highlighters and metallics. There is also a set of Bic 36ct markers included. You will need to call in your order because the code is not working online. It is 96140. I spoke with Marie this morning and she was awesome even though she had not heard of this problem until I called. "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" Well she did with a wonderful personality so don't hesitate to call. This ends today at 11:59pm EST.

photo credit:Staples.com

Onto Duracell 20ct batteries AA or AAA! This runs through 12/26 and there is a limit of 2. Here's the great extra; limit 2/week! So don't wait until the last week of the deal if you want more than 2 packs. The catch here is the your rebate is in Staples Rewards and won't be rewarded until after the end date so you won't be able to roll those rewards until later, but those are rollable in the future if you so desire. I will probably use my for ink since Canon's seems to be superb for photo printing and don't forget the cartridge credit too!
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