CVS 12.13.2008 Transactions 1 & 2

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Transaction 1

Well, I caved in to the Hershey deal eventhough I didn't get that coveted 3/15 or 5/15 when I scanned my card. I figured $3 for 7 bags of chocolate was a good enough bargain. LOL The Mint Blisses to my chagrin broke open when I picked the first bag up and the next and last two were split as well. So I got 6 Dark Chocolate Blisses and 1 Peppermint Kisses. I also got the Powerade and oh a Buckeye, more chocolate ;) as a filler.

6 Bliss $18
1 Kisses $2
*Deal spend $20 on select Hershey's and get $10 ECBs
Powerade $1.59 Get $1.59ECBs
Buckeye $.50
Subtotal $22.59
(6) $1 Bliss
(1) $1 Kisses
(1) $15 ECB
Total OOP .09
Total ECBs Earned $11.59
Total Value: $33.92
Total Saved: $33.83(99.7%)
I totally forgot I also got a 5/15 expires in three days. This is great and will push me to get my CVSing done by Monday and get the house ready to decorate for Christmas.

Transaction 2

Two went through smoothly. WooHoo! My husband wanted some flavoring; I'm thinking he wants hardtack. :) I added 3 Powerbars since I still had two deals left and then I could use my $10 ECB so I wasn't paying $5.25 OOP for the flavoring.

5 Flavor Oils $5.25
3 Powerbars $5.00

Subtotal $10.25 ECB $10.00 OOP .25
Total Value:$10.22
Total Saved:$10.97 (93%)

Earned $5 ECBs on the Powerbars

So altogether tonight I spent $.34 OOP and $25 ECBs Earned $16.59 ECBs
Total Value: $45.14
Total Saved: $44.80(99%)
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