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Rite Aid will be exciting for me again this coming week even though the Bayer Meter coupons are gone and expired. I love those coupons since they totally get me to that $20 and $25 mark to use the $5 off $ Rite Aid coupons.  Last week I did two transactions that got me two bottles of Aquify contact solution, the only kind I like, for $1.25 each including tax and 10 cases of 24pk bottle water for $.38 each which is wonderful for our baseball/softball season, travels and exercising.

Onto this week:

BOGOF CoverGirl Sale BOGOF Covergirl Face Coupons!
Free Covergirl Foundation and Blush which will get us over the $20 mark for our VV coupons! Also the Nivea $3.99 matched with the $4/1 Mq in the 5/2 RP! Check out the other great deals at RA on Luv a Bargain

See CVS Money Makers at Inspiring Oberle Mommy!

Walgreens deals at  A Thrify Mom
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Saved 47% at Old Navy Online!

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Here's How:

Old Navy is running a promotion for 30% off Code ONBIG30

First go through Bing's Cashback.  I just learned about Cashback on Bing from  Give Me Neither.  Type in Old Navy Cashback and the 25% off link should pop up. Click it and if it works a box will pop up on the screen and just follow the easy directions.  

You can either register first before following the link or click the link enter your email address and then check your inbox to finish registration. Another great feature with Bing is it shows you your pending total immediately if you long into your Cashback account after you've check out.  

I'm excited to get jeans for almost half off and so much easier than looking for the $50 off $100 on OldNavyWeekly months ago.  When all said and done I spent about $18 for each pair which is not too shabby when you're no longer a size 0 or 1, 3 or 7 for that matter. If your are still those sizes check out Kohl's where last week I found Bongos for my daughter less than $10 after discounts and Angels for $5!
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Giant Eagle Ad 4/29-5/05

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Scenarios Done!

Currently Formatting the Deals... If you're in a hurry to get to GE today take a look at the list Inspiring Oberle Mommy has composed, she does a great job using the more common seen format adapted to her style with color and bold prices. I love her blog template too.

None This Week

2 Mach3 Free
Sale: $5.99
Mq: $2/1 3/7 PG (x4/30) and BOGOF 4/4 PG
Cat: $4 oynHBAo wyb 2
Math: $12.98-$7.99=$3.98 oop Receive $4 oyno=Free

Colgate Toothbrushes Free
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/1 4/25 SS
Math: $1.50-$1.50=$0

Colgate Toothpaste Free
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/1 4/25 SS
Math: $1.50-$1.50=$0

Green Giant Box Vegs Free
Sale: $1
Mq: $.50/1 IP
Math: $1-$1=$0

Ronzoni Free
Sale: $1.75
Mq: $.75 IP and IP
Math: $1.50-$1.50=$0

Yoplait Delights Free or $1
Sale: $2
Mq:E-Offers $1/1 and $.50/1 4/25 SS $1/1 IP; IP; IP
Math: $2-$2=$0
Math: $2-$1=$1 E-Offers only good on one

Ken's 8oz Salad Dressing Free
Sale: $1
Mq: $1/1; BOGOF 3/7 SS ; $1/1 2/28 SS
Math: $1
Some areas only had the $1/2 for the 8oz 

Heinz Worcestershire Free
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $2.00 IP (currently unavailable)
Math: $1.50-$2 adjusted=$0

AirWick Compact Free
Sale: $3.99
Mq: $4/1 4/25 SS
Math: $3.99-$=$0
Other AirWicks are $13.98 shelf~$6.98 Sale

Sweet Deals

Ore Ida $1
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1; B2G1 if you can find any (?)
Math: $2.50-$1.50=$1

Oscar Mayer Bacon $1.19
Shelf: $5.39
Sale: $2.69 (BOGOF or 50% Off)
Mq: $.75/1 3/21 SS
Math: $2.69-$1.50=$1.19/1

Ball Park Angus Hot Dogs $1/1
Shelf: $4.99
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1 5/2 RP and IP
Math: $2.50-$1.50=$1

2 Venus $2/1
Sale: $5.99
Mq: $2/1 3/7 PG (x4/30)
Cat: $4 oynHBAo wyb 2
Math: $12.98-$4=$8.98 oop Receive $4 oyno=$
2 Vitamin Water $.50/1
Sale: $1
Mq: $1/2 4/11SS
Math: $2-$1=$1/2

Eggland's Best Eggs $1.65/1 or $1/1

Mq: $.35/1 from 1/31, 3/14 or 5/2 SS or $.50/1 if Brown Organic Included
Math: $2-$.70= $1.65 or $2-$1=$1

Mission Tortillas $1
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.75/1 IP (Does not say Krogers)  
Math: $2.50-$1.50=$1
For Comparison:Aldi's $1.19

Breyer's Yo Crunch $.49/1

Sale: $1.99
Use: $.75/1 Yo Crunch  3/28 SS
Math: $1.99-$.75=$.49

Raid Ant Controller Traps $1.50
Mq: $1/1  4/25 SS
Math: $2.50-$1=$1.50
For Comparison: Wal-Mart $2.47

Kraft Easy mac or Velveeta cups $1.00
Velveeta shells and cheese cups - 04-25-10 SS

Tearpad found in GE by Mac n Cheese $.55/2

National List ~May or May Not Work
Purchase two (2) Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, Receive 50¢ OYNO
Purchase three (3) Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, Receive $1 OYNO
Purchase four or more (4+) Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, Receive $1.50 OYNO
runs 4/19 – 5/16/10

4 Kraft Easy mac or Velveeta cups $.12/1
Mq:$1/2 4/25 SS
Cat: $1.50 oyno wyb 4 or More
Math: $4-$2=$2 oop Receive $1.50=$.50/4

I'm just going to list the sale and mqs for this. I'm not sure if you can do more than one in a transactions, but if I find out I will let you know.

$6 oyno wyb $30 
Huggies or Pampers Boxes $18.99 
$1.50/1 Pampers 5/2 P&G or $1.50/1 Huggies  4/18 SS
Pampers or Huggies Wipe Refills $5.99
$.50/1 Huggies 4/18 SS
Gerber Stage 2 Baby Food 2 packs $.99 
Gerber Baby Snacks $2
Similac Formula 23.2 oz. $21.49
J&J Baby Care $3
Luvs Jumbo Pack $6.49
$1/1 from 3/7 P&G  x 4/30
Enfamil 23.4 to 25.7 oz. $3/1 & $5/2  4/11 SS
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Moms Eat Free May 9th!

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Moms Eat Free Details

My apologies for not double checking the link. It should now work. Thank you HoneyMuffin!
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Sunday Coupon Preview 2

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Coconut Oil Brand Comparison

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I want to take a moment and break down the different brands and processing methods of Coconut Oil to make an easy comparison on the best deals.

I'll be sharing three great companies: Mountain Rose Herbs, Nutiva and Tropical Traditions.

There are different processing methods which I'd like to break down and then once you decide what is best for you, you can see how prices compare between the three companies. I'm also comparing gallons to gallons because if you're going to buy and use it for a lot of cooking and baking that is the size to buy.

My personal choice is the Unrefined Dry Milling.

Wet-Milling (Gold Seal Tropical Traditions and Nutiva Raw)
  • No Drying Before Pressing
  • Cold-Pressed
  • No Chemicals
  • Unbleached
  • Unrefined
  • Undeodorized
  • Mild Flavor
  • Mild Scent 
  • Certified Organic
  • Highest Cost
Dry-Milling (Mountain Rose Herbs Virgin, Nutiva Virgin, Tropical Traditions Green Label)

  • No Drying Before Pressing
  • Cold-Pressed
  • No Chemicals
  • Unbleached
  • Unrefined
  • Undeodorized
  • Moderate Flavor
  • Moderate Scent 
  • Moderate Cost
  • Certified Organic (except TT has one organic,but not certified which imho would be just as good and you save a little more money)

Cold Pressed Refined (Mountain Rose Herbs, Tropical Traditions Certified Organic and Non-Certified Organic)
  • Cold-Pressed
  • No Chemicals
  • Bleached 
  • Deodorized
  • No Flavor
  • No Color
  • No Scent
  • Great for SkinCare
  • Okay for Cooking
  • Lose Some Health Benefits
Directly from MRHs:This physical refining process is entirely acceptable and approved under organic processing regulations. Note that the items added during the process (citric acid, activated charcoal, and diatomaceous earth) are classified as “processing aids” and not additives because they are entirely removed during processing and are not found in the finished product.

Refined (Wal-Mart's LouAna)
  • Chemicals Used
  • Bleached 
  • Deodorized
  • No Flavor
  • No Color
  • No Scent
  • Low Cost
  • Okay for Skincare
  • Little Health Benefits Left 

Price Chart:

Wet-Milled 1 Gallon
Nutiva Raw~ $54.99($54.99 + Free Shipping)
Tropical Traditions Gold~ $76.92($70-10% Code+ $13.92S&H) 

Dry-Milled Virgin 1 Gallon
Mountain Rose Herbs~$53.28 ($37+$16.28S&H) My Favorite
Nutiva~$49.99($49.99+Free S&H)
Tropical Traditions Green Cert ~$75.27($68.50-10%+$13.92S&H)

Organic Refined 1 Gallon
Mountain Rose Herbs Certified~$27 ($21+$16 S&H)
Tropical Traditions Green Certified~$56.32 ($47-$10%+$14S&H)

Tropical Traditions Green Non-Cert~ $49.10($39-$10%+$14S&H)

Chemical Refined
LouAna at Wal Mart $15.68(?) ($3.82*4 This is from memory 2 yrs ago)
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Free Coconut Oil!

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I'm so excited about this offer! I love love Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. The best price I've found in the past is at Nutiva and Mountain Rose Herbs. I'm going to check out the sales at Tropical Traditions today to see if they now compare. In the past TT has always be priced higher, but that could change and I've never asked for price matching so that may be something to look into as well. I can tell you that all three offer Unrefined Coconut Oil which is what you want. This is not what is found in Wal-Mart. Nutiva has a slightly milder taste than Mountain Rose Herb and I'm anxious to see where Tropical Tradition is on the scent/flavor scale.
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Mineral Monday

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14 shades
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