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I just joined because of a recommendation by Jane4Girls and you can too! Since I just joined I don't know what deals have been offered in my area, but I am excited to find out. Another neat aspect is you can earn Groupon Bucks. Check out more details through the link I post below.

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May You Be Blessed Today!

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Black Friday Deals

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This is my favorite online ad preview website. You can view the ad and sort the lists. Hope you like it too and find it helpful!

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Giant Eagle 11/26-12/2 Scenarios

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Okay here is a start and may just be the finish as there doesn't seem to be too many others. I'm separating into two categories, for now, FREEs and GDAs. I may add a third that I think are great deals without coupons for meat and produce.


Breyers Yogurt Disney variety or YoCrunch 4pk, FREE (marrelam)(tinabohio)
SALE: 4/$8 *$2 off instantly wyb 4 4/$6
MQ: $0.75/1 9-13 SS
CAT: n/a
MATH: 4/$6 - (4) $0.75 doubled = FREE

Kellogg’s Froot Loops or Rice Krispies
TOTAL: $2/4 or $0/4
SALE: 4/$10
MQ: $1/1 (Blinkies for FL) ($.75/1 IPs for RC)
CAT: $4
MATH: $10-$4=6 or $10-6=$4 Get $4 OYNO

GDAs (Good Deal Alerts)

Hot or Lean Pockets, GDA (marrelam)
TOTAL: $0.50/1
SALE: 5/$10
MQ: $0.75/1 9-27 RP
MATH: $2 - $0.75 doubled = $0.50

Chex Mix cereal, GDA (marrelam)
TOTAL: 4/$4
SALE: 4/$10 *$4 off instantly wyb 4 = 4/$6
MQ: $1/2 11-15 GM insert
CAT: n/a
MATH: 4/$6 - (2) $1/4 coupons = 4/$4

Breyers Ice Cream (manthem)
TOTAL: 1/$1
SALE: 4/$10
MQ: $0.75/1 10-18 RP
CAT: n/a
MATH: 1/$2.50 - (1) $0.75 doubled = $1

Clorox Wipes, GDA (marrelam)
TOTAL: $0.75/1
SALE: 4/$10 *$3 off wyb 4 = 4/$7
MQ: $0.50/1 10-4 RP
CAT: n/a
MATH: 4/$7 - (4) $0.50/1 doubled = 4/$3

Advil 40 or 50 ct GDA (MJKNeeley)
TOTAL: $1.49
SALE: $3.49
MQ: $2/1
CAT: n/a
MATH: $3.49-$2=$1.49

Fresh Express Salads (Jen)
MQ: $.55/1, $1/1, $2/2

Old Orchard Juice, GDA (csthedays)
TOTAL: 4/$4
SALE: 4/$10 - $2 off instantly wyb 4 = 4/$8
MQ: $1
/1 9-13 SS insert (not in mine but this is what is listed in DB)
CAT: n/a
MATH: 4/$10 - $2 instant = $8 - (4) $1/1 coupons = 4/$4

Kellogg's Fiber Plus Bars, GDA (cheapchick)
SALE: $2.50
MQ: 75c Kellogg's Fiber Plus
MATH: $2.50 - 75c = $1
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Free Earrings

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Seventeen and Urban Original have teamed up to give you a pair of free earrings if you are between 13 and 29. I'm 29 and holding. ;) Actually, I have a daughter that fits in that range so I submitted her name and used my email address. Special thanks goes to It's Hip to Save!

Free Earrings

Promo Code: earrings

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Giant Eagle Shopping 11/23 and 11/21

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Well I had some snafus, but nothing that can't be fixed, I hope. lol I also have no pictures as I didn't get home until midnight. We left the house around 6:30. I'm still exhausted and can you believe my quads are killing me! I so need more exercise when a shopping trip causes muscle soreness. Maybe I need to shop more! ;-D

Just so you know I actually didn't spend all that time shopping at Giant Eagle. LOL I spent an hour plus on travel, had to drop off and pick up Jeff and kids at his mom's, a Wal-Mart stop where I had to figure out what to do since the Honeysuckle that was to be price adjusted was gone and a visit with my SIL.

Now that I bored you with the details not pertaining to GE I will give you the rundown of my GE transactions:

Quick Version:
Value $380
OOP $74 (after I subtract the $6)
Savings 81%
Shorted Catalinas 7*$3($21) Note to self; Make sure all items are rang individually.
RC Mess Up and shorted $6; I still have to go back for a refund
Still waiting on 8*$2 Cats from a previous sale

Have $5 Catalina left

Long Version:

Transaction #1
60 Swiss Miss
21 Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn
20 Energizers AA 2 pk
8 Hefty Plates
2 Hefty Trays
1 Reddi-Wip
Spent $43 Savings $194 (82%) Received 10*$3 Cats Missing 7*$3 Cats

Transaction #2
4 Dawn
Spent $.52(tax) Savings$12 (100%)Received $5 Cat

Transaction #3
4 Dawn
Spent $.52(tax) Savings$12 (100%)Received $5 Cat

Transaction #4
10 Ortega Taco Seasoning
10 Birds Eye Boxed Vegetables
7 Hellmann's (RC)
4 Tollhouse Cookies
4 Organic Milks (1/2 Gal)
4 Stove Top
3 Dawn
2 GE Butter
2 Sugardale Precooked Bacon
2 Eggland Eggs Extra Large
2 85% Lean Ground Beef
2 Bunches of Bananas (3.19 lbs)
1 Red Leaf Lettuce (1.04lbs)
1 Organic Carrots (1lb)
1 Container Grape Tomatoes
1 10lb Idaho Russet Potatoes
Value: $124 Spent $38 Savings $86 (69%) Received $5 Cat
Shorted $6 So really Spent $32 (73%)

Typing out the list looks so small; wish I had a picture to capture the amount of groceries.
I had to leave the store and go back in since the first cart was overflowing even using the bottom rack. I don't think I've ever had to do that in the past even when I shopped once a month. (!) Never had the savings either and I thought I was a savvy shopper then. LOL

I forgot to add my husband's trip from Saturday. :)

4 Mr Clean
2 Honey Wheat Nature's Pride
1 Celery
1 Sweet Onion
Total Value: $20 Spent: $8 Savings $12 (60%) Received $5 Cat

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Giant Eagle 11/26-12/2 Ad

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Here is the ad compliments go to jmupole1 from Hot Coupon World. Keep your eyes open for another post with scenarios and coupon match ups, thanks to the many eaglets on HCW, which I will update as needed.

Wild Canadian Jumbo Snow Crab clusters 5.99 lb.
GE Premium cooked ham 2.99 lb.
Holiday milk chocolate (kisses, jingles, M&Ms) 1.99
Breyers ice cream 4/10
Campbells' select harvest soup 15.3 oz microwave bowls or 18.6-18.8 oz cans 8/10
Chef Boyardee or GE condensed soup 10/10
GE King size white or split top wheat bread or hot dog/burger buns 10/10
Arrid gel or solid 10/10
Boneless chuck shoulder roast BOGO
Combo pack pork loin 1.29 lb.
Coke or sprite 12 pk cans or 8 pk 12 oz bottles 3/10
Chex cereal 4/10, $4 off instantly, so $4/6
Aquarius spring natural water 24 pk 2.99 plus $1 OYNO WYB 2

80% lean ground beef 3 lb. or more 2.29 lb.
tailless T-bone steak 6.99 lb.
country style ribs 1.99 lb.
round steak 2.59 lb.
round rolled rump or sirloin tip roast 2.79 lb.
cortland valley sauerkraut 2/3
GE sausage links or patties 2/6
GE sweet or hot Italian sausage 2.99 lb.
GE polska kielbasa or smoked sausage 2/6
Hillshire farm cocktails 2/7
Jimmy Dean rolls or pre-cooked sausage or turkey bacon 2/6
oscar mayer lunchables 4/7
hillshire farm ultra thin or hearty slices 5.99 ea.
sugardale hot dogs 1.39
GE shredded BBQ tubs 4.99
Jack Daniels entrees 6.99
GE sliced bacon 2/5
Large E-Z peel shrimp 4.99 lb.

Kraft singles 5/10
GE jar gravy 8/10
GE squeeze mayo or salad dressing 2/5
GE Peanut butter 2.00
GE grap jam or jelly 2/3
Old El paso taco shells, tortillas, beans, enchilada sauce or chilis 4/5
GE tortilla chips 2/5
GE shredded cheest 2/4
Crush 12 pk 12 oz cans 3/10 $2 off instantly, so 3/8
Frito lays chips or sun chips 2/6
Nabisco chips ahoyor 100 calorie packs 2/5
Powerade or Powerade zero 32 oz 10/10
Keelber Right bites or fudge shoppe cookes or cracker sandwichest 1.99
snyder's of Hanover pretzel pieces 2/5
valu time sandwich creme cookies 2/4
swedish fish or sour patch kids bags BOGO
Pepsi or Mt. Dew or Amp energy singles 5/5
Post Honey bunches of oats or raisan bran 2/6 $2 off instantly, so 2/4
Kelloggs cereal froot loops or rice krispies, selected varieties 4/10 and get
Maxwell house coffees 10.5 to 11.5 oz 2.69
Quaker instant oatmeal 2/5
Old Orchard juice 4/10 get $2 off instantly, so 4/8
Starbucks coffee 12 oz 6.99
GE milano italian bread or english muffins 2/3
GE bagged cereal 2.99
GE apple juice 2/4

Chicken of the sea chunk light tuna or pink salmon 4/10
GE Pasta & sauce or rice & sauce sides 10/10
GE seedless or hearty rye bread 1.79
GE olive oil 4.59
GE salad dressing 2/3
Bear creek soup mix 2/6
GE ketchup or mustard 4/5
Nestle toll house morsels 23 or 24 oz 3.99
Hershey's baking chips 4/9
Del monte fruit cups 5/10
Banquet meals 10/10
GE sloppy joe sauce 10/10
GE canned tomatoes 10/10
GE skillet meals 10/10
GE pudding snacks 10/10
Zatarains rice dinners 10/10
Carnation evaporated milk 8/10
Jose Ole singles 10/10
Kelloggs pop tarts 4/9
Kelloggs special K bars or fiber plus bars 4/10
Chex mix or nature valley bars 4/10

Pine Sol/clorox cleaners/clorox wipes 4/10, $3 off instantly, so 4/7
Charmin basic bath tissue 12 rolls or bounty basic paper towels 8 regular rolls 2/11
sparkle paper towels 1 roll, angel soft 4 rolls, GE facial tissue 10/10
purex ultra 96 loads 7.99
Fancy feast 20/10
Whiskas temptations 4/6
Iams dry dog food 15 or 17 lb. 16.99
Iams dry cat food 6.99

Breyers Inspirations, Disney yogurt or Yo crunck 100 calorie packs 4/8, $2 off instantly, so 4/6
dannon yogurt cups 6 oz 20/10
Country Crock 45 oz 2/5
Pillsbury x-mas cookes 2/5
B.L. dips or sour cream 2/3
Stonyfield farm organic fat free yogurt 9/5
Smart balance tubs, sleeves or spray 2/5
International delight coffee creamer 2/5
Gallikers chocolate milk 1 galloon 2/7
Bird's eye steamfresh meals 24 oz 5.99
Freschetta Naturally rising/pizzAmore or Wolfgang puck pizza 5.99
Aunt jemima pancakes/french toast or entrees BOGO
Edward's creme pies 6.99
Jimmy dean killets or state fair mini corn dogs 2/10
Morningstar meatless products 2/7
Bertolli meals 5.99
Hot or lean pockets 5/10

Cascadian farm organic cereal or granola bars 3.79, plus 1 free instantly WYB 2 of these products in single transaction
Cascadian farm organic vegetables or potatoes 2.99, plus 1 free instantly WYB 3 of these products in single transaction.
vitaminwater or smartwater 4/5
Fuze 10/10

$4 off next health and beauty shopping trip WYB $15 in Gillette products listed below
Gillette venus embrace or fusion razor 7.99
Gillette clear shield gel or solid, old spice Ever clear or secret flawless 2/8

Pantene, Gillette hair care, head and shoulders 3/10
Olay 6 bar, body wash or quench body lotion 2/11
Always 80-100 ct liners, 24-48 ct pads or Tampax 40 ct 2/11
schick quattro slim twin or extreme3 4 ct disposable 4.99

$3 on your next healthy and beauty trip WYB any 2 Dayquil, Nyquil or Sinex products in 1 transaction
Dayquil or Nyquil 10-12 oz or 20 ct or Sinex .5 oz 2/10

Advil 40 or 50 ct 3.49
Robitussin 5.99
Crest/oral-B advantage or Artica toothbrushes 2/5
Loreal Vive pro 2/6
Loreal preference 5.99

Farmers market of fresh express, asst varieties BOGO
Washington State apples .99 lb.
Farmer's market carrots 2/3
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Mineral Monday ~LaurEss ~Sale

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LaurEss! This is my very favorite make up especially the foundations. Along with the foundations, I can recommend the blush and shadows too. I have not try any lip products or finishing powders because I always use pure silk or whip my own concoction for finishing powder.

Foundation First:

Minimalist ~ My favorite It provides a nice buildable coverage that hides pores better than others I've used and blemishes too, yet it doesn't feel heavy. The color selection is vast.

Elemental ~ Barely comes in second This coverage is slightly lighter and just the slightest hint of dewiness. This would be perfect for me in the Summer.

Ethereal~Favorite for Others, but surprisingly I don't like this. (?) This is the heaviest coverage.

Many beautiful shades to choose! Make sure to click on each category to see all the colors.

Eye Shadow: This eyeshadow just glides across my lids. Gem Lights is my favorite because those are pearlized, but not sparkly or glitterly.

Lauren is a fabulous owner that works beside her husband Chris. Lauren is meticulous when it comes to creating her line and it shows. There is also a group link where you can ask her and others questions or if you'd like personal recommendation you can email them. I don't know when the sale ends because this sale has been extended from the original ending date. You will save 10%-20%, this includes samples and the great thing about LaurEss is the prices are already adjusted so there's no figuring or guesswork for you.
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Ritzbag ~Louis Vuitton Replica Contest

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A Contest I found on Dealseeking Mom's Forum. It's so easy to enter and you will know if you won by December 1st. Here are the prizes as listed from Ritzbags website:

  • Monogram Speedy 30
  • Monogram Insolite Wallet
  • Monogram Keepall 55

After visiting the site some more since I've never been on it, I want to point out that Ritzbags are replicas of designer bags. It explains more on the site about the materials and workmanship of these bags.

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