Giant Eagle/Wal-Mart/Sugarvalley Meats & CVS

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I left the receipt with my coupon notebook in the van which isn't here now, so no details except a I saved around 55% and my final total was around $40.

Wal-Mart we won't even talk about; no cherry picking there or coupons used. (!) Also went out to Sugarcreek for meat and also spent about $40 there for 10lbs of ground chuck @$2.79/lb and a 2.5lb@ roast $3.79/lb.

Quick run into CVS to scan my card and then get my free Myoplex Bar; coupon arrived today. I also picked up a couple of Crests using $3.99ECBs, (2) $1 MQs and $.12 OOP getting back $4 ECBs. I thought I would get back two for the Myoplex, but I misunderstood the deal and need three more which I won't bother doing; one free is great.

The experience was not good again to say the least. They are just sooooooo unpleasant and even condescending in that store. Last night I went for my SIL and yikes! Part of me is very disgusted with the customer service and the other part of me feels sorry for those souls that must be so miserable. I'm am thankful Dover store is not my only option or I honestly might not CVS.
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CVS Two Day Sale~Five Transactions

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This is what I got from the two day sale with the exception of Promax being part of the monthly sale, Skittles, 4pks missing, were fillers and the four Snowmen ornaments were extras for the kids. I may add more details later, but for now I can say I started the day with $25.59 ECB I spent $.45 OOP for $158.50 Total Value and left the store with $25.13 ECB in my pocket and Saved 99.4%. I also have rainchecks for four more Rightguards, three Thermacare and four more Sleepinal. A couple of items I decided to skip and one I forgot to check on.

I was just reminded that there is a rebate for the Zantac $3.99 since I had a $1 mq and Excedrin$3.99 so I will be getting money back from those making a profit today. (!)
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Glad Coupon Removed and Other Coupon Thoughts

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I removed the link to the Glad coupon. I just found out that it may not be legitimate or only intended for those that are signed up with those stores listed on the homepage and made available through their email. I apologize for this as I really thought this one was legitimate.

It's so easy to get caught up in the game and rationalizing certain coupons, but I need to remember God will bless my honesty much more than I ever could save with a few questionable coupons.

$1.50 Aetna Colgate Coupon ~ not a member and did not receive the email link to the pdf directly

$/$$ from CVS~they may be legitimate and not card specific, but if not sent to me than questionable unless I can find the link from their main website.

So if my gut a.k.a. Holy Spirit is feeling uneasy about using a certain coupon then I plan on passing.

May God bless your endeavors as you spend and save wisely in all He has allowed you
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