iHerb HEB636

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Before getting into the drugstore with coupons kick, I did some shopping with iHerb. iHerb is a great place for natural products from food to health and beauty products. I've ordered twice and have been very happy both times. In fact, I am soon to place another order for a few things that I won't find more cost effective at a brick and mortar store or even online.

Plus right now they are offering an additional 10% off on all your purchases. The other special is 50% off shipping for orders $40 or more and with an order of $60 or more standard shipping is always free. The offer is good through December 31st.

Also you can save an additional $5 if you use my code HEB636. When you place your first order you in turn will receive your very own code to share with others which earns you money. It's like a pyramid without the scheme. ;) More information can be found on their website, but here is just a few words:

  • No start up fees—the program costs you nothing
  • No meetings to attend—just spread the word and pass along your code
  • No buying requirements. You never have to buy products from us and resell them
  • Over 200 brand name products found at major health food stores and other online stores. No fly-by-night, “not-available-in-stores” types of products.
  • Your privacy is assured—no one will call you
This has been true for me and I have never been contacted by iHerb except with promotions through my email address or the free code cards to give to others that arrived with my purchase.

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Five Stops 12.16.08

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Tonight went fairly well and was enjoyable. I promised to take my younger son shopping since he needed to pick up a few things for a gift he is making his older sister; he was a great help and it refreshed my spirit. We made five stops:Rite-Aid, CVS, JoAnn Fabrics, Giant Eagle and Buehler's.
The young man bagging our groceries at GE complimented on Carson's quietness and not jumping up and down and touching things. :D

First Stop: Rite Aid nothing too exciting just the FAR movie for $3.99. They happened to have an oldie and we love oldies in our house. Some of the other choices were just eeek!

Second Stop: CVS
3 Soft n Dri $9.97
-$1.65had peelies!
2 Colgate $5.98
-3.00 mqs
Schick Disposable (Filler) $.99
-.99 mq adjusted
-$5.00/$15 CRT
Subtotal $.30
Tax $.39
OOP $.69
Saved $21.34 (96%)
Earned $4 ECB and $6
increasing my ECBs by $5 thank you CRT!

Third stop: Giant Eagle
I hardly ever shopped GE because it seem the prices were high even with coupons, but thanks to Hot Coupon World I'm finding a few good bargains. There are a few things I normally wouldn't buy, but for .05 or free I'm all for that. I splurge on the eggnog, my sweet little boy asked and for good measure threw in his dad's weakness for eggnog too. Normally, my children aren't allowed to ask for things unless it is fruit or maybe yogurt, but every once in awhile something really strikes their fancy and I'll agree to it.

I have to thank those that mentioned discounted milk! I tried the advice tonight and it worked, I was so excited. We usually don't buy this kind as I buy the closest I can get to raw, but since it is still organic I thought why not if I get it for around $2 and sure enough that was the price they sold it to me. I don't know if that's as great as others, but for my first try I'm satisfied. I'm also very thankful because Buehler's only had one whole milk left tonight so this worked out perfect.

The short breakdown is I spent $16.28 OOP and saved $43.59 I also have a raincheck for the Progresso their shelves were really bare.

Last stop was Buehler's, a local grocer. This is where a lot of the money goes because of the milk, but then again we no longer drink 4-6 gallons a week, but 1 and sometimes 2 as a treat. I switch us over to non-homogenized and just pasteurized instead of ultra-pasteurized. This isn't certified organic, but it is hormone free and grass fed cows. It's the closest I can get to raw in Ohio. Grrrr So while we wash down our sugar laden snacks with fresh wholesome milk. ;0 We do throw a few fruits in too for good measure.

Milk not including the deposit is $3.99 half gallon
Grapes were $.99/lb with advantage card @ 2.15lb
Total $7.62 I actually paid with the money I received from returning some bottles so now OOP.

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