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Okay this post won't bore you with the story and how everything did or didn't work out, but for the record most of it worked out. I did forget a couple items, didn't work my plan to the very last no OOP penny, but too worn out to care. ;)

#1 Transaction (My hubby did this as I sat in the Pharmacy to figure out the rest)

2 Soy Joys $12
Total OOP $0

#2 Transaction

1 Listerine Whitening Pen $10
-$2 Mq
-$3 CVS q
2 Complete (Raincheck) $17.98
-$2 Mq
-$2 Mq
2 Throat Coolers $9.98
-$4.99 Mq
-$12 ECB
-$6 ECB
-$6 ECB
Subtotal -$.03
Tax $.77
Total OOP $.74
Saved $42.98
Used $24 ECBs
Earned $27.98 ECBs

#3 Transaction

1 Listerine Whitening Pen $10
-$2 Mq
-$3 CVS q
1 Nasogel $7.99
-$2 Mq
1 Venus Razor Blades 8pk $10.95 (1/2 off)
Subtotal $.99
Tax $.35
Total OOP $1.34 Total Saved $41.88 Total ECBs Used $20.95 Total ECBs Earned $17.99

All Combined

Total OOP $2.08
Total ECBs Used $56.95
Total ECBs Earned $57.97
Total Value $101.92

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So sad so many items oos and so low limit on the rainchecks. I asked the cashier if I could have another raincheck for the Garnier since I had so many coupons and one of the assistant managers last week told me not to worry about clearing the shelves and they could order more from another store if they had to. Then I had nine coupons and I'm thankful I got those on Sunday and thought I would order more and wait until the end of the week so others had a chance too.

Well the end of the week and the store enforced limits at least with today's assistant manager, Tim whom I think does not like me and "watches" me. It didn't matter what I was previously told and it was obvious he didn't like it when other customers were buying 14 earlier in the week. I understand they have a right to limits and I wasn't demanding, maybe pleading a little, but the comment he made, "This isn't a bulk store..." I feel was unnecessary. I'm not a shelf clearer as I hardly ever get to Walgreens until the end of the week and only shopped next week's sales once on Saturday night. On top of everything else I forgot to use my gift card again so I had $4.94 oop. :(

I think I need to work on building thicker skin and also to stop comparing my deals to others. A wise friend of mine used to share on a homeschool group that Comparison is the death of contentment. She is so right an I know in a couple days all will be in perspective.

Brawny $9.99 Raincheck for $5.99*2
Reese's Whips 2/$1.59*10
-5*$1.00 mq
-$2.95 in ad q
Foil $1.59*2
-$1.20 in ad q
South Beach $2.50*4 (This is all they had left and only wrote me a raincheck for 4 so I will -4*$2 mq two more to get the $5 Kraft Rebate)
Subtotal $33.11 before coupons
Subtotal $ 3.96
Tax $.98
Total OOP $4.94
Total Savings $34.31 (87.5%) at regular prices or $29.15 (83%) at sale prices

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Giant Eagle

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I was a little bit disappointed in my oop spending, I thought for sure it would be lower, call me crazy. I saved 74% or $87.62 according to their calculation between coupons, bonus coupons, card and store savings. Original Total $83.79 Total OOP $31.66 I also fill up the van with gas and used my GE Card saving $.20/gallon and between my total last time and this time in groceries earned another $.20 off/gallon. I love that Giant Eagle rolls the amount from one week to another to earn the fuelperks.
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Another leisurely trip. $.52oop, got to love that tax! Used $23.98 ECBs Earned $24ECBs. Out of Listerine White Pens, Out of Throat Coolers, Out of Nasogel and never have seen a spot for those, Out of Complete. I hope Coshocton has those and if they don't I hope I don't forget the raincheck for the Listerine White Pens like I did tonight. Total Value $35.96

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Selfless Love~Almost

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I have to brag on my husband. As he was saying good-bye on his way to watch the OSU game, I asked if he could stop at CVS for me to do a small transaction. We live about 18 miles away and his brother is just around the corner, well several blocks away. Jeff asked what he had to do and I started to tell him about the Throat Coolers and he's listening and thinking about it as I throw in to please scan my card , how and why. He hesitated, but I could tell he would do it for me and that's when I told him I was just joking, but if he could just please scan my card...LOL he wasn't so sure after that trick and didn't make any promises. I thought for sure he'd asked if I just couldn't give CVS a rest especially since it is he that would have to CVS and I would have laughed, but he didn't and I love him all the more even if he doesn't even scan my card.

He just called and we had the best laugh just acting crazy. I bet CVS didn't know they were in the business of building healthy marriages.

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Nothing original in the coupon world; lots of Garnier and papers. I messed up figuring a little with the fillers and forgot about my gift card so $3.13 oop and earned a $3 RR. Total Savings $60.47 (95%) with $12.75 in MQs and $18 in IVCs and used a $10RR.
8 Papers @$1 each =$8
4 Kellogg's @$2.50 each - 3*$1mq -$.75 Catalina = $6.25 Earn $3RR
5 Garnier @$2.99 each -5*$1mq - 5*$2IVC =Overage $.05
4 Garnier @$2.19each -4*1mq -4*$2 IVC =Overage $3.24
4 Pencils@$.12 each =$.48
-$10 RR from Wyeth

Subtotal $1.44
Tax $1.69

I also bought a bigger city paper locally, but its coupons weren't much better if any and it was $.50 more. I think they are skimping on the inserts that travel to our town. There were no Garnier hair, no L'Oreal, no Johnson, no others. I also went out and got two more Tribunes thinking I'd stop back in at closing for the extras, but I was too tired. OOP for local purchases $3.50. All the papers had the $2.50 for the Electrasol so that was my main focus. It's the only detergent that works with our hard water.

I also ran down to the Family Dollar because we needed the Electrasol and just bought one box which my oop was $.53 for 12 tabs.
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