P&G Coupon Book is Back!

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This time you need to spend a total of $50 to receive $100 worth of coupons.  The MIR is in Feb 21 P&G insert.  More information HERE and lists of participating products.  You need not buy all $50 worth on one receipt either.

Thanks Cherry Picker
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Shhh, It's a Secret Sale

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Mr. Eric Harkreader, customer service, notified me that Rite Aid is having a sale, 25% on All Regular Priced Cosmetics Feb 11-13. It's while supplies lasts and no rainchecks.  It's a secret from the general public until Tuesday. I thought you might want a head start to get your coupons ready. I believe there are some very nice Cover Girl in this Sunday's paper that includes buy "this" get this "free".  Don't forget you can still use a coupon on the buying "this" too.
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Groceries 2/3

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Giant Eagle is on the Left; Aldi's is on the right starting with the bread and fruit.
 Giant Eagle $13~~~~~~~~~~~Aldi's $27
GE and Aldi's 2.3.10 by you.

Giant Eagle
2 Organic Milk $7
2 Eggland's Best $5.48-$2mq
1 Small Steps PTs $2-$2mq
2 Simply OJ $6
1 Chocolate Milk $2.89-$2.89mq
1 Bunch Leaf Lettuce $1.17
1 Breakstone Sour Cream $1.50-$1.10mq
1 1lb Organic Carrots $.99
1 Canister Ice Tea $3.79
4 Hellmann's Mayo $10-$5.50mq
2 Ragu $2.50-$1.20mq
Retail Total:$55
Sale Total:$42
Cats Used:$17
Cats Received: $5

Golden Potatoes 5# $1.99
Lemons 1#  $1.49
Limes 1#  $1.49
Navel Oranges 8# $2.78
Bananas $1.65 ($.39/#)
Broccoli $.99
Green Peppers $1.29
Multi Peppers $1.99
Seedless Cucumber $1.29
Safari Chicken $3.99
Hashbrowns $1.59
Vanilla(pure) $1.99
Marshmallow Creme (2)  $1.38
Bread(2) $.80
Water $2.79
Total Cost: $27.50

Total for both about $40

Hubby did buy some more bread, buns, chips, bacon and RC tonight at Walmart. Estimated Cost $17 

Oh and a bag of chips last night and fries from local grocer. $5 

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Rite Aid 2/3

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Rite Aid shopping trip was so exciting too especially because they were out of almost everything. :( 
Rite Aid 2/3/10  by you.
Monitor $24.99
Charmin $6.49 RC
Mq:Moniter $24.99
RA: $5/$20
$1.59 oop and $6.49 towards PG SCR

Blink $7.99
Mq: $2
$3.29 rebate check
SCR $7.99
Profit: $1.43
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CVS 2/3

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Just a small quick transaction to get the men's bodywash. I also was thinking it was Tuesday and the water would be $2.99; it was Wednesday and now $3.99. So, I had to pay $.62 oop; can you believe that? lol  Also the water pictured is Aldi's instead of Emblem because I was too tired to make the switch and the bottles were coming out of the Emblem packaging. 

CVS 2/3/10 by you.
Used $12 ECB
Mq: $1.25 *2
OOP $.62
Received $10.98 ECBs
Cost $1.64
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Considering a Name Change

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Please help me decide.  I think this poll is more enjoyable and easier to understand. Then you never know with me and my spinning brain.

Thank you to everyone that voted on the blog preference. I may keep both for awhile until I can work out some of the kinks with WP and figure out how to add buttons so I can keep my signature link at Hot Coupon World.
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Giant Eagle 2/4-2/10 Scenarios

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I am currently formatting the deals others have shared on Hot Coupon World.  I totally thank you for finding the deals and if you put your handle in parenthesis you will be given credit.   I just copy and paste into notepad before formatting a different way.

More Updates 2/5:

Yoplait Greek Yogurt
Sale: $1
Mq: $.25/ any  GE Eoffer
Math: $1-$.25=$.75

$3 OYNO WYB $10 Deals

8 Hunts Tomatoes $.38/1
Shelf:  $1.50
Sale:  $1
Mq: B3G1 1/24 SS
Cat: $3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $8-$2Mq=$6 get $3=$3/8

6 Manwich $.17/1

Sale: $1
Mq: $.50/3 1/10 SS
Cat:$3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $6-$2mq=$4 get $3 oyno=$1/6

4 Orville Micro Popcorn 3or 4 pks varieties $.34/1
Shelf: $3.18
Mq:$1/2 1/24 SS 
Cat:$3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $6.36-$2mq=$4.36 get $3=$1.36/4

4 Alexia Cruncy Snacks $1.75/1
Shelf: $3
Mq: n/a
Cat:$3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $10 get $3 oyno=$7/4

4 Banquet Chicken 12 to 14oz   $2.25/1

Cat:$3 oyno wyb $10
Math:$12 get $3 oyno=$9/4

5 Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard $1.40/1

Shelf: $2.39
Sale: $2
Cat: $3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $10 get $3 oyno =$7/5

2 Hebrew National Franks $.39/1
Shelf:  Varies $4.29-$5.78
Mq: $1 IP
Cat:  $3 oyno wyb $10
Math:  $5.78-$2mq=$3.78 get $3 oyno=$.78/2
or  Buy 4 if under $5 each ($.29)
Math: $8.58-$4IP=$4.58 get $3 oyno=$1.58/4 =$.39/1
  If $4.99 each buy 4
Math: $9.98-$4IP=$5.98 get $3 oyno=$2.98/4 or $.75/1

6 Satin Care Shave Gels  $.23/1
Shelf:  $2.79
Sale:  $2
Mq:  $.55/1 02/07 PG
Cat:  $4 oyno wyb $15
Math:$12-$6.60=$5.40 get $4 oyno =$1.40/6

6 Gillette Series $1.30/1 (not great )
Shelf:  $2.79
Sale:  $2
Mq: n/a I believe the one this Sun is for Fusion
Cat:  $4oyno wyb$15
Math: $12 get $4 oyno=$8/6

3 Gillette Fusion Razor $1.32/1
Shelf: $8.99 reported
Sale:  $6.99
Mq:  $4/1  3/31PG
Cat:  $4 oyno wyb $15
Math: $20.97-$12=$8.97 get $4 oyno=$4.97/3

Combo 1 Shave Gel and 2 Razor $1.33/1
Shelf:  $2.79 and $8.99
Sale:  $2 and $6.99
Mq:  n/a and $4/1
Cat:  $4 oyno wyb $15
Math:$15.98-$8mq=$7.98 get $4=$3.98/3

3 Venus Embrace or Breeze Razor  (plus 3 free olay wash) $1.99/1 (not great imho)
Shelf:  $8.99
Sale:  $6.99
Mq: $2/1 2/7 PG and Free olay wyb Venus
Cat: $4 oyno wyb $15 
Math:$20.97-$6=$13.97 get $4oyno=$9.97/2 razors or $9.97 for 5 products

Combo of 1 Satin and 2 Venus (get 1 free wash) $1.72/1
Shelf:  $2.79 and $8.99
Sale:  $2 and $6.99
Mq:  $.55/1 and $2/1 and Free Olay wyb Venus
Cat:  $4 oyno wyb $15
Math:$15.98-$5.10=$10.88 get $4=$6.88 for 4products

Combo 1 Satin Care and 2 Gillette Razors $.92/1

Shelf:  $2.79 and $8.99
Sale:  $2 and $6.99
Mq:  $.55/1 and $4/1
Cat:  $4 oyno wyb $15
Math:$15.98-$9.10=$6.88 get $4 oyno =$2.88/3
2 Prilosec  $9.99/1
(not familar with deals at drugstores,so don't know if great or not)
Shelf:  n/a
Sale:  $17.99
Mq: $3/1 1/17PG
Cat:  $10 wyb 2
Math: $35.98-$6=$29.98 get $10=$19.98/2
Metamucial $4.49/1
Sale:  $7.99
Mq: $2 Tearpad (?)
Cat:  $3 wyb 2
Math: $15.98-$4=$11.98 get $3 onyo=$8.98/2
Nyquil,Dayquil, liquid or tabs $1/1
Shelf:  n/a
Sale:  $5
Mq: $2/1 1/17 PG
Cat: $4 wyb 2
Math:$10-$4=$6 get $4 oyno =$2/2

Shelf:  Sinex $3/1
Sale:  $5
Mq: n/a
Cat: $4 wyb 2 
Math: $10 get $4oyno=$6/2
6 Crest Toothpaste Profit $2 (Pittsburgh24)
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $5/3 
Mq: .75/1 q's (2/7 P&G and last P&G)
Cat: $3 oyno wyb $10
Math: $10-$9mq=$1 get back $3 oyno

2 Scope and 1 Crest Combo $1.17 (LadyD)
Shelf: Scope $4.49/Crest n/a
Sale: Scope $3.50 /Crest $1.67
Mq: Scope & Crest.75/1 q's (2/7 P&G and last P&G)
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math: ( $10.65) $8.67-$4.50=$5.17 get $3 oyno
12 Weight Watchers Smart Ones $1.41
Total: $17/12
Mq:Buy 3, Get Flatbread Free Q (01/10 SS),Buy 5, Get Breakfast Item Free Q (01/10 SS),$3/10 Q (01/10 SS)

5 Jello Mousse,Gelatin or Pudding Snacks $.30/1
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $2.50
Mq:$.60/1 (exp 2/10/10)
Cat: $5 oyno wyb 5
Math: $12.50-$6=$6.50 get $5 oyno=$1.50/6

McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce FREE
Shelf: n/a
Sale: $1
Mq:$.50/1 Tabasco Brand Family of Flavors, any size, any flavor - 01-31-10 SS 
Math: $1-$1=FREE

Dixie Napkins $.90/1

Mq: $.55/1 01-24-10 RP
Math: $2-$1.10=$.90
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Catalinas 101

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*Updates in purple.

After three months of neither receiving my missing catalinas nor a letter of explanation, I made another called. This is what was confirmed over the phone. I am requesting it in writing too, but they currently have me on transfer, for the last 20 minutes.  
Now researching the issue more and will call back.

I got a call back and they decided to send me the catalinas. I'm not sure why I didn't get the policy. I imagine they didn't want me to have it in writing and maybe I should have pressed the issue.  If I follow the verbal policy and something should go wrong I will call again and politely insist on written. 

The catalina machine print out 10 or less like catalinas regardless of the amount you spend. Another shopper discovered it is up to $100 even if 10 like have not printed. This happened when the deal was $5 wyb $20 so only 5 like cats because $100 was reach.

e.g.  $3 oyno wyb $10

I buy $50 get (5)  $3 oyno 
I buy $100 get (10) $3 oyno
I buy $150 get (10) $3 onyo

This means if I want to buy $150 worth of product I need to split my purchases into at least two transactions to receive all (15) $3 catalinas.   

This was confirmed for ConAgra and Giant Eagle. I am assuming this is for most companies and stores where multiple catalinas print. I believe Unilever and Kraft would fall under these stipulations.
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Free 1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk

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You must buy a gallon first to get your free 1/2 gallon; not a problem in my house. ;)  You may print two and this also has worked in the past for organic which I love! 

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$5 off $25 at Baby Universe

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Yes, I know this isn't as exciting as the Babies R Us coupon for $5 off any purchase, but it still may come in handy for those items that are often hard to find for less than $25 especially if you want new.

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Free Granola Bar at Starbucks

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7,000 stores are participating on Friday February 5th! You'll have a choice of either Fruit & Nut Delight or Cranberry Almond+Antioxidants. You can find a link to the stores in the link below.

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New Posts Soon

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Tomorrow I will be back in the saddle. I didn't do any shopping so no deals to share and this past weekend I was preparing to go out of town and went out of town. Today, I'm exhausted.  The driving wasn't bad as I anticipated, 3.5hrs, but I didn't sleep well the night before I left or the night in the hotel.  Totally worth it to finally meet Linda after becoming online friends, best friends, starting 4yrs ago.

I didn't do a fabulous job of saving, but I'll share what I did save on the hotel and the bargains I found shopping in Florence, KY.

I do want to share the Meijer ad and deals today by Nickels-n-Dimes. I think my foggy brain can handle that much. lol  Also only a little snippet of Giant Eagle's Ad was shared yesterday so no worries there in getting a head start of what coupons are needed.  I will share that link today too and then the scenarios will come tomorrow to get you ready for Thursday-Wednesday.

Have a beautiful day!

*Update, it seems more than a snippet is now posted for GE. :)
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