Giant Eagle 12/10-12/16

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
Even get those blah feelings about a grocery ad?  Me too.  This week it hit me especially after that crazy trip on Tuesday.  As you can see I am not on the ball posting the ad and scenarios.  I'm am going to just have to pick myself up by the bootstraps in the future and just post.  I often forget what a fabulous deal for me may not be for you and vice versa. I still may try to post a few scenarios, but I really want to get to the great mineral make up sales and a traditional sale option too.  Until then Cherry Picker does a wonderful job, her format is different which you may like better or not, lol, and then there is Saving in Akron too.  I like how Saving in Akron divides her deals up into the store's departments.   Thanks to those two ladies which were inspiration to me too along with the Hot Coupon World Eaglets.

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