Lumiere Brush Regrets

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I know I don't have a lot of followers and the ones I do I'm not even sure if they are that interested in mineral makeup and brushes, but just incase someone is I wanted to share this:

I now regret not buying the Travel Kabuki! What was I thinking? I've been wanting a soft travel kabuki for a long time now.  I was thinking I'm already spending money on brushes that I don't need, could really use though and to feed my want of every brush to match. The fact that the kabuki is not my favorite for applying foundation, but a flat top or buffer brush is and a kabuki is slightly dense for my liking of powder application and slightly large for blush.  Also I don't travel much.  Hello Maria!  When I do travel with makeup this travel kabuki would be perfect.
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This is why if you order you should get a travel kabuki:
  • Self Contained~Clean
  • Half Way Out of Tube~ Heavier Foundation Application (like a buffer)
  • Three-Quaters Out~Blush Application
  • All the Way Out~Powder Application
  • Takes Up Less Space~Great for Purse
In between each product one can wipe excess product on a tissue or baby/facial wipe.  In a pinch one could even use it to wash on some eye shadow.  I know I've used my Kabuki as a shadow blender in the past.
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