Hot Coupon`Sunbelt

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
This is from Facebook so it is legit. I wasn't so sure at first! Thanks MoJo Savings for sharing this information.

Sunbelt is offering a BOGOF coupon for their Granala, Fruit and Grain Bars!  This is the brand I used to always buy before going coupon crazy. The regular price was hard to beat and everyone enjoyed the granola bars.
I can't believe Sunbelt is offering this fabulous coupon, but they are and if memory serves me correct you should be able to score two boxes for about $1.29 or $1.59.

I just study the coupon and this is for the Family Packs priced between $2.19 and $2.59 so about $1.10 -$1.30 each.  My search online found only found one size and it contains 8 bars so now I'm not too thrilled about this deal. It would be okay if we were in a pinch and needed some travel food, but when I've bought Kellogg's Bars for as little $.17 for a box of 6 it's hard to stay excited about this.  I know every area and family is different so I hope this is a great deal for someone.

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