Giant Eagle Shopping Trip 1/17

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Coming Soon at a blog near you!  Yes, I'm a dork. I'm a tired dork spending 8 hrs shopping and traveling.

Okay, here it is:

Oop: $54.49
Savings: 80%  (does not include MIR or Leftover Cats)
MIRs: $10-$20 (Planters)
Cats: $22 (Left)
Cats:$14 (Started)
Giant Eagle 1/17/10 by you.
Sorry the hotdogs are hidden. Working with half the table due to a couple of puzzles.
28 Planters ($14 q)
12 Jello Pudding ($14.40q)
9 Ecotrin ($18q)
8 Oscar Mayer
6 Kraft Shreds 
3 Arnold Bread ($3.30q)
2 Gal Organic Milk
2 Applesauce ($1.60q)
2 Ronzoni Angel Hair ($3q)
2 Old El Paso Chilies ($2.20q) (Did not count towards cat)
2 Refried Rice ($2q)
1 Seasoning ($.89q)
1 Tortilla (Did not count towards cat ?)
1 Pork Roast
1 3# Organic Apples

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