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Today I checked out Jasmere because of another blogger and the deal on gourmet olive oils. I signed up for free when I realized how Jasmere works and what they have to offer.

Every day, jasmere features a unique, upscale product or website (designer jeans, gourmet foods, handmade jewelry and much more) and gives you the chance to buy at up to 70% off. The best part? Throughout the day as more people buy, the price keeps going down. No credit cards are charged until the feature ends, and everyone pays the same low price.

Plus a great feature is that you also earn $10 for each new customer that uses your referrel code. Will you please use mine if Jasmere ever interests you? Thank you!

Check out today's sale! A bottle of the Organic Olive Oil or Balsamic vinegar would make a lovely gift too especially for those that love to cook. You pick and choose because the offer is for a voucher to use at the O Olive store.
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