Free The Body Shop Body Butter WYB Anything

Friday, December 03, 2010 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
 Moms by Heart
has the details and found three lip balms, another blogger found a pouf for $3 and I found a make up sponge for $2 or $2.50.  It's up to you what you'd like to add to your cart to get the free butter.

I personally didn't buy anything, at least not yet for a few reasons. One is I make my own with less ingredients and without dyes, but honestly the ingredient in the The Body Shop's isn't horrible, I've seen worse and I've seen better. ;)

I guess I'm cheap and don't want to spend $3-$10 for it and something else thinking it will end up in "the pile". I'm not organized yet. shhhhh

If you use Body Butter or knows someone that will love this then it's a great deal especially if you use any of their other products. Oh there is a four way nail buffer/shiner that if it's anything like Mary Kay's  would be nice too.
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