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Nothing original in the coupon world; lots of Garnier and papers. I messed up figuring a little with the fillers and forgot about my gift card so $3.13 oop and earned a $3 RR. Total Savings $60.47 (95%) with $12.75 in MQs and $18 in IVCs and used a $10RR.
8 Papers @$1 each =$8
4 Kellogg's @$2.50 each - 3*$1mq -$.75 Catalina = $6.25 Earn $3RR
5 Garnier @$2.99 each -5*$1mq - 5*$2IVC =Overage $.05
4 Garnier @$2.19each -4*1mq -4*$2 IVC =Overage $3.24
4 Pencils@$.12 each =$.48
-$10 RR from Wyeth

Subtotal $1.44
Tax $1.69

I also bought a bigger city paper locally, but its coupons weren't much better if any and it was $.50 more. I think they are skimping on the inserts that travel to our town. There were no Garnier hair, no L'Oreal, no Johnson, no others. I also went out and got two more Tribunes thinking I'd stop back in at closing for the extras, but I was too tired. OOP for local purchases $3.50. All the papers had the $2.50 for the Electrasol so that was my main focus. It's the only detergent that works with our hard water.

I also ran down to the Family Dollar because we needed the Electrasol and just bought one box which my oop was $.53 for 12 tabs.
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