Selfless Love~Almost

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I have to brag on my husband. As he was saying good-bye on his way to watch the OSU game, I asked if he could stop at CVS for me to do a small transaction. We live about 18 miles away and his brother is just around the corner, well several blocks away. Jeff asked what he had to do and I started to tell him about the Throat Coolers and he's listening and thinking about it as I throw in to please scan my card , how and why. He hesitated, but I could tell he would do it for me and that's when I told him I was just joking, but if he could just please scan my card...LOL he wasn't so sure after that trick and didn't make any promises. I thought for sure he'd asked if I just couldn't give CVS a rest especially since it is he that would have to CVS and I would have laughed, but he didn't and I love him all the more even if he doesn't even scan my card.

He just called and we had the best laugh just acting crazy. I bet CVS didn't know they were in the business of building healthy marriages.

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