Let's Talk About Gas~Guest Post

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I'm so excited to share my first Guest Post! Cherry Picker has graced me with this honor.  This saving bonus is something I've contemplated doing myself, but never have. Dolt!  I love how she shares her experience with different gas cans too and finding them at a bargain. Be sure to stop by her blog, Cherry Picker,  and subscribe, especially if you're a NEOhioan.    

Without further ado here is her post:

Let's talk about gas

20¢ - 30¢ a gallon fuel perks with just a few purchases in the Giant Eagle ad ?

It has caused me to mentioned this

Purchase a few of these - Make the investment.  I did  and have yet to regret it.

If you have a vehicle that has a 30 gallon gas tank....you can move along.... nothing here you will find interesting in this post.

We drive small fuel efficient cars now that no one ever travels together.  Our gas tanks only hold 12 - 15 gallon when they scream empty.  If I get a 30¢ fuel perk on an empty tank -  if I used one car  - I would save $3.60 with that Fuelperk.  Several years ago I purchased two 5 gallon gas cans.  I have since upgraded to a five gallon can and 4 two and a half gallon cans.  I now go to the gas station and purchase 30 gallons of gas for a savings each time of $9.00, on every 30¢ Fuelperks. 

Giant Eagle allows you to pump up to 30 gallons at one time using one vehicle at the discounted price.

What I do is:
  • Save up my fuelperks to a respectable amount - to an amount enough that I can talk the others in my house into saving through transferring.
  • Take a poll on the level of the fuel tanks of those who could be home.  I don't store gas. 
  • Then take my cans to my Get-Go on a day when the prices are on the low side.  Have you had one of those days recently where the price changed by 20¢ on a given day?  Yeah me too.
  •  Get your 30 gallons.  I am religious about not getting a drop over thirty.  I pump the cans first then my car.  This is so I can watch how much is in the can on the pump and can shut off at the correct amount and not try to eyeball the can.
  • The trick of transporting gas is a truck with an open bed.  It was easier when we had one but, we recently detrucked ourselves - now it's all in respecting the gas.  One slosh will cause the most devoted car owner into wanting an upgrade immediately. No matter how careful you are, place a tarp or a trash bag under your cans.
  • We transport the gas the minute we get home.  Everyone helps to make it a 5 minute event at the far far end of the drive.  Frankly, I get out of that part and generally take the opportunity to reclaim laundry from the backseats of the cars I never get into.
Still doesn't sound worth the effort?  I will admit that it's an easier job the more fuelperks you have.  Save till you get $1.00 a gallon. An $18.00 savings is more convincing. Even to yourself.   I can't talk anyone into it throughout  December - February weather.  That first fuelperk of the year is always a goodie.  Now that it's lawn mowing season - one does not need to include the kids in the fun and savings.  Two cars and a lawnmower is 30 gallons.

Before you run out to buy cans I want to caution you - Buy one first.  I wish I would have initially purchased all 2 and 1/2 size gallon cans.  That 5 gallon can is heavy and isn't made for putting gas into a sedan. The foreign car designs especially dislike them. I have been able to upgrade my cans by shopping at tag and yard sales.
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