Giant Eagle~ *Hot* Coupons

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Actually, I don't believe there are any *Hot* Coupons needed for this week.  After glancing at the ad and listening to the chat there isn't a whole lot of Must Have Deals.  I didn't want to leave anyone wondering until I get the scenarios up.

I also checked out the Natural/Organic items, but the coupons needed for those which I believe is Kashi will be booklets found everyso often, at least at my store, right around the endcap of Kashi.
I do know of one FREE and that is the Honest Tea. There is an IP found by cherrypicker, but it is limited to one coupon/household even though you can print two the wording says otherwise.  It's one of those lovely e-centives. Then again on the Honest Tea website it says print limit three, therefore I would have no problem using three, but I would do those in seperate transactions.

UPDATE! I always have my printer on print preview and it's a good thing because the Honest Tea IP came up saying Print Limit Exceeded Household.  I only printed one last night, Cherry Picker printed two so please be careful and check the print preview box which is under preferences on a Canon Printer. 
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