Topsy Turvy Planter ™

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Topsy Turvy Planter ™ | Country Store Catalog

One of my favorite bloggers shared this with her readers, but when I went to the sight and read the reviews I became disappointed. Then I got to looking at the product and thinking why couldn't this be made for much less. The first idea that popped into my head was a empty two liter bottle=FREE. It could be decorated nicely if you didn't want to see the dirt. A wrap around the bottle might serve as protection too from too much sun. I'm just thinking aloud here. I believe I will do some research on this and if I find anything interesting I will share.

Have any of you tried doing this yourselves or used this or other "topsy turvy" planters? I would love to here from you!

I did find substitutes and here is a list of 10 different ways.
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