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 It's finally arriving to all areas Sunday, April 18th! That is next week!  Wellness + coupons can be combined with Manufacturer coupons, you find in inserts and printable, +Value Video Coupons. The easiest way to remember what can and cannot be used together on one item is:

You cannot combined a Wellness coupon with an Rite Aid In-Ad coupon.

Here's a cheat sheet with all the Right and Wrong combination Options:

Right: Mq +VV+Wellness
Right: Mq+VV+ In Ad
Right: Mq+VV
Right:Mq+In Ad
Wrong: Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: Mq+VV+Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: VV+Wellness+In Ad
Wrong: Mq+Wellness+InAd
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