Rite Aid Deal 3/14-3/20

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I'm having server problems yet again this afternoon while trying to post this on Hot Coupon World so I thought I'd post this here since Google always seems to connect. 

Below are two deals one for the sale week listed in the title and the other for a non-sale week:

The coupon doesn't state: Buy One Get One Free of Equal or Lesser Value, therefore you can buy the 50% off Stayfree and get the $6.99 Stayfree, free.
4 Stayfree Free
Sale: BOGO50% $6.99 +$3.50
Use: 2 BOGOF 1/3 RP(up to $ 7.50);
Use: 4 $1 VV coupon (YMMV);
Use: $5/$20
SCR: #24 J&J $25 wyb $50
SCR Limit: 1
Total/Math: $20.98-$22.98=$2 Overage or just use 2 $1 VV $20.98 towards Rebate
HCW name: FunnyFace

It's true on a non sale week you would get more towards the #24 rebate, but you will also be paying more oop in the end.  My scenario will allow you to do three transactions to reach the $50 mark spending only tax oop. 

Then again I'm sure there is a scenario where you could mix and match and still end up with low oop if you have coupons to make your other items free to reach the $20 mark for the $5/$20 coupon.

Off the top of my head one could do this if he has the monitor coupons on the off sale week:

2 Stayfree and Bayer Meter
Shelf: $6.99+$6.99+$19.99
Sale: n/a
Use: 1 BOGOF 1/3 RP(up to $ 7.50);
Use:2 $1 VV coupon (YMMV);
Use:1 Bayer Monitor $19.99
Use:$5/$20 or $5/$25
SCR: #24 J&J $25 wyb $50
SCR Limit: 1
Total/Math: $33.97-$33.98 = tax oop
$13.98 towards Rebate * 4 Transactions=$50+ for $25 Rebate
HCW name: FunnyFace

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