The Misconceptions of Buy One Get One Deals and Using Two Coupons

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I thought I would just talk about the misconceptions of using two coupons on BOGOF items.  Actually there are different outcomes depending on the coupons and the store.

Let's start with the BOGOF coupons combined with a BOGOF sale.

First, yes there are stores that allow a BOGOF coupon combines with BOGOF store sale; Rite Aid and CVS has this in their policy. Walgreens it sadly depends on the manager so Your Mileage May Vary.

Second, Walgreens allow you to use another coupon against the product that rings up $0.00.  This is totally legit and I take advantage of it.  CVS and Rite Aid does not allow overage so you will only use the BOGOF coupon with the BOGOF sale.

Misconception: The store always benefits from the coupon being used on the $0.00 item.

Truth: I benefit from the coupon being used on the $0.00. e.g. $3/1

Why: I benefit because the coupon is overage that applies to another product which means less out of pocket for me,  $3 in this example.  Woohoo got to love that!

The store is not gaining additional monies because I used that $3/1 coupon. Instead  the store is receiving the $3 from the manufacturer instead of receiving the cash it would originally from me had I not used that $3q on the $0.00. The stores do not take the $3/1 coupon, then say your total is negative $3; "Your change is $0.00; "Have a nice day!" and turn the coupon into the clearinghouse. If so, then yes the store would benefit for that $3/1.

The other scenario is using two coupons with a BOGOF sale, neither one nor the other being a BOGOF coupon.

This still benefits you even at CVS and Rite Aid, not the store as long as there is no overage. If there is overage at  Walgreens it is the same as above.
Shampoo $5.00
Shampoo $0.00
Coupon $3.00 applied to the $5
Coupon $2.00 applied to the $0
Cost for you $0
Store Receives $5 worth of coupons=$5 Receive Total

e.g. If store didn't accept two coupons on BOGOF deals:
Shampoo $5.00
Shampoo $0.00
Coupon $3.00 applied to the $5 

Cost for you $2
Store Receives $3 worth of coupons and $2 worth of cash
Still $5 Received Total

I know some of you will say they also receive  the extra $.08 handling fee. That is a whole other debate that I'm inclined to think is still not a money maker for them because they have to wait for their money instead of investing it.  The cost for them to send it in, I read, is $.04 so that leaves $.04 or basically 4% interest. IMO, it's more of an incentive to lure customers into the store, purchase the merchandise and be repeat customers which is where the store benefits most.

So, yes allowing usuage of a coupon on the $0.00 item is to their benefit, but not in the way we often argue our point.

Now stores that will only allow you to redeem the lesser purchase price amount, yet themselves redeem the full face value at a clearinghouse is another can of worms.
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