Rite Aid's New Coupon Policy

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I received a letter from Eric Harkreader stating the new coupon policy. I am awaiting the PDF version to share with you. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the email that it can't be reproduced by others, only me so I don't want to post it just yet.  I will fill you in on the changes or what I see as changes.

When returning a purchase that used coupons you will not be reimbursed in cash for the coupon nor will the coupon  be returned.
This one I am so not in agreement. I understand there are those that abuse the system to obtain, but most of us either make a mistake or the store makes a mistake. I'm going to ask about the refund on a giftcard so we will not lose our money or valuable coupon. Otherwise RiteAid is profiting from both which imo is unethical.

Ones we knew, but are now in writing:

You can combine a Manufacturer Coupon "5" with a RA Coupon "48" with a RA MC "49" as long as the amount does not go over the price.  If it does the coupon(s) shall be adjusted to the price.

You can also use multiple UP+  and price adjustment can be done in case the UP+ is higher value than purchase price before tax.
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