Coconut Oil Price Chart/Amazon Sale

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I'm always seeing Nutiva's Amazon Sale being announced in the the blogosphere so I thought I'd update the price chart by breaking it down per ounce.  Amazon sale is always on two 15 ounce jars and my prices reflected gallons because that is how I normally purchase it. We use it for cooking, baking and skincare; it goes fast!

The thing is I always ask myself what exactly is the difference and do others want to buy a whole gallon at a time.  I do list all the different types here, but I'm highlighting the coconut oil type found on Amazon for easy reference. If you ever need to come back and check this post you can type coconut oil in the search bar on your right.

If you want to know more about the different extraction methods you will find it in my post: Coconut Oil Comparison.

Dry-Milled Virgin (Tastes like fresh coconut) 
Mountain Rose Herbs~$53.28 ($37+$16.28S&H) My Favorite  $.42/oz
Nutiva~$49.99($49.99+Free S&H)( $.39/oz
Nutiva~$13.74(2*15oz must buy 2pks for free s&h@amazon)$27.48 $.46/oz
Tropical Trad Green Cert~$75.27($68.50-10%+$13.92S&H)  $.59/oz

Organic Refined  1 Gallon
-Mountain Rose Herbs Certified~$27 ($21+$16 S&H) $.21/oz
-Tropical Traditions Green Cert ~$56.32($47-$10%+$14S&H) $.44/oz
-Tropical Trad Green Non-Cert~$49.10($39-$10%+$14S&H) $.38/oz

Wet-Milled  1 Gallon
-Nutiva Raw~ $54.99($54.99 + Free Shipping) $.43/oz
-Tropical Traditions Gold~$76.92($70-10% Code+ $13.92S&H) $.60/oz

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