GE 7/15/10-7/21/10 Ad

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Update: I added another FREE below that I missed last night.

Pictures have been posted if you'd like to take a gander.
GE 7/15/10-7/21/10 pics - Hot Coupon World

I don't see anything making me run to a clipping service. I believe there will be a nice sale on Colgate and Suave if those are items you are in need. Also if your family is a cold cereal eater you might be able to score Kelloggs for $1-$1.50 which is on sale $2.50. My price point is usually $.50 and no more than $.75, but we do oatmeal and fruit for breakfasts.  $1.50 would have been fabulous before we switched.

Suave Anti-Perspirant FREE (seekeroftruth)
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/1 7/11 RP

15 Powerade FREE
Sale: $1
Mq: $.75/2 TearPad Use 7
Instant: 5 Free wyb 10
Math: $10-$10=Free

Colgate FREE
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/1 6/27 SS

Suave Professional, Kids or Reg Shampoo and Conditioner $1
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.50/2 7/11 RP
Math: $3-$1=$2/2
*Actually now that I scenarioed it the price is not great at all imo.

GE 7/15/10-7/21/10 pics - Hot Coupon World
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