Eight O'Clock at Giant Eagle

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http://gianteagle.inserts2online.com/GiantEagleWeeklySpecials07150721/items/large/GE_0715_C05_K-03.jpgI read that Eight O'Clock was on sale this week along with a $2/2 IP making it $2.99.  I thought great! My mom would like more and I would too. The Italian Rita Monti got me into drinking coffee. Then I checked the ounces and caluculated the price/pound. Not too exciting or great compared the the deal in March. If you're a coffee drinker and need coffee it's not too bad, but I believe March prices have me spoiled.

This week:

2 Eight O'Clock 11 or 12oz $2.99/1
Sale: $3.99
Mq: $2/2 IP
Math: $7.98-$2=$5.98/2

March Price:
$5.50/36oz or $2.44/lb
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