Catalinas 101

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After three months of neither receiving my missing catalinas nor a letter of explanation, I made another called. This is what was confirmed over the phone. I am requesting it in writing too, but they currently have me on transfer, for the last 20 minutes.  
Now researching the issue more and will call back.

I got a call back and they decided to send me the catalinas. I'm not sure why I didn't get the policy. I imagine they didn't want me to have it in writing and maybe I should have pressed the issue.  If I follow the verbal policy and something should go wrong I will call again and politely insist on written. 

The catalina machine print out 10 or less like catalinas regardless of the amount you spend. Another shopper discovered it is up to $100 even if 10 like have not printed. This happened when the deal was $5 wyb $20 so only 5 like cats because $100 was reach.

e.g.  $3 oyno wyb $10

I buy $50 get (5)  $3 oyno 
I buy $100 get (10) $3 oyno
I buy $150 get (10) $3 onyo

This means if I want to buy $150 worth of product I need to split my purchases into at least two transactions to receive all (15) $3 catalinas.   

This was confirmed for ConAgra and Giant Eagle. I am assuming this is for most companies and stores where multiple catalinas print. I believe Unilever and Kraft would fall under these stipulations.
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