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Tomorrow I will be back in the saddle. I didn't do any shopping so no deals to share and this past weekend I was preparing to go out of town and went out of town. Today, I'm exhausted.  The driving wasn't bad as I anticipated, 3.5hrs, but I didn't sleep well the night before I left or the night in the hotel.  Totally worth it to finally meet Linda after becoming online friends, best friends, starting 4yrs ago.

I didn't do a fabulous job of saving, but I'll share what I did save on the hotel and the bargains I found shopping in Florence, KY.

I do want to share the Meijer ad and deals today by Nickels-n-Dimes. I think my foggy brain can handle that much. lol  Also only a little snippet of Giant Eagle's Ad was shared yesterday so no worries there in getting a head start of what coupons are needed.  I will share that link today too and then the scenarios will come tomorrow to get you ready for Thursday-Wednesday.

Have a beautiful day!

*Update, it seems more than a snippet is now posted for GE. :)
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