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Update: I've decided to try my hand at creating poll to make it easy for you to share your opinion. The first one is done and then I will add more if this works out well. I'm leaving my questions up below as a guideline for me or if you'd rather share that way. Thank you!

First, I want to thank everyone that is a follower or checks out my blog behind the scenes. It makes my day knowing when I've helped you and your families.  Now, I would like to ask if you could help me make my blog better.  I have a few questions, but please if you think of anything else please share.

Giant Eagle Listings:

Do you prefer me to only publish the Scenario post once even though I make updates to it ?

Do you prefer I republish the Scenario post, so it goes to the top of the blog and into your inbox, when I make updates?

Do you prefer the math shown for all coupons for that one item?

Do you prefer just the one most likely available for that one item?

General Blog Appearance:

Is the theme background distracting?

Do you prefer a pale color background or white?

Is the font too small?

Is the font too large?

Easy to navigate to your interests or hard to navigate?

Would ads bother you? Not likely? Likely? Totally?

Topics you like best now?

Topics for the future?

I'd so appreciate any and all opinions. I am considering a different location with a slightly different layout. I'm hoping for better features and less trouble with the format.
You may have notice weird spacing and font sizes too.  Honestly, this is not my intentional doing. lol  It looks completely sane, well for me, in the creating section and  then Wham, it goes kaplooey once it posts, Come On! lol
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