Drugstore Digest 2/14-2/20

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It's that time again where I share links to bloggers that have taken the pain out of teaming up coupons and the sales and going a step farther by helping you create wonderful scenarios.  Since I've only mentioned this once so far, I wanted to remind you if you use the Ctrl key at the same time as clicking on the link a new page will/ window will appear and you won't have to back click as much.

For CVS this week I'm just going to list one. I've looked at a couple of others, but Southern Savers did such a fabulous job I think you'll find everything for what you're looking:

I would like to add a deal I haven't seen mentioned anywhere so far and the is Hershey BOGO $.01 along with the BOGO Coupon from 01-10-10 SS .  You will want to make sure to fill in the amount first or make sure they fill in the coupon with the regular price so you are buying the $.01 bar and the coupon is paying for the up to $.85 bar. 


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